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                        DRAFT NOTIFICATION

No.RERC/Secy./Reg.                                          Jaipur,       th May,2012

      In exercise of the powers conferred on it by Section 91, read with Section 181
of the Electricity Act, 2003 (No. 36 of 2003), the Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory
Commission with the approval of the State Government and after previous
publication, hereby makes the following Regulations to amend ‘Rajasthan
Electricity Regulatory Commission (Service) Regulation, 2005.
  1.      Short title, Extent and Commencement:

   (i)    These Regulations shall be called the ‘Rajasthan Electricity Regulatory
          Commission (Service) (First Amendment) Regulations, 2012’.
   (ii)   These Regulations shall come into force from the date of their publication
          in the official Gazette.
  2.      Amendment in Appendix- A and Appendix- E :

          The existing nomenclature of the following posts wherever appearing in
          Appendix-A and Appendix-E of RERC (Service) Regulations 2005 shall be
          replaced by the revised nomenclature as under:

           S.No.      Existing Nomenclature               Revised Nomenclature
             1     Special Secretary(Finance)      Director(Tariff)
             2.    Special Secretary(Technical)    Director(Engineering)
             3.    Joint Secretary(Finance)        Joint Director(Finance)
             4.    Joint Secretary(Technical)      Joint Director(Technical)
             5.    Joint Secretary(Law)            Joint Director(Law)
             6.    Dy.Secretary(Finance)           Dy.Director(Finance)
             7.    Dy.Secretary(Tech.)             Dy.Director(Technical)
             8.    Dy.Secretary (Administration)   Dy.Director (Administration)
             9.    Assistant Secretary(Fin.)       Assistant Director(Finance)
            10.    Assistant Secretary(Tech.)      Assistant Director(Technical)

          The existing nomenclature of the following posts appearing in Appendix-D of
          RERC (Service) Regulations 2005 shall be replaced by the revised nomenclature
          as under:

           S.No.      Existing Nomenclature             Revised Nomenclature
             1           Special Secretary                      Director
             2.           Joint Secretary                    Joint Director
             3.            Dy.Secretary                       Dy.Director
             4.         Assistant Secretary               Assistant Director

                                                            By order of the Commission,

                                                                         (Vinod Kapoor)
Background note for First Amendment in RERC(Service)
Regulations 2005:

The sanctioned strength of the Commission as approved by the State Government
vide Order No.F-23(4) Energy-2000 dated 26.10.2004 provides for nomenclature of
the various posts at officers level from Assistant Secretary to Dy. Secretary, Joint
Secretary and Special Secretary. Accordingly, the nomenclature has been inserted
in RERC (Service) Regulations 2005.

In order to evolve a uniform staffing pattern for all Commissions across the nation,
the Forum of Regulators which is an association of Electricity Regulatory
Commissions all over India has recommended a model staffing pattern at the
officer level which provides for a hierarchy from Assistant Director to Dy. Director,
Joint Director and Director. Most of the Commissions have already adopted this
staffing pattern.

In order to bring parity in nomenclature of officers of the Commission with other
Commissions and to facilitate interactions of Commission’s officers with their
counterpart and in accordance with the approval received from the State
Government vide its letter No.F(23)(4)/Energy/2000 dated 3.5.2012, it is proposed
that the nomenclature of various posts as appearing at Part-1 of Appendix-A,D & E
of RERC (Service) Regulations, 2005 may be replaced as shown in the draft

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