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									                       Residential Lease/Rental Agreement

This agreement made this ______ day of __________________20_____ is
between__________________________________________________ called Management and
_______________________________________________________ hereinafter called Resident.
Management leases to Resident, and Resident rents from Management, residential unit located
at___________________________________________________________ hereinafter called
premises, under the following condition.

   1. The initial term of this lease shell be _____________ beginning ___________________
      20 _______ and ending Noon _______________________ 20 _________ .
   2. And continue from month to month thereafter unless either party shall notify the other,
      in writing by mail, that said party elects to have the lease terminated at the end of the
      then current term. Written notice must be given at least thirty (30) days prior to the end
      of the then current term.
   3. Residents who have completed their said one year contract and who are presently on a
      month to month basis, must give a written thirty (30) day notice no later than the first
      day of the month prior to vacating. The said Resident will be responsible for the entire
      month rent.
   4. Owner’s notice to Resident may advise Resident of a change in the rental or any other
      term of this lease.

   1. If there is a delay in delivery of possession by Management, rent shall be abated on a
      daily basis until possession is granted. If possession is not granted within seven (7) days
      after the beginning day of the initial term, then Resident may void this agreement and
      have full refund of any deposit. Management shall not be liable for damages for delay in

   1. Rent is payable monthly, in advance, at a rate of ________________________________
      dollars ( $________) per month, during the term of this agreement on the first day of

      each month at the office of Management or at such other place Management may
      designate. After the third (3) of the month a late fee of $25.00 + $5.oo/day for every day
      after the 3rd will apply. Tennant agrees to pay $50.00 for each dishonored check.

Security Deposit
   1. On execution of this Lease, the Tenant will pay the Landlord a security deposit of
      _______________________________________ dollars ($_________), to indemnify
      owner against damage to the property and for Resident’s fulfillment of the conditions of
      this agreement. Deposit will be returned to Resident less any necessary cost in cleaning
      and repairs, thirty days after residence is vacated if Lease term has expired and
      agreement has been terminated by both parties.
   2. Deposit will not be returned if Resident leaves before Lease time is complete.
   3. During the Term of this Lease or after its termination, the Landlord may charge the
      Tenant or make deductions from the Security Deposit for any or all of the following:
          a) Repair of walls due to large nails or any unreasonable number of holes in the
             walls including the repainting of such damaged walls;
          b) Repairing cuts, burns, or water damage to tile, linoleum, carpet and other areas;
          c) Repainting required to repair the results of any other improper use or excessive
             damage by the Tenant;
          d) Repairs and replacement required where windows are left open which have
             caused plumbing to freeze, or rain or water damage to floors or walls; and
          e) Replacing damaged or missing doors, windows, screens, mirrors or light fixtures;
          f) Any other repairs or cleaning due to any damage beyond normal wear and tear
             caused or permitted by the Tenant or by any person whom the Tenant is
             responsible for;
          g) Unplugging toilets, sinks and drains;
          h) Any other purpose allowed under this Lease or the Act.
   4. The Tenant may not use the Security Deposit as payment for the rent.

Early Termination
   1. Resident may terminate this agreement before expiration of the original term by:
        a) Giving Management at least one month’s written notice to be effective only on
            the last day of a given month; plus
        b) Paying all monies due through date of termination; plus
        c) Paying an amount equal to one month’s rent; plus

                                                           Initials __________________________
         d) Returning residence in clean, ready to rent condition.

   1. Resident may not sublet residence or assign this lease without consent of Management.

Credit Application
   1. Management having received and reviewed a credit application filled out by Resident
      and Management having relied upon the representations and statements made therein
      as being true and correct, has agreed to enter into this rental agreement with Resident.
      Resident and Management agree the credit application the Resident filled out when
      making application to rent said residence is hereby incorporated by reference and
      made a part of this rental agreement. Resident further agrees any statement on said
      application which is false, will give Management the right to terminate rental
      agreement immediately and further agrees in the event Management exercises its
      option to terminate rental agreement, Resident will remove himself, his/her family and
      possessions from the premises within 24 hours of notification by Management of the
      termination of this lease. Resident further agrees to indemnify Management for any
      damages to property of Management including, but not limited to, the cost of making
      residence suitable for renting to another Resident and waives any right of “sell-off” for
      the security deposit and prepaid rent which was forfeited as liquidated damages.

Damage to Premises
   1. If the Premises, or any part of the Premises, becomes uninhabitable by reason of fire,
       explosion or by other casualty, Management may, as its option, terminate rental
       agreement or repair damages within 30 days. If Management does not do repairs
       within this time or if building is fully destroyed, the rental agreement hereby created is
       terminated. If Management elects to repair damages, rent shell be abated and prorated
       from the date of the fire, explosion or other casualty to the date of re-occupancy,
       providing during repairs Resident has vacated and removed Resident’s possessions as
       required by Management. The date of re-occupancy shall be the date of notice that
       residence is ready for occupancy.

