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To every Muslim prisoner, silenced for no just cause…


The Earth, vast as it is,
Constricted for Me, it has
Like a dead man, in a dead grave
A body sculptered in dirt and sand

I see, only darkness
But at least my eyes have grown accustomed
Friends have disappeared
But at least loneliness is faithful

In Small places and dark rooms
You see, binded and tied
We are chained and locked up
Inside our very minds

No thought can we call our own
No feeling no reason
We are taught what to love,
To hate by television season

What happened to minds of old
That ventured beyond imagination
To untold depths of sea
Pillars of civilisation

That lived for nothing else
Save greatness and virtue
But ensnared minds we are
Living for lusts and evil

Coerced to a way of life
Restricting even reason
Isn’t a wasted youth
To old age treason?
What are the mirths of this World,
Other than a clever trap?
So that a heavy case for each built up
And a tongue of flame caress our backs

You see, Allah is our Witness
With tragedies of Muslims
He knows very well, He does
That we are very well acquainted

We hear the cries of Palestine
The Sorrows of Yemen
The Anguish of Afghanistan
The screams of Muslim Women

But the rumble of my new car
It stifles up her screams
The burden of my mortgage
Means I can’t provide for her needs

Every Muslim wished
If only he could help
But the Dunya is a prostitute
And Shaitaan is her pimp

And so we have caught diseases
Just like STDs
But diseases of the heart you see
But even harder to see

Riba is inescapable
And if not then its dust
But the prison were you dwell
The only dust is, just dust

To tarry to the Masjid
Yes! Even that means
My eyes must fall upon
A woman lacking chastity
And Even if Allah Blessed Us
With strength to lower our gaze
Even there we find Advertisements
Of devilish women, by Shaitaan, made!

How many have been led astray?
Twisted and turned in Dunya’s maze
A beautiful woman enticing
Few men, like Yousef, could keep away

But Allah, Most Merciful, released him
From this, this Dunya’s prison
Keeping him safe, locked up, yet free
A precious, untouched virgin

“The world is a prison for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.” [Muslim]


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