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                                         23-26 Feb 2012
                                         Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

                                     8th Edition
                                     THE KEY

                                     B2B                               INTERNATIONAL
                                     JEWELLERY EXHIBITION
                                     IN SOUTH INDIA
Mark your dates

                                                             GJIIE 2012 – 8th Edition Jointly organized by Madras Jewellers and
                                                             Diamond Merchant Association and UBM India Pvt Ltd will be held from 23rd
                                                             to 26th February 2012 at the Chennai Trade Centre.
                                                             GJIIE is the only exhibition in Chennai that focuses exclusively on B2B Gem
                                                             & Jewellery Exhibition. Perfectly positioned at the start of the business
                                                             buying cycle, the show has become a magnet for serious buyers and
                                                             decision-makers who arrive here from around the Nation to do real
                                                             GJIIE has developed a reputation as the place to grow your company
                                                             intelligently and with positive success.
                                                             Following are some of the special features that have made the event
                                                             Countries Leading Gem and Jewellery Exhibition.

                                                             Highlights of the show
                                                             v GJIIE featuring 4 day event for more Business.
                                                             v 250 plus exhibitors showcasing the best Varity of products.
                                                             v Close to 8000 trade buyers already Pre Registered.
                                                             v Technical Seminars and Workshops.
                                                             v Glittering Fashion Parade.
                                                             v Exclusive Networking and Entertainment night.

            Quality of Trade Visitors – 8000 trade buyers have already registered for the show from across Tamil nadu, Andhra Pradesh,
            Kerala, Karnataka and rest of India with the extended support of Tamil Nadu jewelers federation,
            The Jewellers Association Bangalore, Mumbai wholesale gold merchant association, All
            Kerala Gold & Silver merchant Association, Jewellery Manufacturers association
            Kerala, Trichur Gold Manufacturers Society, The Bezwada Jewellers & Bullion
            Merchant Association.
            Perfect Timing – Beginning of the year, perfect time for start of the business
            buying cycle, placing orders for wedding season and akshay trithya.
                                                                                                    FOR INDIA’S BEST
                                                                                                 JEWELLERY TRADE SHOW
            Quality of Exhibitors – With the right mix of exhibitors from Mumbai,
            Chennai, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Coimbatore, Delhi,               Valid till 31st Jan 750/- Per Person
            Jaipur, Kolkata, Ahmadabad, Rajkot, Thrissure, Bangalore, Vellore,
            Hyderabad showcasing products ranging from Gold, Diamonds, pearls,
                                                                                             On site Entry       2000/- Per Person
            Gem stones, Silver and allied and machinery products makes GJIIE
            India's Best Jewellery trade fair.                                                   For Details Contact:
                                                                                                  044 45530071/2/3
The 8th Edition of GJIIE 2012 is all set to open to its                         Dear Jewellery Industry Colleagues, I am delighted
high quality audience in a grand manner!                                        to be able to raise the curtain on 2012 with the 8th
                                                                                edition of GJIIE (Gems and Jewellery India
Year on year, GJIIE has grown from strength to                                  International Exhibition), which will once again
strength in terms of leading exhibitors and high                                take place at the Chennai Trade centre.
quality visitors. With an increase in capacity of
more than 25% than last year, it sure can be termed                             UBM's partnership with the Madras Jewellers and
as an earmarked B2B event looked upon by                                        Diamond Merchants Association has already made
manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers in South                               the show the leading event for the key Southern
India. Our heartfelt appreciation to the full support extended by The Tamil     India jewellery market. This year's event is 50% larger than in 2011 with
Nadu Jewellers' Federation, Mumbai Gold Wholesalers association and             over 200 companies taking part, our advance ticket sales also show we
all the associations in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh for the success      are on track to achieve a record level of industry buyers at the show.
of this event. In response to strong industry demand, the key and               Building on the strong relationships of the MJDM and UBM, I am delighted
exclusive feature of GJIIE 2012 is that this year's event has been              to inform you that both parties recently agreed to a new long term
extended to four days. This provides a splendid opportunity for exhibitors      partnerships that will see the event continue to thrive.
to spend quality time with buyers and set up business tie - ups with new
clients.                                                                        As many of you will know, UBM is leading organizer of jewellery shows in
                                                                                the world, we recently completed the acquisition of the Rotaforte show in
On behalf of MJDMA team, I would like to applaud the consistent efforts of      lstanbul, In addition, I am delighted to announce that UBM recently
world leading event organizer UBM India and its team towards their              launched a new show in Mumbai on 9-11 December. This , together with
commitment in delivering a great B2B event with world class                     GJIIE and HJF (Hyderabad Jewellery fair), will give you unparalleled
arrangements!                                                                   access to all the jewellery markets of India.
Wishing a warm and prosperous new year to everyone and our                      Finally, I would like to thank the Tamil Nadu Government for its support
association is looking forward to an overwhelming response from our             and to the other leading associations that support GJIIE. I wish all a grand
trade fraternity!                                                               show and lots of business during GJIIE -2012.
Mr. Jayantilal J Challani                                                       Mr. Sanjeev Khaira
President, MJDMA                                                                Managing Director, UBM India Ltd