Right of Access
   1. During the term of this Lease and any renewal of this Lease, The Landlord and its agents
      may enter the Premises to make inspections or repairs, or to show the Premises to

                                                           Initials __________________________
      prospective tenants. In case of emergency, Management may enter at any time to
      protect life and prevent damage to property.

Care and Use of Premises
   1. Residence shall be used for residential purposes only and shall be occupied only by the
       persons named in Resident’s application to lease. The presence of an individual residing
       on the premises who is not a signator on the rental agreement will be sufficient
       grounds for termination of this agreement. Residence shall be used so as to comply
       with any and all state, county and municipal laws and ordinances.
   2. The Tenant will promptly notify the Landlord of any damage, or of any situation that
       may significantly interfere with the normal use of the Premises.
   3. The Tenant will not make (or allow to be made) any noise or nuisance which, in the
       reasonable opinion of the Landlord, disturbs the comfort or convenience of other
   4. The Tenant will keep the Premises reasonably clean.
   5. The Tenant will dispose of its trash in a timely, tidy, proper and sanitary manner.
   6. The Tenant will not engage in any illegal trade or activity on or about the Premises.
   7. The Tenant agrees that no signs will be placed or painting done on or about the
       premises by the Tenant or at the Tenant’s direction without the prior and written
       consent of the Landlord. Notwithstanding the above provision, the Tenant may place
       election signs on the premises during the appropriate time periods.
   8. If the Tenant is absent from the Premises and the Premises are unoccupied for a period
       of four consecutive days or longer, the Tenant will arrange for regular inspection by a
       competent person. The Landlord will be notified in advance as to the name, address
       and phone number of this said person.
   9. Resident is prohibited from adding locks to, changing, or in any way altering locks
       installed on the doors. All keys must be returned to Management of the premises upon
       termination of the occupancy.
   10. Non-operative vehicles are not permitted on the premises. Any such non-operative
       vehicle may be removed by Management at the expense of Resident owning same, for
       storage or public or private sale. At Managements option, and Residents owning same
       shall have no right of recourse against Management thereof.
   11. No goods or materials of any kind or description which are combustible or would
       increase fire risk or shall in any way increase the fire insurance rate with respect to the
       premises or any law or regulation, may be taken or placed in a storage area or the

                                                            Initials __________________________
        resident itself. Storage in all such areas shall be at Resident’s risk and Management
       shall not be responsible for any loss or damage.
   12. No guests of the Tenants may occupy the Premises for longer than one week without
       the prior written consent of the Landlord. Resident shall be responsible and liable for
       the conduct of his guest.
   13. The Tenant will obtain written permission from the Landlord before doing any
       improvements: painting, wallpapering, removing or adding walls, or performing any
       structural alterations, etc.
   14. Pets of any kind shall not be permitted unless the prior written approval of
       Management has been obtained.

   1. The Tenant will, at its sole expense, keep and maintain the Premises and appurtenances
       in good and sanitary condition and repair during the term of this Lease and any renewal
       of this lease.
   2. In particular, the Tenant will keep the fixtures in the Premises in good order and repair.
       The Tenant will, at Tenant’s sole expense, make all required repairs to the plumbing,
       range, heating apparatus, and electric and gas fixtures whenever damage to such items
       will have resulted from the Tenant’s misuse, waste, or neglect or that of the Tenant’s
       family or visitor.
   3. After thirty (30) days from the beginning of the Lease the Tenant shall be responsible for
       drain clogs in the Premises.
   4. Major maintenance and repair of the Premises involving anticipated or actual costs in
       excess of $100.00 per incident not due to the Tenant’s misuse, waste, or neglect or that
       of the Tenant’s family or visitor, will be the responsibility of the Landlord or the
       Landlord’s assigns.
   5. Where the Premises has its own sidewalk, entrance, driveway or parking space which is
       for the exclusive use of the Tenant and its guests, the Tenant will keep the sidewalk,
       entrance, driveway or parking space clean and free of dirt, debris, snow and ice.
   6. Where the Premises has its own garden or grass area which is for the exclusive use of
       the Tenant and its guests, the Tenant will water, fertilize, weed, cut and otherwise
       maintain the garden or grass area in a reasonable condition including any trees or
       shrubs therein.
   7. The Tenant will professionally steam clean the carpet at the termination of this Lease or
       the Landlord may charge the Tenant or deduct the cost of having the carpet
       professionally steam cleaned from the security deposit.

