; SESCO Prequalification NHS SWH action plan 010212
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SESCO Prequalification NHS SWH action plan 010212


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									The National Solar Water Heating
    Companies Qualification

            SWHCOs Qualification

Prepared by the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC)
               February 01, 2012- Beirut, Lebanon

                       Version 1/2012
Summary of the Project

As part of its efforts to develop the solar thermal market in Lebanon by reaching the
target of 140,000 m2 of solar water heaters (SWH) installed by 2014, the Lebanese Center
for Energy Conservation (LCEC) is keen to set a national certification and quality
control scheme for SWH suppliers/installers to ensure that consumers have a
satisfactory experience with the SWH systems.

In this regard, LCEC is re-launching the qualification campaign that gives eligibility to
qualified companies to benefit from any initiative that could be launched by the
Ministry of Energy and Water in the framework of a national plan to promote solar
water heaters, including the setup of financial incentives to consumers willing to install
SWH systems.


SWHCOs Prequalification
A Solar Water Heating Company (SWHCO) is a company that provides solar energy
services and turnkey projects. SWHCOs are usually involved in the design, installation,
maintenance, and monitoring of solar water heating applications.

SWHCOs qualification is a procedure followed to certify and declare the qualification of
companies supplying and installing solar water heaters. The prequalification studies the
eligibility of the company to execute and implement solar water heating systems.

The qualification gives companies the benefit of the outreach and trust throughout
costumers. It also allows them to take part and benefit from the national solar water
heaters action plan in addition and international grants offered or supervised by the
Lebanese government and the LCEC.
The Qualification Scheme:

The qualification criterion constitutes of two major parts, the first part deals with the
qualification of the company and corresponds to 800 points of the total grade, and the
second part evaluates the performance and eligibility of the products offered by the
companies for 300 points of the total grade.

Part 1: Companies Qualification
The qualification of the company shall be objectively studied by a specialized
committee. The committee meets once a month to study new applications, evaluate the
qualification criteria, and revise previously approved applications.

The qualification of companies shall follow the grade system set by the committee in
coordination with all concerned parties. Companies providing full portfolios will be
given a grade based on the data submitted with a maximum achievable score of 800

The major factors considered in the evaluation criteria are as follows:

   1. General Information       (including Legal Registration, Reputation, Litigation &
   2. Experience & Expertise (Engineering Experience (in other related and non-
        related technical experience), Solar Energy Experience, Awards & Recognitions,
        Manufacturing Experience, Installation Experience, List of References)
   3.     Human Resources (Total Number of Employees, Number of Engineers, Skilled
        Labor, Certificates, Installation Experience)
   4. Equipment (General Equipment Owned, Monitoring Equipment, Quality of
        Equipment, Age Situation)
   5. Warranties & After sales (Components Warranty Period, Operation Warranty
   6. Safety Measures (Knowledge of Safety Procedure, Availability of Safety Tools)
   7. Technical Skills for general manager, project managers, engineers, foremen, and
        labor (Experience, Degree, Additional Certificates)

The weight of each factor varies based on its importance and significance in the
technology application. A draft sheet is available.
The qualification scale shall be decided by the evaluation committee. A possible scale is
presented below.

Part 2: Product Qualification
The quality and performance of the solar water heating system is an important factor to
consider in the qualification procedure for their significance for the customer
satisfaction and long-lasting success in the market.

In order to warranty this quality, testing and certification of products is essential. The
tests performed by a professional test laboratory evaluate the performance and
reliability of the product and checks the compliance with the international standards of
good performance.

The LCEC has prepared in collaboration with Libnor and other stakeholders the
Lebanese Standards (LN) for solar water heaters based on the European standards. The
proposed draft is adopted by Libnor and submitted to the council of ministers for
review and adoption on a mandatory basis.

On the other hand, the Industrial Research institute (IRI) has finished the installation
and commissioning of the solar water heating testing facility, donated by the Greek
government. The testing facility allows testing and inspecting the solar water heating
system and granting certifications.

Only certified products by the IRI or other international testing laboratory are eligible to
be used in the solar water heating promotion program.

The qualification of the product requires submitting the certification documents that
apply with the conditions above. Companies satisfying the requirements get 300 points
otherwise no points are granted.