A very big thank you to the privileged exhibitors and
retailers for making GJIIE 2011 truly benchmark                                 The GJIIE 2012 will be historic as it is held in the
show in the city of Chennai. Almost a year has                                  Platinum jubilee celebrations of our Association.
passed and we are few weeks away from our 8th                                   Each and every member of our Association should
edition and I take this opportunity to thank all our                            be proud to be a part of this achievement. The
predecessors who have been the foundation to this                               platinum jubilee celebration starts with the GJIIE
unique event. In spite of the global demand in                                  2012 and I welcome all our members and all
jewellery coming down last year, GJIIE 2012 has                                 jewellers to our show and request you all to make it
broken all barriers. For the first time, with over 250 stalls, we are still     a grand success. Since our first edition 2005 we
waitlisted. This proves the fact that our show is the No.1 of B2B shows in      have been growing and 2012 will be the largest B2B show ever held in
the southern part of India.                                                     South India. Due to wide suggestions, we have also extended the show by
                                                                                a day. Thus a 4 day event will allow our quality trade visitors to spend
MJDMA and UBM have lifted GJIIE 2012 to greater heights. This is just the       more time with their suppliers (exhibitors). Thus 2012 February GJIIE
tip of the ice berg. There are many more accolades to achieve. All the          Edition 6 will be the best largest, longer, and a truly international event,
credit goes to the exhibitors and visitors for making this the best show in     which you shouldn't miss.
the Southern part of India. Further I would like to thank the associations of
South India, the TNJF and the Mumbai Gold Jewellers Association who             Wishing the exhibitors and our trade visitors a great year ahead with
have made GJIIE a truly remarkable business platform for Gold, Silver,          bountiful business starting with GJIIE!
Diamonds, Platinum, Gems and Pearls. It is a win win situation for both the     H M Sultan Mohideen – Hon
exhibitors and visitors. GJIIE with the international expertise of UBM and      Secretary, MJDMA & Vice Chairman, GJIIE
the MJDMA GJIIE committee which is passionate of creating an
extravagant GJIIE 2012 will turn out to be great success. Before I sign off
let me wish everyone a Happy New Year and eagerly awaiting your august          Well, what more can you expect from MJDMA and
presence in the coming GJIIE 2012 at Chennai Trade Centre!                      UBM? Only another prosperous GJIIE 2012 show.
                                                                                Both MJDMA and UBM have taken this GJIIE to
Mr. Yogesh J Shah
                                                                                greater heights. Your august presence will add
Vice President – MJDMA & Chairman, GJIIE                                        great value to this show and to our association.
                                                                                Wishing GJIIE 2012 every success and Happy New
                                                                                Year to one and all!
                                                                                Mr. Nathella Prabath Kumar
                                                                                Vice President, MJDMA

