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					Iceberg is Melting

Once there was a class of participants largely consisted That of men aged 35 years.
Well that day, the teacher Gives a unique task. That is, of participants must declare
Their love for someone. This person should be someone WHO never received love from
them or at least Those WHO had been so long did not receive love from them.

It seems a not too difficult, task. But remember, the average participant is a man WHO
comes from a generation That was taught That the expression of feeling is not worth
doing a man. So to say, for some of participants, this task is a challenge.

In the classroom next week, each participant was given the opportunity to share Their
unique experience in performing tasks. Not Unexpectedly, the stands were male

After a moment Stood in silence, the man finally said, "Initially, I was a little annoyed
Because it gets Such a strange job. Who are you, how dare tell me to do something
sepersonal it! But when I drove home, my conscience began to harass. Actually I
already know to whom I must say I love. Just the story alone, five years ago, my father
and I Could disagree, and finally had a big fight today. We avoid each other except for
the condition is urgent . But since then, you never really talk to each other.

Be, on Tuesday last week, when she got home I tell myself that i should go to my father
and Convey my love to him. It feels weird, but it just made the decision I felt there was a
heavy burden lifted from my shoulders. In the morning, I woke up early and went to the
office Immediately. During my work I feel more energized, and did not think I Could get
more work done than I've ever worked a full day in the previous days. Then, I called my
dad to ask if I Could come home after home office. And as usual, my father answered
with a stern voice, 'What are you doing now?' I Assured him that i was there only briefly.

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Because all my work day It could be completed in a faster time, I Could be out of the
office early. And I went straight to my parents house. When I got there, I hope I'm the
mother answered the door. But it turns out I was Immediately met with my father.
Without wasting any more time, I Immediately said, 'Well, I just stopped by to say I love

At that time there was also a change in my father. Expression on his face look more
friendly, wrinkle-lining seems a to disappear, and he began to shed tears. He then
embraced me, and returned saying, 'Daddy loves you, son, but it has been difficult, to

It was really a priceless moment. Me and my dad still cuddle for a while, and after that I
said goodbye. But that's not the core of my story. Two days after that visit, my father did
have a heart problem but never told me, had a heart attack and immediately rushed to
hospital in a coma. I do not know whether my father would work through all this. I hope

Perhaps I can convey here is: 'do not wait to do something that really we know we need
to do'. What if I defer to reveal my feelings to my father? Maybe I do not ever get that
chance again! Therefore, take the time to do what we need to do and do it now! '"

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