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            V\'hal ConS!itJJles Medica!                                    Citigroup-Mat V and Mat III
             Persona: injury Typos and

             FDA Finds 8aM
             ![)t5rna~on81 RespoI",sitHe Fe.            AAyone who invested In MAT Five llC ("MAT Five'1, marketed by Citigroup may be entitled to
             81 I-I$parin Daaths
                                                        participate in the class action suit against the investment bank. The violation is against the Securities
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             FOil. Warns Conwmsrs to                    I>cI of 1933 and Delaware law. This violation essentially occurred in late 2006 contlnulng on into 2007
             SlOP Uslng HyrJI"Jxycut
                                                        when allegedly Citigroup targeted Investors that were looking for fixed·lncome Investments that could
                                                        yield higher returns. Citigroup then marketed municipal bond opportunities, which could prove to be
             S~?P USing HydroX;'cut
             product!>, FDA say:;                       very risky if not managed correctly. V\lhen promoting these investments, it is alleged that Citigroup
                                                        falsified and misrepresented their MatVfund in regards to its presentation and selflng documents.
             OppenhMllef Cl1ampion                                                                                                                                            Napon Bern lLP
             Incom.' Fund                                                                                                                                                350 5th Awnue. Suite 7413,
             Medical Melpr8cUce Rates                   MAT V is essentially a limited liability corporation that makes investments in Ilmited liability companies          New York, NY 10118
             Do.....n In I-I.dspit.als That Use         through Interests issued by "MOF Five". C[tigroup has falsified and misrepresented their Private                 Toll Free: 1 888 LAW IN NY
             Electronic Reccrcts
                                                        Placement Memorandum, which essentially lead Investors to invest in this risky fund without knowing                  Phone: 212 267 3700
             New Safety Slal1dards In                   that is was in actuality a risky fund. Mer the credit crunch occurred, the cash positions and net asset
             Effect/or Kld5 Toys
                                                        values of the MAT Five fund has been severely and negatively Impacted. Investors of the MAT five              LOCATIONS
             U.S Dep..1rtrnSI1! of Labor!O              funds had no idea why this had occurred and were left w1th a crucial loss to their investments.
             Aid Louisiana from I-illrricane
                                                                                                                                                                      New York
                                                                                                                                                                      350 5th ,'\venue,
             Malpractice, Attumey                       Our lawyers at Napoli Bern Ripka, llP, have represented an array of clients who have found                    Suite 7413.
             Confronts Major Issues in the              themselves victimized by Investment fraud. We know how to address this Issue and resolve the matter           New York, NY 10118
             Health Care hldustry                       In as little time as possible. Securities and arbitration is a specialty of ours as we employ some of the     3500 Sunrise Highway.
             Ma!practice L8',o.y8l's Identify           most experienced and track record backed lawyers in the stale. We know what a trying lime this can            Suite T·207
             New Occurrer;ce5 Gf Medical                                                                                                                              Great River. NY 11739
                                                        be as we always take an individualized and tailored approach to every single case we take on.
                                                                                                                                                                      New Jersey
             Medical Care More Prone to                                                                                                                               1 Greentree Centre
             Errcr Says Malpractice                     Citigroup has acted unlawfully by misrepresenting and falsely promoting theIr MAT five and MAT                Suite 201
             f\nome~                                    three funds. V\lhat Ciligroup said was safe and secure, was essentially very risky and volatile.              Marlton, NJ 08053
             r,.',e(jical Malprac~ce in NiH\'           Citigroup essentially tried to cover up its client's losses with the credit crunch, however this is not the   Pennsylvania
             Jersey Dea!s With the Real                 case. The mismanagement and the high risk of the fund is what allowed a multitude of clients to see           2 Penn Center. SUite 200
                                                        an incredible amount of losses in their Investments. If you have found yourself In a position where you       Philadelphia, PA 19102
             Medical Ma!practrce In N"w
                                                        Invested in Citlgroup's MAT Vor MAT U and lost a significant amount of money. you may be able to
             Yo~k eegil1,;
                         Ne'.'" Regulat.o!'i
             Standard~_                                 take action against the investment bank.                                                                      VIDEOS
             Medical Maipracuce Long
             I:;tanc Raises Signilicant                                                                                                                               Medical Devices
                                                        Napoli Bern Ripka, llP, has the experience and knowledge necessary to take on these large
             Issues                                                                                                                                                    Nevt York Defec~ve Drugs and
                                                        Institutions. We have a proven track record in the matter as dealings with many other faulty
             Medical Malpractice NYC                                                                                                                                   Medical Oe'JIces lawy'efs
                                                        investment banks, brokers, as well as security and investment fraud. We know that financial worries
             lawyers S!ilfl'.J 00 For                                                                                                                                 Auto Accidents
             Justice                                    can be extremely successful In which we will approach your case with the sensitivity that you deserve
                                                        and the determnation to recover everything that was taken from you in the most efficient manner                New York Auto ACcident Lawyers
             Unsure It yell Ha,>~ Fal!en
             Vic~m tCi 1'I.-ediCill Malpractice         possible. If you had Invested in the MAT Vand lost a significant amount of money because of the               Labor Law
             III rN? Ccnti!1lJO Road'flQ                terms that Ciligroup laid out for you, it Is not your faull. Our Ciligroup MAT Vand MAT II lawyers will
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                                           ViflWAil     be able to stand up for you and gaIn youjuslice.                                                               Accident lav.yers
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