Learning Mat by HC120612115011


									                                                                   Learning Mat.
            A care home fails to provide a         Some examples of discrimination.
             disabled toilet facility
                                                                       Age                                            Race
            A Social services office block has            Job advert for a social worker                An care worker is dismissed from
             no lift facility. All users are not            states “Young dynamic employee                 work because he is black
             able to gain access to the second              sought – people aged over 40                  In a care home all the black
             floor.                                         need not apply.”                               workers are given the night shift,
                                                                                                           and all white employees work the
            A disabled child is told they are                                                             day shift.
             unable to go on a school trip                                                                A black women applies for a job
             because they have a disability.                                                               in a care home, the manager
                                                                                                          states he will not employee her as
                      Gender.                                                                              some of the residents are racist.
       A male social worker is not given a                        Marital Status                         A black care assistant applies for
        job interview for a job based on their             A married nurse with 2 children                a promotion twice but each time
        sex. The reason provided was that                   is not given a promotion as it if              a white employee is successful.
        this is a female job.                               felt that they will not put in as             In a nursery all the black
       In a nursery all girls are directed to              many hours as a single employee                children are sat at the same table,
        play in the dressing up corner and all              without children.                              the only reason is that they are
        boys directed to play with building                An employee will not give the job              black.
        blocks and construction toys.                       to a mother of 4 and states at the            A school rule states no hats
                                                            interview it is because young                  indoors; this would discriminate
                                                            women with children are                        against Sikhs, muslins,
                                                            unreliable.                                    Rastafarians.
           A hospital staff member is told that
            he is unable to wear a turban whilst                     Ethnicity.
            at work.                                        A hospital porter is paid less      Appearance.
                                                             because he/she is Middle Eastern           An obese school teacher is sacked
           An employee is told they are not                A doctor is not hired for a job              because she is unable to teach on the
            allowed to take time off work to pray            because he/she has a dark                    second floor, as she cannot manage
            during Ramadan. He made his                      complexion and is believed to be             the stairs. There are vacant
            religion clear when interviewed for              Arab.                                        classrooms on the ground floor.
            the job and was told this would not
            be a problem.

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