Famous Poet Research Assignment by hRZ8UtFO


									              Famous Poet Research Assignment

For this assignment, you will be putting a slideshow together explaining the life
and work of a famous poet. After you select which poet your are going to
research, you will then organized a project according to the following

   1.   Title Slide (1 slide)
   2.   Biography (2 slides)
   3.   Selected Works (at least 2 slides)
   4.   Analysis/Connection (one for each poem)
   5.   Annotated Bibliography (1 slide)

Biography: These slides must give “basic” background information for your
author. Also, you need to explain their beginnings in writing, and what successes
(or failures) they had that led to them being famous.

Analysis/Connection: Each of these authors is known for their style, and how
their writing style gave them a historical identity. You need to create a slide, for
each poem you select, that points out how that selection is a prime example of
their work. Discuss their rhyming scheme, their tone, their word choice, the
themes or concepts they use, etc.

This project must be done on Keynote or PowerPoint. Use any images that will
add to the presentation, but not be distracting. Also, for the slides that contain
your poems, you can receive extra credit for recording a reading on that slide.
Have fun!

Poets you may research:
Maya Angelou
Emily Dickinson
T.S. Elliot
Edgar Allen Poe
William Shakespeare
Dylan Thomas
Langston Hughes
Robert Frost
Walt Whitman
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lewis Carroll
Henry David Thoreau
Sylvia Plath
Shel Silverstein
John Keats
E.E. Cummings
William Blake

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