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					      Marketing Plan

             (Name of Brand)
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                                Executive Summary

Here you will provide a summary of all of your research and conclusions and

recommendations. Since this is a one page (at most) summary of your entire plan, you

write this section at the end after the report has been completed.
Review of Current Brand Situation

Here you will make observations about the current marketing initiatives and strategy being

undertaken by the brand.

1. Review of the overall industry or product category

How is the industry trending? What is the product life cycle currently of this product


Review of the industry or product category overall (i.e. toothpaste category in consumer

health and hygiene products industry)
This particular company or brand history and currently (i.e. how is P&G doing overall and

how is the Aqua Fresh brand doing and also what is the Aqua Fresh brand history - tag

lines, campaigns, ads etc)

Current positioning and competitive review (i.e. What is Aqua Fresh's current positioning

and do a Competitve Analysis of them vs competition)
Buyer analysis (i.e. who is buying Aqua Fresh and why? What is the buying process like

and what factors influence decision making)

Current promotion and advertising programs (i.e. What are the current promotion and

advertising being done by Aqua Fresh - find some examples to include as exhibits)
SWOT analysis (Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats facing Aqua Fresh brand

at the present time)
2. Recommendations

Marketing goals (If we adopt your Marketing Plan, what will we achieve by doing so -

should be measurable like increased sales, profits, or change in positioning or consumer

attitude, etc)

Target markets (Who should be the target markets? Should they be the same as Aqua

Fresh already goes after or should we look elsewhere?)
Promotion objectives and strategy (What are the goals of your promotion

recommendations and what is the integrated promotion strategy you are proposing for

Aqua Fresh?)

Media advertising (Display as exhibits your actual ad creative work and also have Copy

Platforms that explain your ad recommendations clearly)
Media plan (When does each type of ad run and where? Why? What types of patterns

would you recommend and why?)

Measurement and evaluation (how will we measure the success or shortcomings of your

plan at the end of a year? Might be sales results, or consumer surveys and focus groups)
3. References and notes and exhibits etc.

Exhibits should include any executions including print, billboard, radio and TV spots,

coupons and or sales promotion activities

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