                                                           Initials __________________________
Utilities and Other Charge
   1. The Tenant is responsible for the payment of all utilities and other charges in relation to
       the Premises: Lights

Claims for Damage
   1. All personal property belonging to the Resident or to any other person, located in or
       about the building or the Premises, shall be there at the sole risk of the Resident or
       such other person, and neither the Owner nor the Owner’s agents shall be liable for the
       theft or misappropriation thereof, nor for any damage or injury thereto, nor for
       damage or injury to said Resident or to other persons or to other property, caused by
       water, snow, frost, steam, heat or cold, dampness, falling plaster, sewers, gas , odors,
       plumbing, electrical wiring and equipment and fixtures of all kinds, or for any act,
       neglect or omission of any other person or caused in any other manner whatsoever.
       Resident agrees to protect, indemnify and save harmless the Owner and his Agent from
       all suits, losses, costs or damages sustained by reason of any act or other occurrence
       causing injury to any person or property whomsoever or whatsoever due directly or
       indirectly to the use of the demised premises or any part thereof by the Resident.
   2. The Tenant is responsible for insuring the Premises for either damage or loss to the
       structure, mechanical or improvements to the building of the premises, and the Tenant
       assumes liability for any such loss.
   3. The Tenant is responsible for insuring the Premises for liability insurance, and the
       Tenant assumes liability for any such loss.

    1. If at any time during the term of this Lease, the Tenant abandons the Premises or any
         part of the Premises, the Landlord may, at its option, enter the Premises by any
         without being liable for any prosecution for such entering, and without becoming liable
         to the Tenant for damages or for any payment of any kind whatever, and may, at the
         Landlord’s discretion, as agent for the Tenant, rent the Premises, or any part of the
         Premises, for the whole or any part of the then unexpired term, and may receive and
         collect all rent payable by virtue of such renting, and, at the Landlord’s option, hold the
         Tenant liable for any difference between the Rent that would have been payable under
         this Lease during the balance of the unexpired term, if this Lease had continued in
         force, and the net rent for such period realized by the Landlord by means of the
         renting. If the Landlord’s right of re-entry is exercised following abandonment of the

                                                             Initials __________________________
        premises by the Tenant, then the Landlord may consider any personal property belonging to
        the Tenant and left on the Premises to also have been abandoned, in which case the Landlord
        may dispose of all such personal property in any manner the Landlord will deem proper and is
        relieved of all liability for doing so.

    1. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary herein, if Resident defaults under this
        Agreement, then Management shall automatically and immediately have the right to
        assert any and all legal remedies to enforce this agreement, including, but not limited
        to, filing a Dispossessory Warrant against Resident to have Resident and any other
        occupant of the Premises, and any personal effect belonging thereto, evicted and
        removed from the Premises. Resident acknowledges that should Resident be so
        evicted, Resident shall be responsible for all of Managements attorney’s fees incurred
        in connection therewith.

Failure of Management to Act
    1. Failure of Management to insist upon compliance with the terms of this agreement shall
        not constitute a waiver of any violation.

Remedies Cumulative
    1. All remedies under this agreement or by law or equity shall be cumulative. If a suit for
any breach of this agreement establishes a breach by Resident, Resident shall pay to
Management all expenses occurred in connection therewith.

    Mortgagee’s Rights
     1. Resident’s rights under this Lease shall be at all times be automatically junior and
subject to any deed to secure debt which is now or shall hereinafter be placed on premises of
which residence is part; if requested, Resident shall execute promptly any certificate that
Management may request to specifically implement the subordination of this paragraph.

Owner’s Right to Make Further Rules
    1. The owner or his Agent shall have the right to make such other and further reasonable
        rules and regulations as in their judgment may from time to time be needful for the

                                                              Initials __________________________
      safety, care and cleanliness of the premises, and for the preservation of good order therein,
      and the same be kept and observed by the resident, their families, visitors, gests, clerks,
      servants and agents. Owner shall not be responsible for the nonobservance or failure of any
      Resident to observe these Rules and Regulations.
Basement Use
      If this residence contains a basement, North West Properties of Youngstown, LLC makes no
      claims as to the usability of the basement other than for storage. North West Properties of
      Youngstown, LLC has no knowledge as to the dryness or dampness of the basement. Tenant
      assumes any and all responsibilities for damage to their personal goods due to dampness and
      having inspected the basement prior to signing this lease accepts that responsibility.

Entire Agreement
   1. This agreement and any attached addendum constitute the entire agreement between
       the parties and no oral statements shall be binding. It is the intention of the parties
       herein that if any part of this rental agreement is invalid for any reason such invalidity
       shall not void the remainder of the rental agreement.

   IN WITNESS THEREOF, the parties hereinto have caused these premises to be signed in
   person the day and year first above written.

   ________________________________             _______________________________

   ________________________________              _______________________________

   Management                                    Resident(s)

   Number of residents living within the premises __________
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