This years edition of the gjiie is even more special                          I have extra pleasure in congratulation MJDMA and
due to the fact that the challenges faced by the                              UBM who are jointly conducting 8th GJIIE in a grand
jewellers are more than before. This has                                      manner. This exhibition played a very useful role
necessitated the jewellers to attend such fairs to                            over the years in the promotion of our jewellery
keep them well informed about the trends of the                               trade, particularly in SOUTH. This is a very good
jewellery industry. keeping this in view we have                              opportunity and I hope each and every one will
arranged many jewellers from across the country                               make use of this exhibition to promote their
to showcase their products so as to reach all the                             business. I appreciate the efforts of the MJDMA
jewellers of south India. We are sure that the participating jewellers Will   President Mr. Jayantilal J.Challani and the GJIIE Chairman Mr. Yogesh
make full use of this exhibition. Wishing all the members of our industry a   J.Shah and the whole team to make the exhibition a grand success. Once
very happy and prosperous new year.                                           again I extend my hearty congratulations to GJIIE and UBM for their
                                                                              pioneering effort which was outstanding as a concept and immaculate in
Rajesh Vummidi                                                                execution.
Vice Chairman, GJIIE
                                                                              President, Tamilnadu Jewellers Federation
The countdown has begun. We are just few weeks
away from the show. It is a privilege to be a part of
the GJIIE family. It gives us all that pep to MJDMA                           The twin unique features of Gold, Silver and
and UBM have come out with their best talent to                               Diamond Jewellery With International Standard
give you all a spectacular GJIIE 20142.                                       are Liquidity and Satisfaction of human Wants,
Looking forward for your kind presence during our                             especially the Life Style of fair sex.
show!                                                                         Globalization facilitates Local, Regional, National
Mr. Badri                                                                     and International designs and festive collections
Treasurer, MJDMA & GJIIE                                                      in One Spot and such Popular Spot is GJIIE – 2012 .
                                                                              We are sure that GJIIE -2012 Will enable to have
                                                                              Elaborate description , discussion and selection at desired ends.
Let me extend my heartfelt appreciation to MJDMA                              We appreciate the strenuous, and Optimistic efforts taken by all to
for providing me this great honour to serve for GJIIE                         Organize this unique Exhibition and congratulate the Organisers .
as its secretary. I have been a part of the GJIIE
family from its inception in 2005. The passion and                            K. M. N. Jaganathan
pep is very much existing in each committee                                   The President, Madurai District Diamond, Gold & Silver Jewellery,
member. Elaborate arrangements like shuttle                                   Traders Association
service from the city to the venue is all being taken
care of. Since we are just round the corner, things
are getting warmed up and every bit of extra care is being taken by UBM
and MJDMA to give our visitors a very prosperous GJIIE.                       I congratulate United Business Media to conduct
                                                                              Gems & Jewellery India international exhibition
Looking forward for your presence and a truly exciting GJIIE 2012!            at Chennai. It is great pleasure to me in particular
Mr. T M Srinivasulu                                                           and to the Gold dealers in general to see so many
Joint Treasurer, MJDMA & Secretary, GJIIIE                                    manufactured jewellery and silverware and gems
                                                                              from so many places of India and international to
                                                                              bring them under one umbrella. The gems exibited
The laudable performance in the past and the                                  there are cannot be seen by the dealers of small
forthcoming years has been made possible only                                 places.
with the sincere and dedicated efforts of our                                 At the UBM and many manufacturers exibited so many items of Jewellery
members of the Madras Jewellery and Diamond                                   and Gems it is very useful to the retail trade. I immensely felt very happy to
Merchants Association and UBM. It is this team                                visit the exhibition and delighted to see so many jewellery items, antiques
spirit which has made us perform better from year                             and different sizes of Diamonds and Gems. This is useful to all the
to year.                                                                      dealers in A.P. On behalf of A.P. Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Diamond
The committee will leave no stone unturned to                                 Merchants Association, I once again congratulate the UBM Management
make this event a memorable one and we solicit all the jewellery industry     to bring all
support in this endeavor to participate and also to visit this event. This    the manufacturers, dealers under one roof and made easy to the
mega show will be from the 23rd to 26th February 2012.                        merchants particularly the retail group.
Mr. Mahavir Lodha
CEO, Mumbai Wholesale Gold Jewellers Association                              NVS Bapi Raju
                                                                              Vice President : AP Gold, Silver, Jewellery and Diamond Merchants Assn,

                                                                                          Trade Speak
                                                                              We are happy to be part of the B2B Jewellery
UBM brings together gems and jewlleris dealivery                              Exhibition organized by MJDMA and we take this
mechinary of India and international under one                                opportunity to thank the organizers and all
roof. This gives us a great opportunity to                                    participants and wish them a grand success for the
understand and develop bussiness activities, The                              upcoming event. This Exhibition provides a unique
show is foccus on attaractivity serious buyers and                            platform for leading wholesalers like us to show case,
decision maker. Therefore the outcome willbe                                  interact, exchange and display our exclusive,
better as they would be able to generate better                               versatile, unique, artistic state of the art designer gold
bussiness. I am happy to note that UBM has                                    jewellery to the community at large. It is indeed a
become the most popular jewellery trade show in India. It is                  proud moment and honour for Mohanlal Jewellers Pvt Ltd, Chennai also to be
comparatively compact show in which selct retailers and manuafactures         a part of this unique and massive event.
have an opportunity to interact and spend quality time in sourcing view       Suresh Khatri
products and making new suppliers.                                            Mohanlal Jewellers Pvt. Ltd., Chennai

