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					Keep Learning to Keep Leading

"Learn everything you can, anytime you can, from anyone you can - there will always come a
time when you will be Grateful you did." - Sarah Caldwell

It's never cease to learn. Learning not only in terms of school or college course. But in everyday
life there are always new things that we can learn. For some people who happen to have the
opportunity to taste a higher education course will learn a variety of extraordinary science. And it
would be awesome if they share their knowledge of science to the people around him.

But for some people who do not have opportunities like that, it does not mean learning phase is
completed it at that. In everyday life, there is always a "guru" who can teach us. In fact,
sometimes we can learn something valuable from the people who are not expected. Young
children, parents, friends, coworkers, even strangers who we do not know before.

Anyone WHO stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone WHO keeps learning
stays young - Henry Ford

Learning is not just sitting listening to it, or what we do at school or college. Learn not only
history, sports, mathematics, English, and so forth. Do we stop learning when we are not in
school anymore? Are we no longer seek knowledge after we graduated from university?

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The answer is no. We will never stop learning. In everyday life, I believe, we all must learn
something and we strive to become better and better equipped than the previous day with what
we have learned. No wonder the Nanyang Technology University (NTU), which incidentally is
one of the best universities of the world (in Singapore), has a motto LIFE = Learning Is Fun and

One time my friend to share the experience, he told me that he learned from a scavenger who
give sincere smile at her when she came home from work. At first he was surprised to meet with
the scavenger when he was dropped from kendarannya. Scavengers are seen from top to
bottom and smiled although irregular and dirty teeth. My friend was stunned, which originally
was tired because he has just come home from work, but because he saw a genuine smile, she
returned his smile and feel better. He became aware that the 'give' is not just material, but a
genuine smile can make you a beautiful day. The lesson is simple, but valuable.

A leader must continue to learn. Every person we meet has the potential of learning for us. A
leader, no matter what your capacity is not only determined by your position, but rather from the
influence and relationships that you create. Never stop to learn and grow, because if you stop
learning and growing, your life would be stagnant.

"When You Stop Growing, You are Dying" - Anonymous

One example of learning from a leader who ever is the mutual relationship of a Bill Gates and
Paul Allen. Not many know that the real figures behind Microsoft's success to date is Paul Allen.
Paul, maybe not as famous as Bill Gates, but Bill Gates is a tremendous respect and learn a lot
from the business philosophy of life and the figure of Paul Allen, so that they become an
incredible team unity. Although technically not a lot of Paul Allen is involved in the operations of
Microsoft, but the de facto thought was the influence of policies Bill Gates today. Bill is still
continuing to learn and grow to this day.

The question is, if one of the richest people in the world still continue to learn and grow, do you
still continue to learn and grow?

Never stop learning. Be a lifelong student. Because "Learning Is Fun and Exciting", so we called
it LIFE. Happy Learning .........! :)

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