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					Junaidi Syed Adeel Hussain


      Looking forward to a dignified post of a pharmacist to handle multidisciplinary
       responsibilities including the processing and verification of prescriptions.
      Interested in a service oriented position of a coordinator to arrange training
       sessions for junior pharmacists in order to improve the quality of service.


Work Experience: (Total) 10 Years

Al - Quassim Saudi Arabia (Sep 2000 to Aug 2006)

      Worked as a Supervisor Retail Pharmacy. Al- Quassim KSA.
      Reviewing the drug orders for correctness and safety.
      Had regular communication with doctor, nurses and patients for drug therapy.
      Monitoring drug delivery process; assuring safety of drugs and providing
       appropriate alternative.
      Dealing with different Distributors & Company representatives.
      Stock checking and giving Orders as per requirements.
      Worked as a staff pharmacist at Community Health Center
      Supervised training sessions for 2 teams of 5 junior pharmacists and 5
      Preparing admixtures and distributing the drugs to different pharmacies.

Care Hospital Hyderabad India (1997 to 2000)

            Giving medications to inpatients as well as outpatients.
            Preparing admixtures and distributing the drugs.
            Reviewing the prescription and entering orders on computer.
            Given training about pharmacy computer operations to the new technicians.
            Maintained the purchasing department.
            Giving consultation about drug therapy and regulations to nurses and patients.
            Coordinating the pharmacy services with hospital.
Qualification gained:

2006 -2009: Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Rajiv Gandhi University of Health
Sciences, Karnataka

1995- 1997-: Diploma in Pharmacy, Technical Board of Karnataka


Pharmacist License from Govt. of AP Pharmacy Council

Seminars and Presentations:

      Final Year - Medicinal Chemistry on Anti Cancer drugs
      Final Year – Pharmacology on Bronchial Asthma,Anti Malerial Drugs, Diabetes, Anti
       Leportic Drugs,Anti TB Drugs.
      Final Year - TDM of Amino Glycosides,Carbamezipine Compartmental model.
      Hospital & Clinical pharmacy, Anemia.

Computer literacy:

      Proficient in Excel, Microsoft FrontPage, and Microsoft Word.
      Comfortable to work in PC environments.
      Fluent in English, and Arabic.


      Excellent analytic skills.
      Ability to work in with a diverse population of patients.
      Positive approach towards all sorts of critical situations.
      Authoritative attitude to lead a trainee team.
      Ability to handle the responsibilities of processing prescriptions and perform
       verification check for multiple dispensing systems at a time


Get emotionally attached to the organization and the staffs at times.

Extra skills:

      A versatile writer. Few articles on various topics published in reputed
      An inclination for Painting.

To achieve fast growth and appreciation in a recognized organization and reach the
management level with reputation.

Personal data

       Name : Junaidi Syed Adeel Hussain
       Sex     : Male
       DOB : June 15, 1976
       Marital Status : Married
       Profession    : Service as Pharmacist
       E-mail ID      : adeeljunaidi@yahoo.com
       Present Address:403,Tulips Apts.
        Hyderabad,500 004.
       Permanent Address: Same as present address
       Hobby: Reading, collection of books, Surfing

Reference(s): Available on request.

I hereby declare that the above facts and information provided above are true and
authentic to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Place: Hyderabad.

Junaidi Syed Adeel Hussain

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