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Ayam paniki (north sulawesi) by blogikm


									Ayam paniki (north celebes)
Ingredients and seasonings:

  1 chicken cut from the abdomen
  15 pieces of red chilli
  10 pieces of red onion
  4 cloves garlic
  ½ finger of ginger
  ½ turmeric fingers
  1 turmeric leaf
  1 lime leaves
  1 lemon grass leaves
  1 of coconuts for coconut milk
  2 tablespoons cooking oil
  salt to taste

How to make:

  Finely ground seasoning then sauteed in oil.
  All included as well as coconut leaf kentalnya.
  When you have entered the chicken to boil the oil out.
  Chicken baked over charcoal or oven.
  Once cooked longer flush with the rest of arehnya / seasoning.

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