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									Raising the risk managers profile

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                    workshop A1
   How to raise the profile of risk
management within your organisation
Coming up…

             • Some of the barriers

             • The Lambeth experience

             • Your experiences
What are some of the barriers to raising
the profile of risk management?

             • Seen as just ‘another initiative’
             • Lack of management buy-in
             • Lack of members buy-in
             • Unable to see the benefit of
             • Can’t demonstrate improvement
             • Culture of organisation
             • Size of organisation
             • Change within organisation
Barriers - cont

            • Not fully understood
            • Too complex or lengthy
            • Too operational
            • Seen as the risk managers job
            • Not part of day job (add on)
            • Poor integration into processes
            • No time / too busy
            • Already managing risk!
Typical comments?

          • Its just more bureaucracy
          • I don’t want to carry bad news
          • My plans are already perfect
          • We’ve already looked at risk once
          • I’m just too busy
          • I’m sceptical about this process
 Using the barriers to your advantage
 1 - Be strategic

• Get direct access to senior management

• Engage with members – corporate committee

• Integrate with service & financial planning

• Use performance information
 Using the barriers to your advantage
 2 – Demystify & educate

• Sell the benefits - provide tools & training

• Remove the complexity – simplify the process

• Make it enjoyable!
Using the barriers to your advantage
3 – Communicate

               • SLB / DLT / members
               • Intranet / website
               • Newsletters
               • Workshops
               • Presentations
               • Partners / stakeholders
The Lambeth experience

             Raising the profile of
              risk management
                within Lambeth
Making risk management a priority
               Added as a priority in the
                   corporate plan

               Embedding risk management:
                to provide the council with an
              excellent risk management focus,
                 which allows the council and
             partners to better manage risks and
Ensuring you have the right strategic risk

               Board level risk champion

               • Regularly meet with them
               • Provide quarterly reports
               • Use to cascade key messages
               • Train them to educate SLB
Executive directors 1-2-1’s

            Chief Executive discusses top
            level strategic risks with each
            executive director

            Executive directors discuss
            strategic risks with cabinet
Make it everyone’s responsibility

            Line managers discuss
            strategic, operational & project
            risks with risk owners and
            control measure owners

            Every one has their own
            access to the risk register
Include management of risk within
staff appraisals
              Appraisal objectives are set
              and linked to strategic and
              operational risks (control

              Performance against targets
              measured – incentive to
              manage risks
The role of risk champions
          Previously an ‘added’ role… now

          • We meet champions monthly
          • Involved in decision making
          • Able to obtain IRM qualification
          • Quarterly full risk group
          • Increased profile within dept
Does it make a difference?

In the words of the risk champions…

“Formerly the role of the risk management
champion was given to the last person in who
didn’t move out of the way fast enough….,
now it is a role that people are queuing up to
Integrating risk management within
governance processes

               Corporate plan
               Service planning
               Budget planning
               Committee reporting
               Performance management
Service planning
           Demystified risk identification &
           made it a fun process

           • Developed service planning toolkit
             that included:

           • Wall posters, giant post it style
             risk identification sheets and
             coloured dots to rank risks.
Work with Internal Audit

               • Build up a good working
                 relationship with them

               • Take regular risk updates
                 to Audit board
Audit reporting

             All audits now start with a
             look at the risk register

             Audit reports make reference
             to the management of
             strategic & operational risks

             Report findings shared
Access to risk register

           Intranet based risk database -
           access rolled-out to:

           • Senior management
           • BU managers / service heads
           • Project managers
           • Control measure owners
           • Elected members
Members access to risk register

        • Obtain buy in from SLB
        • Preparation – tidy up risk register
        • Training mandatory (group, 1-2-1)
        • Rolled out in phases cabinet first

        • Greater transparency
        • Able to challenge weaknesses
        • More ownership
Performance monitoring

           Monthly risk performance
           report produced

           • Change in risk profile
           • Overdue risk actions
           • Risks with missing data
           • Risk ratings by department
           • Staff trained
Example performance table
 Risk Management Performance                                                                August 2008 report

 The table shows the movement of overdue risk of each department during the previous four months. The ‘change’ column relates to the
 increase/decrease over the last month. The ‘Longest overdue risk’ shows the number of days a risk is and for each department the most
 overdue risk is stated. ‘No. of overdue red risks’ highlights the red risks outstanding for reviewing.

                             Change                                   Overdue risks

                                             No. of                                                              Longest     Total Risk
                         increase                                                                    Sept-08
                Own                           overdu                                                              overdue         Per
 Department               no                                                               Aug-     Project
                 er                    %       e Red     May-08      Jun-08     Jul-08                             risk @     Departmen
                         change                                                              08        ed
                                               risks                                                              Aug-08       t Aug-08

    ACS          JC                            2           7          0          11          9         5           35             59

   CYPS          PD                  0%        4          10          5           8          8         3           113            42

   ECCS          RO                            5          19          34         27         35         13          143           133

    F&R          MS                            2          22          20         12         22         13          65            179

    R&H          CL                            2          20          13         13          6         3           50             59

    OCE          DH                            0           4          2           0          0         0            0             20

 Overdue                                       15         82          74         71         80
Training & tools
              • Classroom based
              • 1-2-1 training
              • E-learning & video
              • Toolkits
              • Intranet / Internet
              • Workshops / surgeries
              • Posters
              • Leaflets
              • Newsletters
Celebrate your successes

          • Enter for awards

          • Publicise your wins internally
            & externally

          • Make use of any internal
Don’t forget any operational risk

            Staff can sometimes better
            relate to operational matters –

            • Fleet driver risk management
            • Lone working risk awareness
            • Risk initiative funding
Specific risk projects
Schools risk ranking exercise

          • All Lambeth schools risk ranked
          • Risk register workshops held
          • Risk improvement reports issued
          • Best schools rewarded for good
            risk management
          • Top 5 schools recognised
The golden thread of risk
             Corporate plan / LAA themes
             Budget & Service planning
             SLB & DLT’s
             Team meetings
             Staff 1-2-1’s & appraisals
             Audit reports
             Performance monitors
             Corporate committee
Your experience

 What have you done that’s helped to
 raise the profile of risk management
       within your organisation?
    Mark Nicolson
Head of risk & insurance

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