Every Jeweller in the country should visit the exhibition as it is a classy                          I appreciate UBM india , for conducting GJIIE
show were the retailer's get special attention and find it easy to do                                2012,which is a platform for different
bussiness.                                                                                           manufacturers from india and abroad to display
Rajendar Kumar Jain                                                                                  their skill and quality through their products for
Secretary                                                                                            exhibition cum sale and an unique oppurtunity for
The Guntur Bullion, Jewellery & Pawn Brokers Association, Guntur                                     establishing contact with retailers of ANDHRA
                                                                                                     PRADESH. I also wish UBM india should organize
                                                                              A. Ravikiran           this type of exhibitions all over world in future.
                      I appreciate your care and the arrangements by          Amara Gold, Kavali, AP
                      UBM in conducting jewellery exhibitions in india.
                      This exhibition is useful for jewellers right from      With your reference i was visted since last 3 years
                      small business to large business. GJIIE-2012            continuing attend B-2-B jewellery exhibition
                      displays a wide variety of products in the show.        hyderabad and chennai. In my experience
                      Wish all success to GJIIE-2012.                         jewellery exhibition programme chenni is better
                                                                              than hyderabad on behalf of chennai number of
                                                                              stalls and different type ornaments gems,
Mr. Vijay Kumar                                                               platinum,plain gold, designers, etc located very
Sri Sarada Jewellers. (One of Top Retailer), Narasaraopet.                    nice, the exquitive reciving staff indruction and
                                                                              explaining is good. But the security reason there is no sufficient
                                                                              preparation done by B-2-B exhibition.Because the exhibition inaguarated
By visiting Gems Jewellery India International                                only for only jewellers retailers,wholesalers but exhibition entry level
Exhbition we are enable to know about latest                                  some unauthorised jewell business persons entered and Obserbving our
designs. New Business relations are establishing.                             activities.Our business secracy known to everybody. Hence my request
Refreshing regarding the on going and near future                             pls do the precautions for security reason purpose don't be entertained
trends is helpful to update ourselves and implents                            except jewellry business persons.
them in businesses and keep going in the present                              T. V. Suresh Kumar
most dynamic business environment. We are                                     Vyshnavi Jewellers, Kandukur,
congraluate G.J.I.I.E. for their awesome effort in                            Andhra Pradesh.
this regard.
                                                                                                     UBM is a b2b diamond,gems and jewellery
The Bezwada Jewellers and Bullion Merchants Association, Vijayawada-                                 exhibition of international standard. it has gained a
1 promises complete support and cooperation for these exhibitions.                                   lot's of popularity among diamonds,gems and
                                                                                                     jewellery business people who are exhibition.this
With Greetings from Sri Kona Srihari Satyanarayana, Joint Secretary, The                             exhibition is useful right from small jewellery
Bezwada Jewellers and Bullion Merchants Association, Vijayawada-1.                                   business to large business people. here we can
Kona Srihari Satyanarayana,                                                                          find all latest varieties of diamonds gems and
Joint Secretary, The Bezwada Jewellers and Bullion Merchants                                         jewellery under one roof.
Association, Vijayawada-1                                                     B. Nageshwar Rao
                                                                              The Chirala Bullion & Jewellery Merchants Association
                                                                              Chirala, Andhra Pradesh
                      I look forward for GJIIE as the show represents the
                      best traders in India. South India is a retailers hub   I am very happy to inform you that the Gjiie one of
                      and GJIIE show cases the best of the industry.          the best jewellery shows in India.
                      Wishing the show to be a great success this year.
                                                                              Gjiie given an excellent opportunity to the retailers
                      Jaya Acharya                                            to meet manufacturers from India and abroad have
                      Udupi Association President                             come to participate this show.
                                                                              Adv. S. ABDUL NAZAR
                                                                              President AKGSMA, Kollam Dist.

