MHL by niraj-punk


									My Hostel Life-2068

My hostel life of 2068 BS in harvard was really a kind of new experince for not only me but for all of the
students of class 10. I miss all those days. Whenever I get remind about my hostel life then I feel like
recalling back all those moments which we had spent in our Hostel. For some of us it had really been a
boon for us as we had got an opportunity to utilize the time of hostel in learning some things ,gaining
new experience and developing good attitudes. Since it was a last year for our batch to farewell from
that school, we had got less time to experience the last moments of our school life. Anyway, it had
really became an effective medium to know each mates and school further well. I didn’t notice much
that how these period come to an end so fast. But we’re too anticipated and passionate to pass our SLC
examination and get freedom from school.

Our School Hostel initiate from the first of Jestha. At first, we three friends, me, Amit and Govinda had
joined. Others had delayed their time to join. Since it was a very first day and the members were also
few we’re feeling quite uninteresting, dreary and boring. Just few days ago before hostel, govinda told
me that he will join after Dashain, I know it was a jest, but anyway I haven’t expected that he will sit
from the beginning, but we know he was compelled to join. On the very day, his father had bought up all
those accommodation stuff in our hostel room and left there on one of the beds in messed condition. So
he was compelled to settle. Furthermore, the most irritating and annoying scenario was during night
while we’re trying to sleep. The high temperature in the room was providing us uncomfortable feeling
and the sting of mosquitoes and it’s irritating sound added the plight.

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