Required Submittals:

The companies wishing to apply for the prequalification process should submit the
questionnaire available below, and supply the required documents as noted in each

File should be delivered to LCEC in a closed envelope before the deadline set.
        The National Solar Water Heating
            Companies Qualification

          SWHCOs Qualification Application

Company Name:

                                     SWHCOs Qualification 1/12
Company Name:
Person Filling the application:
Contact E-mail:

A. Company Information                                  Required documents

Legal Registration         Date: _____                  Provide official documents

                           Registration #: _____

Establishment              Year: _____                  Provide official documents

Litigation / Arbitration   □ No                         Provide official documents
                                                        )‫(براءة ذمة مالية، إفالس‬
                           □ Yes; Date: _____
Engineering Experience     □ No                         Provide reference (Annex 1)

                           □ Yes; Since: _____
Solar Experience           Manufacturing:               Provide reference (Annex 2)
                                  □ No
                                  □ Yes; Since: _____
                                  □ No
                                  □ Yes; Since: _____
Awards / Recognitions      □ No                         Provide official documents

                           □ Yes; Date:
Employees                  Total number: _____          Provide full information (Annex 3)
                                                        Provide resumes of all involved staff
                           Engineers: _____

                           Skilled labor: _____

                                                                 SWHCOs Qualification 2/12
B. Equipments and Tools                                   Required documents

Equipment Owned          □ No                             Provide list of available equipment
                                                          (annex 4)
                         □ Yes
Warranty                 Components:
                                 □ No
                                 □ Yes; Period: _____
                                 □ No
                                 □ Yes; Period: _____
Safety Strategy                  □ No                     Provide list of available safety tools
                                                          (annex 5)
                                 □ Yes;                   Explain safety strategy(annex 6)
Products                 Conformity with EN 12975:        Provide list of products applied for
                                 □ No                     (annex 7)

                                 □ Yes

Verification Statement

I, ………………………………….. , hereby verify that the information contained in this
application, including all statements, representations, and other entries, is true and
correct to the best of my knowledge, information and belief.



                                                                  SWHCOs Qualification 3/12

     The evaluation process is done in one phase that evaluates both the eligibility of
      the company and the product offered, and gives a final score up to 1000 points.
      The passing grade set by the committee is 700/1000.

     Applications missing major information and not fulfilling the requirements are
      considered incomplete applications and are rejected by the committee.

     Proven incorrect information gets the application denied and blacklists the

     Companies failing to pass can resubmit their application after taking necessary
      action but not more than 2 times a year.

                                                                SWHCOs Qualification 4/12

   1. Engineering Experience

   2. Solar Thermal Experience

   3. Employees and Human Resources

   4. Tools & Equipments

   5. Safety Tools

   6. Safety Strategy

   7. Products

Note: Applicants can make multiple copies of the annexes to provide the complete data

                                                                       SWHCOs Qualification 5/12
       Annex 1: Engineering Experience
       Include all projects implemented by the company in the field of engineering in general. Contact details of the clients should be

Project Title                   Project Type                        Year      Reference                       Contact details

                                                                                                             SWHCOs Qualification 6/12
       Annex 2: Solar Thermal Experience
       Include all projects implemented by the company in the field of solar water heating. Contact details of the clients should be

Project Title                   Project Type                         Year      Reference                        Contact details

                                                                                                               SWHCOs Qualification 7/12
       Annex 3: Employees and Human Resources
       All employees and staff working with the company should be listed with their resumes, certificates, and accreditations

Name                       Title                 Full-time/Part-time    Degree                                  Certificates

                                                                                                             SWHCOs Qualification 8/12
       Annex 4: Tools & Equipments
       Mention major equipment and tools available at the company, and being used in the installation of solar water heaters.

Tool                       Use                                Brand                   Condition                    Age

                                                                                                            SWHCOs Qualification 9/12
       Annex 5: Safety Tools
       Mention all safety tools and equipment available and being used by the workers during the installation of solar systems.

Tool                       Use                                Brand                   Condition                    Age

                                                                                                           SWHCOs Qualification 10/12
Annex 6: Safety Strategy
Present the safety strategy followed by the company to ensure a protected for the workers.

                                                                                             SWHCOs Qualification 11/12
      Annex 7: Products
      Mention the major products being installed by your company. Copies of official certificates should be supplied

Product (Panel, tank,                                                                                      EN 12975 Certificate
                             Country of Origin       Manufacturer             Brand Name
tubes, complete system,…)                                                                                  Registration # (If applicable)

                                                                                                          SWHCOs Qualification 12/12

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