                                                                                                  Trade Speak
                                                                                                            B2B Jewellery Exhibition conducted by UBM India
     Gold is associated with the lives of men & Women.
                                                                                                            Pvt. Ltd., helps retailers to know about the Modern
     Women have a special attraction with gold
                                                                                                            & upto date Jewellery Patterns. It provides great
     araments. UBM is connecting manufactures
                                                                                                            interaction between Manufactures & Jewellery
     wholesales & retailers. UBM show fair is helpful to
                                                                                                            traders. Certainly these type of exhibitions brings
     improve our business. GJIIE is working hard to
                                                                                                            awareness on modern Technology in jewellery
     grow the jewellery business in India. Thanks for the
                                                                                                            trade. Once I took more than 60 jewellers to this
     work. The saroff Association GADAG (Karnatak) is
                                                                                                            exhibition in chennai and everybody felt very happy
     participating in the show.
                                                                                      regarding last patterns of jewellery, display and the arrangements made
     Veganna.S.Pyati                                                                  towards the exhibition. Really it is a good experience.
     President, The GADAG Association (Karnatak)                                      N. S. Rajashekar
                                                                                      President, Kolar & Chikkaballapur Dist, Jewellers Association,
                                                                                      Chintamani, Karnataka.
                           It gives me a great pride to be a part of the GJIIE
                           2012 organized by UBM India.This Exhibition give           We, Ary Gold Designers, attend GJIIE as exhibitor
                           to develop the techniques and growth in the                every year due to its relevance in the gold market.
                           Business.The reason for participating in GJIIE is          GJIIE conducted in Chennai is considered to be the
                           gain more knowledge about the Gold and jewellery           best plat form to exhibit in South India by its very
                           market.                                                    nature and structure. In India very good portion of
                                                                                      gold consumption is realised in South India. The
                                                                                      exhibitors and the trade visitors of this event are
                           Vyshnavi Jewellers, Tenali (Andhra Pradesh)                mainly from this same region. This helps us
                                                                                      to display our special items and canvas our valued customers. And also
                                                                                      this colourful show portraits and innovates the possibilities of 'gold trade
     We had visited last two exhibitions organized by                                 market'.
     UBM and we were surprised by the over whelming
                                                                                      With warm regards for Ary Gold Designers.
     response from the exhibitors.This year we are
     expecting more from this exhibition.Seeking for                                                        The event GJIIE that you conduct, though it is a 3
     new trade lines.All the more it is quite fantastic for                                                 day event, we thoroughly enjoyed it all three days.
     medium to small dealers.                                                                               We were extremely delighted to meet hosts of
     G. Subbaraya Gupta                                                                                     traders from all over the world and see scores of
     Saradamba Jewellery, Narasaraopet, Andhra Pradesh.                                                     varieties of jewels that were on display. And the
                                                                                                            seminar that was part of the show was highly
                                                                                                            informative and we found it highly useful and
                               DC gold has been participating in the ubm gem and                            relevant. On behalf of our association, we wish
                               jewellery show over the recent years. This is the      continued success of your efforts in conducting this show.
                               platform which helps us to showcase the new and        M.S. Kamaladas
                               innovative designs and it opens a new world of         Treasurer The Bullion Merchants Association, Tuticorin.
                               business opportunities in front of us. One of the
                               major reasons which motivates us to participate in     Through this grand exhibition small time retail
                               this show is that it helps us to display our new       traders like us got an opportunity to witness some
                               trends and designs in front of the world . apart       of the world renowned jewelers and their
        from this it helps us to have a close look at the latest trends in the gold   captivating jewellery collections. We got exposed
        market and the new and latest machinery and technology available in the       to the true heights of this industry and the range of
        present day world to make our products to the finest perfection .             designs that are available across the globe.
        Denny Paul
        DC Gold, Thrissure, Kerala                                                    We place on record our sincere thanks for offering
                                                                                      us this wonderful opportunity through GJIIE, 2011.
                                                                                      Wishing you continued success in the coming years.
                                                                                      S. Murali
I appreciate and happy with UBM gold exhibitions                                      Secretary, Katpadi Taluka Jewellers and Pawn Broker's Association.
from last all golden years.GJIIE are a fantastic
means of business networking,business
development and addressing the issues related to                                                             An Unique Experience for all the Participants, Be it
the gems and jewelry industry.                                                                               Artisans, Manufactures are Retailers Like me. Your
                                                                                                             Seminars, workshops & Fashion parade are
A. Nageshwar Rao                                                                                             thought provoking. Wishing you greater
President, Sattenapalli Bullion Merchants                                                                    Achievements for the years to come. All the Best.
Association, Sattenapalli, Andhra Pradesh.
                                                                                                             P. D. Lakshmana Gupta
                                                                                                             Secretary, Kanchipuram Jewellers Association.

