Job Description: Head of Department by gQ5S98



POST:                LEAD TEACHER


Responsible To                Leadership Group

Salary Scale      MPS (plus management points as allocated)

Main purpose of the job

To make strategic evaluations of teaching, learning and personnel issues as a
supportive and well motivated team member.

To support the school in securing effective education for all pupils and the
continuous improvement of teaching and learning in the school.

Part 1 :            You are required to carry out the duties of a school teacher as set
                    out in paragraphs 70 – 73 (inclusive) of the School Teachers’ Pay and
                    Conditions Document 2007 (hereafter called the Document).
Part 2 :            Post – Lead Teacher
Part 3 :            You are required to carry out such professional duties which form
                    part of paragraph 72 of the Document which the Principal may
                    reasonably ask you to undertake.

In addition you are required to undertake the following responsibilities, which may
or may not be included above:


School Leadership

The Lead Teacher is accountable for the standards of attainment within the
department and for raising those standards to the highest possible level.
S/he also takes responsibility for the following:

         Contribute to the well-being and development of the whole school.

         Support the work of Arts College and Training School.

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     Team Leadership

         Implement all school policies which relate to teaching and learning and the
          management of departments and ensuring, through monitoring that all
          members of the department are also doing so.

         Construct a support plan so as to advise, guide and induct members of the
          department as appropriate. Ensure monitoring of standards across the
          department in line with school policy (lesson observations, book and planner
          scrutinies, report checks etc).

         Oversee the day-to-day teaching within the department through the
          preparation of schemes of work and lesson plans (using the common format)
          and monitoring the performance of pupils during lessons.

         Ensure the regular assessment of pupils and the reporting and recording of
          assessment in line with the school policy.

         Plan and lead meetings in the department to enable the efficient and effective
          administration of the department.

         Lead, support, guide and motivate department staff to secure commitment
          and teamwork and enhance their professional development.

         Organise the preparation of agendas, minutes and documentation for
          meetings and organise their distribution to all members of the department,
          the senior management team and any other appropriate personnel.

         Represent the department at senior staff meetings and designate a
          department member to attend working parties as are relevant to the

         Support individual members of the department who may be having problems
          with individual pupils or classes.

         Encourage and offer opportunities to subject teachers for professional

         Take responsibility for raising standards of attendance and punctuality within
          the department.

         Act as Team Leader as required for Performance Management purposes.

         Delegate tasks and responsibilities to department team members as

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     Areas of Responsibility and Accountability

     Teaching and Learning

                   Use evidence from self review and evaluation to enhance the quality
                    of teaching and learning and raise standards.
                   Develop a positive climate for learning within the department.
                   Ensure a high quality of marking, assessment and reporting in line with
                    school policies.
                   Coordinate the planning, review and updating of schemes of work.
                   Lead and support staff within the department to meet the needs of all
                    students (including behaviour management, sanctions and rewards and
                    their impact on learning).

                   To be a performance management team leader in line with school
                   Participate in the selection and appointment of new staff
                   Lead, support, guide and motivate department staff to secure
                    commitment and teamwork and enhance their professional
                   Provide coaching and advice to staff as appropriate.
                   Organise and chair meetings in line with school policy.
                   Communicate information to department staff and represent their
                    views to others as appropriate.
                   Delegate tasks and responsibilities to department team members as


                   Be aware of and make use of prior attainment and comparative data
                    to set targets and monitor the progress of students at Key Stage 3
                    and Key Stage 4.
                   Review student outcomes in terms of headline figures, conversion and
                    value added to identify strengths and areas for development.
                   To be accountable for all educational needs (to include SEN and
                    G & T students) across the department.
                   To be accountable for leading and working with team members to
                    raise standards of attainment and achievement.

                   Manage the department capitation to support and develop learning
                    and teaching.
                   Coordinate bids for additional funding as appropriate.
                   Liaise with the leadership team to ensure efficient and effective
                    deployment of staff.
                   Develop the department accommodation and resources to provide
                    the highest quality learning environment and opportunities for
                    students and staff.

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   School Level
                   Provide strategic direction and development for your Department
                    within the school, taking account of whole school priorities and
                   Contribute to the development of school policy and support the
                    school ethos.
                   Be responsible for cross-curricular themes, including WRL, ECM,
                    Enterprise, ICT, Literacy and Numeracy across the department.
                   Represent the department at meetings as appropriate.
                   Liaise with other staff, parents, governors and external agencies as

   Learning Environment

                   Create a professional environment in the classrooms and the
                    corridors, including devising and maintaining displays which celebrate
                    the highest standards of achievement and reinforce a positive learning

                   Support members of the department in following school behaviour
                    policy and procedure and taking responsibility for the standards of
                    behaviour in departmental areas.
                   Prepare pupils for appropriate external examinations and undertaking
                    any necessary related moderation and administrative procedures.
                   Set and prepare pupils for internal assessments and examinations
                    which reflect the standards, content and format of external
                   Liaise closely with appropriate staff regarding entries to all internal
                    and external assessments.


         Take on specific tasks related to the day to day administration and
          organisation of the school as requested by the Principal, such as lunchtime
          duties, inclusion support and mass cover.

         Take on any additional responsibilities as directed by the Principal.

         Create and maintain positive and supportive relationships with staff and

         To carry out the appropriate duties as agreed for a tutor or attached team
          member or be attached to a year team.

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         To engage with appropriate training opportunities to promote professional
          effectiveness in this role.

         Promote good attendance and punctuality and monitor in accordance with
          the school’s attendance procedures.

         To be responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the National Curriculum
          and for carrying out examination course requirement at KS3 and KS4.

         To ensure that professional duties are fulfilled as specified in the nationally
          agreed terms and conditions of service for teachers.

         To carry out an appropriate share of supervisory duties in accordance with
          published information.

         To teach students across the age and ability range.

         To attend appropriate meetings.

         To be responsible for the secure and safe return of all equipment to your
          department’s resource store.

         To be responsible for teaching, learning and student discipline within your
          curriculum area.

         To be proactive in the on-going development of the department and take a
          positive approach in the raising of standards, student achievement and
          development of the learning environment.

         To share with colleagues the maintenance of good order and discipline across
          the school

         To be responsible for the health and safety of students in your care and
          ensure the same, both on and off the school premises, when engaged with
          students in authorised school activities.

         To create an appropriate learning environment in your teaching area, which is
          safe and respected by pupils.

         To maximise students’ participation in the subject and assist with the
          provision of extra-curricular activities.

         Supervise and, where practicable, teach any pupils whose teacher is not
          available to them (as defined in ‘Schoolteachers’ Pay and Conditions
          Document 2007).


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1.        All staff are ultimately responsible to the Principal. Your Line Manager is a
          member of Leadership.

2.        The above job description may be reviewed during the academic year. It may
          also be amended at any time but you will be given appropriate opportunities
          to discuss any proposed amendments prior to changes being made.

‘Hillcrest School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children
  and young people and expects all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.’

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