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									Reflections About Success
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Success is simple, success has nothing to do with being rich, the fact that success is not as
complicated or as said Robert T. serahasia Kiyosaki, Guenta K., and Rhonda Bhryne The

Success does not need to be pursued,


Because the greatest success on your own ...

How you came out of the race millions of sperm to fertilize an ovum, it is your first success!

How can you be born with a flawless body just 2 pieces of cells that continue to divide ourselves
into billions of cells of the body, that your success both ...

See how the Lord is so loving & double your initial Investment only one sperm cell + 1 ovum!
Even the early life of capital is also not from you, but from your parents!

When you first go to school happily, can even continue to study even the S3 S1, when every
minute there are 10 students drop out being unable to pay tuition, that's a third of your success
... (Really not ...?)

When you fought hard and managed to work in multinational companies, at a time when 46
million people are unemployed, that's your fourth success ... (How what is still acknowledged as
well ...?)

When you can still eat three meals a day, at the moment there are 3 million people die of
hunger each month that your success is the fifth ... (Still hard kepalakah ...?)

Success happens every day, but you never know it. Success is in every capillary blood! .....
Success is also present in every cell of your body!

You are the SUCCESS is maintained by the hands of the Lord ...

I was very touched when watching the movie Click! starring Adam Sandler, "Family comes first",
so the last words to his son before he died ... I was so busy Si Adam Sandler is chasing
success, money & career, he did not have time to take the time to the child and his wife, not

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even had attended the funeral of his father's own day, his family was a mess, his beautiful wife
divorced him, his son so kagak longer know who the father is ... (Sadly klo dah's like this)

Success is always refracted by the bestselling author of the book so can keep a best seller, by
making it a success to be a complicated and difficult to obtain in a thick book of hundreds or
even thousands of pages ...

Success is not only about the property, luxury homes, sports cars, Rolex watches, early
retirement, a businessman, had a swimming pool, helicopter, had a beautiful wife like Donald
Trump, or a luxury resort in the Caribbean ...

However, not many books that discuss that true success is to live with gratitude for all the
blessings of the Lord every second, the true success is to enjoy and be grateful for every
second of your life, when you're happy, you are entirely happy, whereas when you sadly, you
are sadly completely, soluble but not washed away ...

because after that you already have to be prepared again to face another new episode,
episodes of life that has been prepared by THE DIRECTOR neatly legendary ...

True success is living right in the way of Allah SWT, live well, do not cheat, let alone a scam,
pious and humble and not arrogant. Success was no longer wants riches rather than poverty, no
longer wanted healing rather than pain,

True success is being able to accept fully the advantages, state, and you lack what it is with
gratitude ...

Have you ever noticed?

You actually do not buy an item with money ... Money is just a medium of exchange, the old
days before there was money to implement the barter system ...

What do you barter in your life?

You actually buy the house from time Anda.Ya, you may have to work day and night to pay
mortgage for 15 years or buy a car / motorcycle loans for 3 years. It all actually nothing more
than you get from your own bartered time friend,

You sell your time from morning to night to the highest bidder to get money so she could buy
food, phone bills etc ...

Your biggest asset is not a home / car, BUT YOURSELF, That's why smart people can be paid
tens of times more than the fool ... The more valuable you are, the more expensive people will
buy you time ...

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That's why the price of 2 hours of his Tony Robbins talk about nothing at the seminar Ngalor be
paid 50 thousand dollars or the price of 2 hours seminar Mr. Andrie Wongso could reach 50

That's why Nike will pay Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan of 200 million dollars, just to wear
Nike products. A branded product to be expensive / valuable not because of its brand, but
because the product they will be used by anyone .... (Right kagak?)

"Who" was the one who makes the "what" to be worth ...

Not the other way, "what" makes "who" you become more valuable!

Live objects that give value and energy on inanimate objects, not the other way ...

That's why former basketball Michael Jordan used contested, would sell 80 million dollars, while
the former basketball with the same brand you've used for years, when we sell it even dropped
the price ... (Hehehehehe)

So sunguh ironic nowadays people tend to judge others or their friends, only to the extent of
how much his Blackberry or what the price of Louis Vuitton bags and Jimmy Choo shoes of his

Life is really funny taste yes, we like chasing a mirage, when viewed from a distance, we might
see the water or the glittering gold in the distance, but when we go after it with all our energy
and we end up, we see yah cuman reflection of sunlight or corn flakes it was ... oh ...

Funny if after you read the writing on the

But you are still chasing a mirage, rather than spend your time is valuable which together with
parents who loved you, warmly embraced the wife / lover, saying "I love you or we Mahal" to
people - your loved ones: parents, wives , children, your friends.

Do this while you still have time, while you still have time, you never know when you will die,
maybe tomorrow, maybe later tonight,


Spend more time to do your hobby, whether it's playing ball, fishing, watching movies, drinking
coffee, eating your favorite foods, gardening, playing chess, bowling or karaoke ..

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