                                                                                     Product Showcase
A-BEST JEWELLERY                                                                   BHAVESH JEWELLERS
                     A-Best Jewellery is Asia's leading and fastest growing        Starting in a humble way in 1997, the Company has
                     online jewelry master model manufacture reservation           crossed several milestones The Company has been
                     service. As the best-known name in manufacture                redefining beauty by creating spectacular Antique Gold
                     jewelry master models, A-Best Jewelers has a broad            jewellery, so that anyone wearing it feels on the top of
                     selection of classic and contemporary styles. A-Best sell     the world. We produce those pieces that stand out from
                     jewelry designs in JEWELCAD files, STL files, Master          the clutter of Gold. The company stands apart in today's
                     Silver Model,Rubber Molds, Wax Molds.                         market for its originality, uniqueness and extravagance in
                                                                                   each of its Jewels. Every piece of our jewellery reflects the grand heritage of
A'STAR JEWELLERY                                                                   the Indian Sub-continent. Bhavesh Jewellers is preferred because of its
A'Star Jewellery is the domestic jewellery division of                             exquisite Bridal Designer, readymade Jewellery. In focussing on the fine
Asian Star Company Limited, one of the world's leading                             handwork, Bhavesh Jewellers can also cater to unique demands from
diamantaires and a DTC SightholderTM. Our product                                  specific regional markets, while maintaining a high level of uniform Quality
portfolio comprises of 18k Gold and Platinum diamond                               and also manufacture for chain jewellery houses.
jewellery: from every day fashion jewellery to hi- end                             C. DINESH & CO
bridal & couture jewellery including exquisite rings
collection. The creation of more than 300 new styles                                                     Since last three decades we are providing prestigious
every month is the result of synergy between our knowledge of customer                                   diamonds to most of the jewelry stores around the world
preferences, a proficient design team and manufacturing expertise.                                       and dealers We have carefully created an exquisite
                                                                                                         inventory of only perfect proportioned diamonds of the
ANGEL GOLD                                                                                               finest quality in all shapes and size. Our customers
                    We, Angel Gold, manufacturers of fine gold                                           come to depend on our expertise, strict adherence to
                    Jewellery,make the ornaments in in tune with the                                    accurate diamond grading and commitment to providing
                    international standards. Finely crafted designs and            reliable services C. Dinesh & Co. Pvt. Ltd. manufactures a range of certified
                    qualitatively finished jeweller y in 22 ct.                    and non certified diamonds of all shapes, colors and sizes.
                    gold attracted the people of all ages. Our delicate            We assure you that our business will prove highly beneficial to you in terms of
                    designs, extemely intricate and elaborate                      profitability and services. We would sincerely appreciate if you would give us
                    jewellery collections mesmerize a wide spectrum of             an opportunity to start a mutually profitable and hence a long lasting
                    customers from all around the globe.                           business relationship with your reputed firm.
Ary Gold Designers is one of the most trusted names                                HAUTE SILVER JEWELS (P) LT
among jewellers in India. The grand accomplishments                                Haute Silver Jewels (P) Ltd is the Authorized Dealer of
and success of our store is owed to the powerful                                   Royal Crown watches for India from the House of Royal
foundation of the manufacturing, established in 1997 in                            Crown. The Watches are specially designed with the use
the heart of Thrissur city, Kerala. Our esteemed list of                           of Japanese & Swiss movement, where in the Cz setting
clientle includes the biggest names in the field of                                is done by hand and has a life time warranty.
glamour, showbiz and entertainment. We bring you                                   All features present add a splendid brilliance to the
outstanding value by fetching you a selection of the finest jewellery, where       jewellery, and makes it a 'party' or an 'official' must have.
every jewellery is singled out for qulity and brilliance. Our catalogue includes   IK JEWELLERS
opulent collection of impeccably crafted gold Necklaces, sophisticated
Earrings, elegantly crafted Bracelets, collection of dainty Pendants,                                    IK is one of the largest manufacturer of high end
Rings that exemplify Indian beauty and aesthetics and our range of                                       handmade gold jewellery with In -house production
Anklets comes in various designs. We have always maintained the rich                                     stockiest/wholesaling. Chains, haram, necklaces,
Indian heritage through our products that spell beauty and purity.                                       bangles, watches, rings, studs, bracelets and many
                                                                                                         more….. At very competitive price
                     ASHLYN CHEMUNNOOR INSTRUMENTS entered the                     JAI GULAB DEV JEWELLERS
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                     the segment.
                                                                                   LIVING STONES
BANGANGA JEWELLERS                                                                                       Living stones was founded as a Diamond manufacturing
                                                                                                         company in India three decades ago. It has expanded
                     Baanganga is as design destination for contemporary                                 the size and scope of its business with high level of
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                     techniques.we are specialized in handmade plain                                     stones is a global organisation where business acumen,
                     gold,antique,and real diamond jewellery crafted from                                vision, technology and artistic excellence are synergized
                     every region across india.                                                          to create diamond jewellery of unsurpassed beauty.

