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									                             ORDINANCE NUMBER 173, 2008

               2008 Emergency Management Fund Budget Authorization to Donate a
                      1984 Chevy Rescue Truck to Crawford County

     BE IT ENACTED by the County Council of the County of Erie pursuant to Article II
     Section 3B (1) of the Erie County Home Rule Charter that this Emergency
     Management Fund Budget donation of a 1984 Chevy rescue truck to Crawford
     County is hereby approved as outlined on the attached Exhibit A.

    This ordinance shall be effective immediately upon adoption.

                                                   COUNTY COUNCIL OF THE
                                                   COUNTY OF ERIE, PENNSYLVANIA

     Approved by:


     County Executive

     Da te:   ----Jj~~1:.-~-----------
Exhibit A
2008 Emergency Management Fund Budget
Authorization to Donate a 1984
Chevy Truck

In February of 2004, the County purchase a 1984 chevy rescue truck from Micro Fire Apparatus Company
for $7,145.00. Emergency Management would like to donate the vehicle to Crawford County.
1: Vend List     M: Vend Srch    N: Vend Gen   £: Vend Pmt       R: Vend Tran
A: Sum Doc       B: Doc Srch     D: Doc Hist   !: Trans Hist     J.:   Acct Sum   K: Doc Ctrl

        Index: 563193      User: 056                     Balance Due:                 0.00
    Doc Date: 02/06/04                                   Original Amt:            7145.00
   Vendor 10: V09783                                Total Pmt Amt:                7145.00
Vendor Code: 017067
Vendor Name: MICRO FIRE APPARATUS CO                      Doc Status: PAID
   Master 10: V09783

   Document: IN10721                                      Doc Terms: NET 1 DAY

      Ref Doc:                                       Last Check No: CK005600029795
                                                     Last Pmt Date: 02/19/04

    Doc Desc: 84 CHEV RESCUE TRUCK                  Next Pmt Date: 02/07/04

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 Pasquale, Sue Ellen

 From:    Fugagli, Tracey
 Sent:    Friday, October 17, 2008 12:43 PM
 To:      'bmesaros@ecdops.org'
 Cc:      Pasquale, Sue Ellen; Pasquale, Luigi
 Subject: 1984 truck

  Luigi was asking me about the vehicle you want to donate to Crawford County. This vehicle was
  purchased 02118/04 and has a useful life of 5 years so even though it is a 1984 vehicle it is not fully
  depreciated on our books until 2009. We realize that since it was a 1984 truck that it's useful life
  may be up. We just need a letter in writing from PEMA which can be an email but we need the
  person's name and title saying that it is okay to donate this asset. I realize that you emailed the state
  and they replied but there is no name and title for the person. We just want to make sure we are
  handling things correctly. Different state agencies have different rules when it comes to the disposal
  of assets.
  Thank you for your help,

  Tracey Fugagli
  Assistant Manager of Accounting
  County of Erie
  (814) 451-6346
  Fax (814) 451-6454


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