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Six Car Insurance Cost Saving Tips


									Number One: No claims discount. The longer no claims discount you have
demonstrates to the car insurance company that you are a lower risk and
will help reduce the cost of the premium. Most car insurers will ask for
proof in the form of a copy of your most recent motor insurance
certificate stating the no claims period.

Number Two: Storage of your vehicle. You can reduce your premium by
keeping you vehicle in a more secure place whilst at home. A locked
garage is always the best but a private driveway or allocated parking
place is better than just on the road.

Number Three: Multiple policy discounts. Most UK based car insurance
companies offer a number of other products and most of us have a
requirement for at least car, home and travel insurance. Pet insurance,
breakdown cover and life cover may also be available for an additional
discount. So when shopping around online make sure you look for multi
policy discounts.

Number Four: Profession. Insurers will consider some professions as
higher risk than others so be certain you are satisfied that they have
categorised you job correctly. Many car insurance companies specialise in
discounted premiums for full time students or retired people.

Number Five: Voluntary excess. Many insurers will allow you to specify a
higher excess in case of a claim to help reduce the cost of your overall
premium. It's important to evaluate which option depending on your
personal situation you want to choose.

Number Six: Security. Find out which security features your car has
fitted as standard or has been fitted by a previous owner. Car
manufactured approved car alarms, immobilisers and tracking systems can
all help reduce the cost of your premium.

These few tips I share with you are ways you can potentially reduce your
motor insurance quote when you purchase online. Consider all the points
above very carefully for a lower motor insurance premium.

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