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                     NSTX Team Meeting
College W&M
Colorado Sch Mines
Columbia U
Comp-X                    April 5, 2006                 Culham Sci Ctr
General Atomics
INEL                                                     U St. Andrews
Johns Hopkins U                                                   York U
LANL                                                           Chubu U
LLNL                                                            Fukui U
Lodestar                                                   Hiroshima U
MIT                                                            Hyogo U
Nova Photonics                                                  Kyoto U
New York U                                                    Kyushu U
Old Dominion U                                         Kyushu Tokai U
ORNL                                                                NIFS
PPPL                                                           Niigata U
PSI                                                             U Tokyo
Princeton U                                                       JAERI
SNL                                                           Hebrew U
Think Tank, Inc.                                               Ioffe Inst
UC Davis                                            RRC Kurchatov Inst
UC Irvine                                                        TRINITI
UCLA                                                               KBSI
UCSD                                                              KAIST
U Colorado                                             ENEA, Frascati
U Maryland                                            CEA, Cadarache
U Rochester                                                 IPP, Jülich
U Washington                                             IPP, Garching
U Wisconsin                                          ASCR, Czech Rep
         NSTX Team Meeting Agenda

Time: 1:30 ~ 3:00, Place LSB-318, April 4, 2006
• General Items
• Various Project and Programmatic matters
• Engineering Operations
• Research Operations
• Run Coordination
• Physics Analysis
                  Safely, Safely, Safely

• NSTX has been recordable injury free since Nov 2004, which is a
remarkable record considering the ongoing activities since then.
However, there have been problems with the required daily sign-ins on
the Radiation Work Permit (RWP) for the NSTX Test Cell; Please be
vigilant on this. The safety reviews for LITER went very well.
(Jerry Levine)

• NSTX received the State Award for 5 consecutive years without an
away-from-work lost time accident.

• Hazard Awareness Training (W. Slavin)

• File Proper Visitor Forms (J. Savino)
                   Fusion Related News
• Budget Planning Meeting held on March 14 - 15, 2006.

• Anne Davies and Mike Roberts of OFES have retired. The retirement
luncheon is being held today. James Decker will be acting for Anne
until the position is filled.

• ITER Positions are being filled: Norbert Holtkamp of ORNL -
nominee Principal Deputy Director-General and Project Construction
Leader. He reports to Kaname Ikeda - nominee Director-General in
November 2005. The top management team of the prospective ITER
Organization is now complete. Currently deputy director candidates
are being solicited.

• US ITER Project Office and WBS managers are being filled.
             US Burning Plasma Organization

10 Topical Groups will be established:

    MHD, Macroscopic Plasma Physics
    Confinement and Transport
    Plasma-Wave Interactions
    Energetic Particles
    Fusion Engineering Science
    Modeling and Simulation
    Operational Scenarios and Control
    Integrated Scenarios

Please register at the burning plasma.org website. NOMINATIONS ARE
WELCOME !! We are thus soliciting suggestions for individuals who can
provide initial leadership for the Topical Groups. Self-nominations are also
             ITER Charge from Ray Orbach

..I would like for FESAC to address an important set of issues: How the
program should evolve over the coming decade to take into account new
and upgraded international experiments and how the program should
prepare to make the transition to ITER. Viewing the world fusion program
as a fully integrated international endeavor rather than a series of national
efforts, where will synergies, redundancies, and gaps in research arise,
and how should the U.S. program adjust to minimize duplicate effort and
fill important gaps? Should existing facilities remain in their current
configurations, or should they reconfigured to pursue the science of
different concepts? Serious consideration should also be given to
whether a point exists within the next 10 years when funds from any of
the four major U.S. facilities may be better used for hardware and
research on more capable facilities abroad. .. I would like to receive your
report by the end of February 2007. … Ray Orbach
 • NSTX has a 5 year research plan as presently being pursued - we
 need to make our present run as productive as possible!
 • Is there an attractive NSTX facility upgrade path for the next five years
 to build upon the present 5 year plan? - we need ideas!

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