Maine Coon Cat Club Show 2008 by HC120612074645


									Maine Coon Cat Club Show
     Photos of our bumper show –
 courtesy of Sandra Rose, Nick Mays &
              Steve Butters
                   The Venue

The hall, just
after setting up
on Friday night
                Maine Coon Section
                                        Left – Mary Kalal and steward
                                        Stephen Bunce evaluate a very pretty
                                        blue tortie-tabby girl

Right – Shirley Bullock & steward Pat
Parrish get their hands on a brown
tabby & white kitten
                            Left – “No one’s
                            gonna get my dinner
                            with me using it as a

Right - Judge Elaine Culf
examines a huge red
tabby neuter male
               Lovely black & white
               neuter boy,
               Darktower Saxon

Now that’s a
real pair of
lynx tips!
• Mrs Worth was
  just getting over a
  broken ankle but
  did not wish to let
  us down. Some of
  her judging was
  done from a
  wheelchair to
  ease her foot.
• That’s true
  commitment for
Non-Pedigree Section
Candid Camera Shots

                • The
Tania Murray raffled mummy &      Chairman Jacky Edwards – is
baby lion, raising $200 for Big   she about to take over the
Cat Rescue                        karaoke?
• Brucie Butters
  gets all excited
  when he beats
  a challenger
  during his own
  version of ‘Play
  Your Cards
                                   David Hilbert, raffle ticket
                                   extraordinaire, was up to his
                                   usual silver tongued tricks and
                                   made over two hundred and
                                   seventy pounds for the show

Judge Mark Pearman gets an
eyeful – bad boy! Photo courtesy
of Our Cats reporter, Nick Mays
Best in Show
Bets in Show Male Adult
Best in Show
Female Adult
  & Best in
 Show Adult
Best in Show
Male Kitten &
Best in Show
Best in Show Female Kitten
Bets in Show Female Neuter
 And Finally
• Our Best in Show Male Neuter
• Best in Show Neuter
• And Overall Best in Show
 Premier Dotcom Monza and proud
owners, Mr & Mrs Maynard showing
  off their beautiful framed Best in
             Show rosette
  After the show… A show
manager’s work is almost done!
• Thank you for viewing our photos.
• We hope that you enjoyed them as much
  as we enjoyed the day.
• To watch the loop again, do nothing.
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  Club homepage, click here

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