Islamic poem - Fever by OmerSiddique2


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A friend met me with a grumpy face
As I was beset with fever
Smile when you see me, I said
Am I not, like you a believer?

Do you add stress to my sickness
While I lay crippled on this bed?
You come with disgruntled demeanour
Betraying the Way of Muhammad?

Forgive Me, My brother, he replied
And I eased at his repentance,
But I knew you not a believer
And I raged with his insolence

Get out! I cried
You most detestable of guests!
Let me speak my mind he replied
And I shall leave before the rest

The Prophet you claim I betray
Did not find peace in fancy clothes,
These dishes of fine foods
Nor excessive houses of repose

Never a slave to his desires
Not chained to a gorging gut
Not bound by needless sleep
Or nudged by a cigarette butt

Does a believer then, quench his thirst
Of jubilation in Allah’s way,
Paradise even on Earth’s lowly paths,
With temporal lusts of Satan’s sway?

All the while the Quran lays
Its only companion dust!
Perhaps you would read it if you knew how -
Perhaps you’d read it only just

In your gatherings, sheets are laid
Plates served and Glases Raised
Then all indulge in blood and flesh
Such is backbiting; others abased

Sincerity – it exists no more
When Men in front of men are angels blessed
But all alone, in the presence of God
With great audaciousness desires addressed

Islam, you’ve reduced to petty show and tell
Showing your ‘piety’, telling the same
But even tweens can show and tell
And even grown men indulge in games

The Hearts of Islam are those
That would sacrifice for their Lord
Hiding their good just like their sins
No praise from Men they adore

But You! For every good deed
Want to be talked about and seen
If in Men you have put your trust
Why not in sharing your sins, be as keen?

I pity the empty Masjid
Where Glorifed Allah’s Name is
When like dark alleys and garbage dumps
Its presence avoided is

A true believer, You see
Can not rest nor be fed
With gourmet foods of every kind
When the Fire of Hell wheezes above his head

So you must forgive me,
I hope you can see how I mistook
Whether you were truly a believer
Or the follower of some other book!

With that he turned and left the room
And I pondered what next for my fever
The doctor’s tablets lay on the shelf
A dusty Quran lay even nearer…


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