                                                                                      Product Showcase
MANOJ JEWELLERS                                                                     SANKESH JEWELLERS PVT LTD.,
our company is known as one of the leading                                          We are one of the leading distributors for Gold
manufactures & wholesalers in south India for wide                                  ornaments e.g. Mangalsutra, Necklace, Bangles, Rings,
range of fancy & traditional chains, bangles & necklaces                            Bridal sets (set, hathful,bajuband,tikka,kandora,kada)
at lowest quotes with experience of 2 decades. we also                              etc. We have the expertise to cater diverse needs of our
started fine gold candy bars (mini square bars) of 999                              consumers.
purity in the weight ranging from 1,2,5,10,20&50
grams. log on to
                                                                                    SHRENUJ & COMPANY LTD.,
                                                                                                           Shrenuj & Company Limited is an integrated gem and
MEENAKSHI JEWELLERS                                                                                        jewellery conglomerate having presence across 13
                     Meenakshi Jewellers is a part of 60 years old Navdurga                                countries with activities ranging from diamond
                     Group of companies based in Hyderabad. Ventured into                                  processing, jewellery manufacturing to branding and
                     Jewellery Business 6 years back and have established a                                retailing employing over 2000 people in its worldwide
                     reputed name in the industry. With an exclusive office in                             operations. Shrenuj Group's state of the art diamond
                     Dubai for taking care of International operations, MJ has                            manufacturing facilities in India and Israel, outsourcing
                     become a synonym for leading Quality Precious Stones           facilities in China, JVs in Israel, USA and Hong Kong specialize in processing
                    Ornament manufacturer in India and also abroad. In few          better quality high value diamonds in larger sizes, a traditional non-Indian
years MJ has been a favorite supplier to most of the leading chain of stores        product and one of Shrenuj's key differentiators
globally and increasing its customer base every year.                               SOLITAIRE JEWELLERY
PEEYAR EXPORTERS                                                                    Solitaire Jewellery is one of the most prestigious
Over 30 years in business, Peeyar Exporters has                                     manufacturing company of Colour Invisible Setting
established its business all over India. This group which                           Jewellery of India. We are the Only Professional
employs around 2000 to 3000 artisans directly or                                    Manufacturer & Wholeseller of Colour Invisible Setting
indirectly has units in Chennai, Madurai, Mumbai, Delhi,                            Jewelleery in India. Our Work Mainly Consists of Ruby
Kochi, Thrissur ,Trivandrum as well as in Dubai. Peeyar                             Invisible Setting jewellery, Ruby Invisible setting plus
is a regular participant in almost all Jewellery Shows                              Micropave setting Jewellery, 2d & 3d Drops in Ruby
held in India. Regular participation in these Trade                                 Invisible (Ghoshvada), Ruby Invisible Ghoshvada with Micropave setting, 3
Exhibitions has boosted firm's effort to improve its market potential and client    step jewellery (with Ruby invisible setting or Micropave setting) & Ruby
base.                                                                               Invisible Flower collection.
PRAKASH GOLD PALACE PVT LTD.,                                                       SHREE GANESH JEWELLERY HOUSE LTD
                     Prakash Gold Palace Pvt Ltd., is name of a milestone on                              Shree Ganesh Jewellery House Limited is a Rs. 5900
                     which gold jewellery trade as manufacturer, Retailer,                                crore, 4 Star Trading House and is one of the largest
                     Wholesaler and Exporter. All are engraved with its                                   manufacturer and exporter of “Handcrafted Gold
                     immense varieties such as Kolkata plain Jewellery,                                   Jewellery”. handcrafted and hallmarked gold jewellery,
                     Casting Jewellery, Dignified Chains, Incredible Antique                              gold enameled jewellery, gold jewellery studded with
                     Jewellery, Dubai Bangles.                                                            precious stones and certified diamond studded
                                                                                                         jewellery and light weight Italian jewellery. The products,
RAJ JEWELLERS                                                                       designed by a team of creative designers, have presence across different
RAJ Jewellers has established itself as one of the                                  price points to cater to all customers across high-end, mid-market and value
largest CZ jewellery manufacturer and is being in                                   market segments allowing the Company to manage a large and diverse
service from past 12 years. It has recently entered into                            portfolio of designs.
Antique Jewellery section and has maintained the
quality of service to its esteemed clients. It has                                  SWARNAMANDIR JEWEL DESIGNER PVT LTD.,
specialized in light and heavy weight Antique jewellery                             Since 1985 SWARNMANDIR Jewel Designer Pvt. Ltd. is
and have wide range of the same.                                                    well known as a premier jewel designer and
RKR GOLD PRIVATE LTD.,                                                              manufacturers of studded gold jewellery and crowns for
                                                                                    many occasions and has received appreciation for its
                     RKR GOLD creates, Enthralling Arrays of stunningly
                     Magnificent jewellery , which includes futuristic designs in   workmanship and excellent designs across the globe.
                     casting, Ethnic, handmade and diamond jewellery which has      All studded gold jewellery collections are set with CZ's &
                     got its never ending demand amongst the ultimate customer,     diamonds. The company has meticulous combinations of
                     combined with three decades of experience , and                skilled workforce and good R&D team to bring out the desired designs in
                     unsurpassed quality with integration of latest technologies,   latest trends.
                     RKR provides ultimate products to its customers.
                                                                                    WHITE FIRE
S. R. SCALES                                                                        White Fire is a Chennai based company in the Diamond
                     We are the Tamilnadu's Authorized Distributor for A & D        business for generations and now at its third generation. A
                     Japan-Division : Jewellery Balance Sales & Service We          Manufacturer of Diamond Jewellery of E-F-Colour, IF-VVS1
                     are well equipped to service all jewellery A & D balances.     clarity Ideal Belgian cut, in Gold, White Gold & Platinum-in
                     MAXSELL is one the most promising & familiar brand             Open & Closed Settings. Specialist in Closed Settings. Also
                     with all the jewellery & banking segment, all trading &        distributors for Nakshatra, Asmi & Parineeta branded
                     servicing activities are under the control of S. R. Scales.    Jewellery through its sister concern Gee Beers Trading

