MEETING HELD ON SATURDAY, 13 DECEMBER 2008

The Base Commander, Tom Perrault, called the meeting to order at 1105, 13
December 2008 at American Legion Post 162, Lorton, Virginia.


(Note:  = Holland Club Member;  = New Member;  = Guest)

The Base Commander asked that all in attendance introduce themselves.

The Base Chaplain, Tom Phythian, delivered the Invocation.

The Base Commander read the names of the boats lost in the month of
December. These were:

      USS   F-1                        SS-20               17   December   1917
      USS   S-4                       SS-108               17   December   1928
      USS   SEALION                   SS-195               10   December   1941
      USS   CAPELIN                   SS-289               09   December   1943

The Chief of the Boat led all hands in the Pledge of the Allegiance.

The Base Historian, Mark Riethmeier, has provided a passage on the loss of USS
F-1 (SS-20) on 17 December 1917.

                                MEETING MINUTES

The newsletter containing the minutes from the November 2008 base meeting
will be posted on the Base web site (http://www.ussvinova.org) shortly. A
motion was to accept the October meeting minutes as written. The motion was
seconded and carried.

The Base Secretary, Mark Riethmeier, read the minutes of the EXCOM meeting
that was held 4 December, 2008.

                              COMMITTEE REPORTS

The Base Treasurer, Steve Jaeger, provided the most recent Treasurer’s Report.
Beginning Cash on Hand:                                    $ 1360.37
Receipts:                                                  $ 462.75
Expenditures:                                              $   80.00
Ending Cash on Hand:                                       $ 1743.12

A detailed report is available upon request. Email Steve Jaeger
    Membership Information
   101 Members
       o 16 Holland Club Members (Including 2008 inductee Paul J. Nelson)
       o 4 World War II Members (includes newest member SVWWII trans-
          feree Alvin Anceravage).
       o 54 Life Members
       o 16 Associate Members
       o 6 Life Associate Members

    General Information
   Change to Northern Virginia Base Bylaws to address that associate
     members are allowed to attend all meetings, events and functions. A vote
     for acceptance to this change will be requested at the November meeting.
   Updated Northern Virginia Base patches are available for purchase. The cost
     is $7.00 per patch.
   A drawing for early birds will occur at this meeting.

A motion was made to accept the Treasurer’s Report as written. The motion was
seconded and carried.

                         MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE REPORT

Detailed above.


Not asked to report.

                             WEBMASTER’S REPORT

Not present to report.

                              PUBLIC RELATIONS

Not asked to report.

                                OLD BUSINESS

   Tim Shannon sent emails out to all bases reminding them to send their End
    of Year Financial Reports to him.
   Revisions to the Base Bylaws have been posted on the web.
   NOVA Base patches are available for $7.00 each.
   NAVSEA 07T Challenge coins are for sale by Mark Riethmeier. Coins are
    $10 each. $2 of that will be donated to the base treasury.
                                 NEW BUSINESS

   USSVI Northern Virginia elections have concluded. Election results are as
        o Commander – Ray Stone
        o Vice Commander – Rob Smallbrock
        o Treasurer – Steve Jaeger
        o Secretary – Mark Riethmeier
   Officers will be sworn in during the January meeting.
   The Torsk in Baltimore is listing to port and down at the stern. This may
    only be due to maintenance.
   The Cyber base will be shut down.
   Howard Chatham has a brochure on the San Diego area regarding eating
    establishments. See Howard if interested.
   Ron “Warshot” Smith’s remains will be laid to rest at Arlington March 17th.
    Ray Stone is looking toward the American Legion Post 176 for honoring
    Ron. Our guest speaker David Minyard will check with Ft. Myers.
   Terry Nelson has again volunteered to be the POC for the Sweetheart’s
   Steve Jaeger presented the Base 2009 Budget. A motion was made to
    accept the Treasurer’s Report as written. The motion was seconded and
    carried with one opposed.
   Paul Lyons presented submarine models which he crafted and sells.
   Art Bivens is trying to get Admiral __________________’s speech printed
    in the American Submariner. The magazine did not directly answer our
    letter opposing the promotion of the book “Scorpion Down,” but it was
    addressed in the “Letters to the Editor” section.
   Early Bird winners for 2010 are Jim Bryant for regular membership and
    Arlene Blank for associate membership.

                                 50/50 RAFFLE

The 50/50 raffle was conducted, with $40 going to the winner.

The Base Chaplain, Tom Phythian, delivered the Benediction.

The Base Commander made a motion that the meeting be adjourned. The
motion was seconded and carried, and the meeting was adjourned at 1221.

David Minyard of the Eagle’s Watch Foundation spoke of details of his
organization which in part helps to quickly solve problems facing troops after
returning from overseas.

                            Respectfully Submitted,

                              Mark J. Riethmeier
                          USSVI Northern Virginia Base

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