VILLAGE OF MILLSTADT
                                     VILLAGE HALL
                                      JULY 18, 2011
                                        7:00 P.M.

The meeting was called to order by Weldon Harber, with the following trustees answering to roll
call: Ralph Bowley, Ray Famula, Al Lehr, Linda Lehr, and Mike Todd. Mike French was
absent. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

A motion was made by Al Lehr to approve the July 18th minutes. Ray Famula seconded the
motion. Linda corrected the spelling of Tom Barrett’s name. The motion carried unanimously.


COMMITTEE ON ACCOUNTS: Ralph Bowley stated he reviewed the bills. Ralph Bowley
made a motion to pay the bills. Mike Todd seconded the motion. The motion carried
       Ralph stated the budget report was in a different format this time which he likes better, as
does Tracy Holmes. He stated that the Village is mainly on track with what was budgeted.
       Ralph stated there would be an Executive Session to discuss the purchase of land.



        SEWER: Al Lehr stated he talked to Brian and everything is fine at the sewer plant. One
digester had to be shut down because it was the second time he found a fox in it. He was able to
get the fox out and set him free.

        WATER: Al Lehr stated the final inspection of the new water tower had occurred the
previous week and everything had passed. The final pay request had come in. Randy Burk
stated everything went well. There was a 3% allowance to the cost and the bill was well under
that amount. There still needs to be a ramp to the garage door added but everything else is good
and no one can get on it or climb it. Al Lehr made a motion to approve the final pay request for
$132,404.63. Ralph Bowley seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

        REFUSE: Al Lehr stated everything is good. The curb side recycling has picked up and
the participants are happy with it. Ralph Bowley stated traffic had been backed up on the last
monthly recycling day. Al explained that’s because people are lining up before the actual start
time of 8:00am.


       STREETS, ALLEYS AND SIDEWALKS: Mike Todd stated he met with school
       superintendent Brian Menzer to discuss plans for Safe Routes to School. Plans are being
       accepted until the beginning of the year for the grant.
               Mike Todd stated the streets were being oil and chipped. It had started the
       previous week and was being done until the end of the month. Randy Burk asked if Oak
       Street had been finished to everyone’s satisfaction. Mayor Harber answered that some of
       the grass seed and straw had been blown away from all the rain but had since been
       smoothed out so everything was fine.


CABLE SERVICES AND CELL TOWERS: Linda Lehr stated Craig Hern and Tom Barrett
from Charter Communications were still inspecting the wireless equipment for the new water
tower. Linda will find out the status.

ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS: Ralph Bowley stated Resolution 11-07 was to transfer
$500,000 from the water fund to the sewer fund. Tracy Holmes stated it was recommended by
the auditor. Now that the new sewer plant and new water tower are built the rates should even
out. Ralph Bowley made a motion to accept Resolution 11-07. Mike Todd seconded the motion.
The motion carried unanimously.


PARKS, POOL AND RECREATION: Ray Famula stated the installation of the new playground
equipment was rescheduled once again due to weather. Ray stated there had been a small fire set
in the bathrooms but was quickly extinguished. The pool is doing well although there was an air
conditioning issue in the snack bar. Ray said the contract for the grease removal is going to have
to be put out for bids. Linda Lehr asked if the amount of money offered by Ace Grease was
reasonable. Village Attorney Mike Flynn answered that it was. Linda asked if the contract
should read “Liederkranz Park” instead of “fairground/park”. Mike Flynn answered that the
wording didn’t really matter.
        Ray stated he had many compliments on the park during the Fireman’s Picnic. Mayor
Harber stated he thought the motorcycles should be parked in the parking areas, not in the park.
Mike Todd asked if that should be the decision of whoever is holding the event. Mayor Harber
answered that the park belongs to the Village so it should be a set place. Ray stated that if cars
aren’t allowed to drive through the park then neither should motorcycles. Mike Todd asked if it
should be added to the contract. Mike Flynn answered that would be a good idea because it
could then be enforced. He suggested either adding it to the contract or creating an ordinance.
Mike Todd stated he thought it should be put in the contract. Tracy Holmes asked if the Village

Board would have to pass the contract again. Mike Flynn answered yes; the contract would have
to be approved with the amendment.

CEMETERY: Ray Famula stated everything was going well and there were no problems.

COMMUNITY CENTER: Linda Lehr stated director Patty Evansco and her workers have been
checking in on the people that receive the home delivered meals and those that don’t attend the
center regularly to make sure their homes are cool enough in the hot weather.
         Linda stated that after the situation with the man on the old water tower the previous
Friday, Patty has taken steps to insure the Center can provide snacks and beverages to emergency
personnel in the future.
         Linda stated there would be a Community Center Board meeting on Monday, July 25th at
7:00pm. It is open to the public.
         Linda stated that the meals are holding steady and the Senior Center has lots of social
activities planned. The National Honor Society students are very involved in helping and the
Center is quite busy during the day.

would be a Zoning Board meeting on Tuesday, July 26th at the Village Hall at 7:30pm. Mayor
Harber stated there would not be a Planning Commission meeting this month but they are trying
to get Tony from TWM to come in and discuss the streetscape on Washington Street and adding
ADA additions to the 4-way stop along with different lighting.

TIF: Ralph Bowley stated they are in the planning stages with Muskopf’s Garage. They are
also looking towards something happening with Mertz Ford.

     Police Department – Mayor Harber stated that if a real emergency ever happens in
     Millstadt, the first responders are well prepared. They proved that after the man climbed
     the old water tower the previous Friday and everything worked out fine. Officer Joe
     Wagner risked his life to climb up the tower to handcuff the man. They are now looking
     into putting a fence around the leg of the tower with the ladder or possibly cutting into
     the ladder and putting it on a hinge. The only people who should be climbing up there
     are from HTC and possibly Cencom. Mayor Harber stated the Village needs to look into
     being able to tear the tower down. Ralph Bowley asked what will happen when the tower
     rusts and the Village is no longer able to take care of it.
     Emergency Service and Disaster Agency - none
     Fire Department – none

BUILDING COMMISSIONER: Steve Muskopf stated the following permits were issued:
     Johnson        3314 Terrace View Court            Single Family Residence
     Wickell        38 Coachlite Drive                 Fence

OLD BUSINESS: Mayor Harber stated that per Mike Flynn, there cannot be any preference for
the signs at the 4-way stop so therefore the easiest and most fair way is to just not allow any to
be placed there.
        Mike Todd stated the next Movies in the Park will be on Saturday, July 30th. The movie
will be The Goonies. There will be a stand selling flavored ice and the Girl Scouts will be selling
Glow-in-the-Dark necklaces.

NEW BUSINESS: Mayor Harber stated that there needs to be more frequent committee
meetings, especially to look over the ordinances. He stated he will discuss it with Mike French.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Tracy Holmes stated that the Treasurer’s Report had been
submitted. Mike Todd made a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report. Ralph Bowley
seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

CLERK’S REPORT: Tracy Holmes stated that the Clerk’s Report had been submitted. Mike
Todd made a motion to approve the Clerk’s Report. Al Lehr seconded the motion. The motion
carried unanimously.


Ralph Bowley made a motion to go into Executive Session to discuss the purchase of land. Mike
Todd seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Ralph Bowley made a motion to close Executive Session. Linda Lehr seconded the motion. The
motion carried unanimously.

ADJOURNMENT: Ralph Bowley made a motion to adjourn the general Village Board meeting
and was seconded by Al Lehr. The motion carried unanimously.

________________________________                     ________________________________
Crissy Wegescheide, Clerk                            Weldon Harber, Mayor


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