                                                        Show Highlights
Provides advantage to watch live fashion parade with the exceptional designs from participants.
Be there to experience this glamorous parade and check out the trend setting jewellery design.


E                                                      NETWORKING AND
      Seminars and
      Workshops on                                     ENTERTAINMENT NIGHT
orientation for
jewellers in Diamond
colour grading and
trade related topics.

                                                                        Fair Details
                                             Date : 23-26 Feb 2012
                                             Venue : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India
                                             Show Timings : 10.00 am to 7.00 pm

     Security Guidelines
     Children under 15 years not allowed
     No outside food inside the halls allowed
     No bags allowed

                                            FOOD COURT
                 Leading brands -offering pure vegetarian food at competitive price

              SHUTTLE SERVICE
              Schedule for 23rd to 26th February 2012
              Pick-up / Drop
                 Waltex Road, Central Railway Station         Guindy         Chennai Trade Centre

 DATE          CITY         VENUE ADDRESS
 20.01.2012    Chintamani   Vasavi Kalyana Mantapa, N R Ext, Chintamani, Karnataka
 21.01.2012    Hassan       Hotel Suvarna Regency, BM Road, Suvarna Arcade Building, Hassan
 23.01.2012    Shimago      Chamber of Commerce, KT Shamaiah Gowda Road, Behind City Club, Shimago
 23.01.2012    Madurai      Madurai Jewellers Association, 65 Melachetty Street, South Avani Moola Street, Madurai
 24.01.2012    Trichy       PLA Residency, Karur By Pass Rd, Chatharam Bus Stand, Trichy
 25.01.2012    Pollachi     TBC
 25.01.2012    Coimbatore   Rathna Residency, #355, Variety Hall Road, Coimbatore
 27.01.2012    Vellore      TBC
 30.01.2012    Malapuram    Prasanth Residency, Up Hills, Malapuram
 31.01.2012    Kasargode    Hotel Highway Castle, Nullipady, Kasargode
 07.02.2012    Thirupathi   Hotel Bliss, Peningunda Road, Tirupati
 08.02.2012    Chithoor     Dr.utthama Hotel, Near Chennai Bus Stand, 23/976, Daundayabhapuram, Nellore
 09.02 2012    Nellore      Geetha Mandir, Brahma Street, Chithoor

                             The B-2-B International
                             Jewellery Exhibition in South India
                             23-26 February 2012
                             Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai, India


                       GJIIE 2012 :

                                 GJIIE 2012 :

                                                                                GJIIE 2012

                             044-45530071 / 72 / 73, 044-42032780 / 81


For Further Details, Please Contact:
            UBM India Private Limited,                                     The Madras Jewellers & Diamonds
            45 B, Pulla Avenue, Shenoy Nagar                               Merchants Association
            Chennai - 600 030                                              No.2, Car Street, N.S.C.Bose Road,
            Tel : 91 044 4553 0071/2/3                                     Chennai - 600 001
                                                                     MJDMA Tel : 91 044 42167404
            Fax : 91. 044 42698747

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