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									 United Nations Security Council Counter-Terrorism Committee
Nations Unies Conseil de Sécurité Comité Contre le Terrorisme

                Special meeting of the Counter-Terrorism Committee with
                  international, regional and subregional organizations
                                           Strasbourg, 19-21 April 2011
                        Council of Europe Headquarters, Palais de l’Europe, Strasbourg

                                                 Annotated Agenda

      Tuesday, 19 April 2011

      08:30-09:30       Registration of participants

      09:45-11:30       Opening of special meeting

                        Welcoming addresses by:
                         H. E. Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Chair, Counter-Terrorism Committee
                         H. E. Mr. Thorbjørn Jagland, Secretary General, Council of Europe
                         Mr. Mike Smith, Executive Director, Counter-Terrorism Committee
                          Executive Directorate (CTED)

                        Keynote speakers:
                         H. E. Prof. Dr. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General, Organization of
                          the Islamic Conference
                         H. E. Mr. Muhammad Ben Ali Koman, Secretary General, Arab Interior
                          Ministers Council
                         H. E. Mr. Ertuğrul Apakan, Former Chair, Counter-Terrorism Committee

      11:30-11:45       Break

      11:45-13:00       Plenary Session: Preventing terrorism - regional approaches

                        Speakers will address regional approaches, measures employed and challenges
                        faced in the prevention of terrorism. Participants may consider the specific
                        context in which such measures are delivered and their applicability to different
                        regions and areas, as well as results achieved and lessons learned.

               H. E. Mr. Francisco Caetano Jose Madeira, African Union Chairperson
                Special Representative for Counter-Terrorism Cooperation / Director of the
                African Centre for the Study and Research on Terrorism
               Mr. Gordon Duguid, Executive Secretary, Inter-American Committee against
                Terrorism, Organization of American States
               H. E. Ms. Györgyi Martin Zanathy, Chair, Working Party on Terrorism
                (International Aspects) (COTER), European Union
               Ms. Marta Requena, Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, Council of Europe

              Chair: H. E. Mr. Ertuğrul Apakan, Former Chair, Counter-Terrorism

13:00-15:00   Lunch

15:00-18:00   Working Groups: Session I (see annotations, below)

18:30         Reception hosted by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe at the
              Restaurant of the Palais de l’Europe

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

10:00-13:00   Working Groups: Session II (see annotations, below)

13:00-15:00   Lunch

15:00-18:00   Working Groups: Session III (see annotations, below)

18:00-18:30   Break

18:30         Reception hosted by Turkey

Thursday, 21 April 2011

10:00–11:30   Discussion of Working Groups’ observations

              Working Groups will discuss observations internally and review their
              rapporteurs’ preliminary summaries. Accordingly, rapporteurs will finalize
              reports to be presented at the Plenary.

11:30–11:45   Break

11:45-13:00   Plenary Session: reports by Working Group Rapporteurs

              Rapporteurs will present reports, prepared and discussed by each of the Working
              Groups, at the Plenary.

13:00-15:00   Lunch

15:00-17:00   Plenary Session: discussion of observations

              Participants will discuss the reports presented by the Working Group rapporteurs
              and identify possible ways forward, including follow-up.

              Chair: Mr. Mike Smith, Executive Director, Counter-Terrorism Committee
              Executive Directorate (CTED)

17:00-17:30   Summary and closing remarks

              Summary and closing remarks by H. E. Mr. Hardeep Singh Puri, Chair,
              Counter-Terrorism Committee.

              Closing remarks by Mr. Manuel Lezertua, Jurisconsult, Director, Directorate of
              Legal Advice and Public International Law, Council of Europe

17:30         Close of the meeting

                                   Annotations for Working Group I: Prevention Policies
Session information          Designated roles                         Topics for consideration       Questions for consideration

Session I                    Moderator:                               - Policies aimed at            - What policies, initiatives and
                             - Mr. Andrea Candrian, Committee           prevention of                  programs have been and could be
Prevention of                  of Experts on Terrorism, Council of      radicalization and             employed to prevent radicalization
radicalization and             Europe                                   incitement;                    and incitement of terrorism?
                             Lead Speakers:                           - Countering terrorist         - What counter-narrative thematic
                             - Mr. Mounir Elfassi, League of            narratives;                    arguments could be utilized to
                                Arab States                                                            prevent the incitement of terrorism;
                             - Mr. Ang Sun, United Nations            - Preventing terrorist use       how should such arguments be
                                Security Council, 1267 Committee        and abuse of the Internet.     communicated and who should
                                Monitoring Team                                                        communicate such arguments?
                             - Mr. Abdul Haqq Baker, Expert
                             - Mr. Alex Conte, Expert                                                - How could the terrorist use of the
                                                                                                       Internet to propagate terrorist
                             Rapporteur:                                                               narratives be countered, and what
Date: 19 April 2011          - Mr. Edward Flynn, CTED                                                  are the current challenges,
Time: 15:00                                                                                            initiatives and opportunities in this
Location: Room 1                                                                                       regard?

Session II                   Moderator:                               - Prevention of recruitment    - How could rehabilitation and
                             - Mr. Raphael Perl, Organization           for terrorism;                 educational programmes be best
Prevention of terrorist        For Security and Co-operation In                                        utilized to prevent recruitment for
recruitment                    Europe                                 - Rehabilitation                 terrorism?
                             Lead Speakers:                                                          - What role could international,
                             - Mr. Alberto D’Alessandro, United       - Prison reform as a             regional and subregional
                                Nations Interregional Crime and         preventive tool;               organisations (“IROs”) play in
                                Justice Research Institute                                             supporting the work of these
                             - Ms. Agnès Callamard, Expert            - Educational programmes.        programmes?

                             Rapporteur:                                                             - What role do prisons play in
                             - Mr. Edward Flynn, CTED                                                  recruitment for terrorism and how
                                                                                                       could rehabilitation programmes be
                                                                                                       employed to prevent this?

Date: 20 April 2011                                                                                  - What challenges are faced by
Time: 10:00                                                                                            prison, rehabilitation and
Location: Room 1                                                                                       educational programmes?

Session III                  Moderator:                               Role of:                       - What roles could best be performed
                             - Ms. Gabriella Battaini-Dragoni,        - educational, cultural and      by the private sector and
Prevention through             Directorate General of Education,          religious institutions;      educational, cultural and religious
dialogue and institutional     Culture and Heritage, Youth and        - private sector;                institutions in preventing terrorism
support                        Sport, Council of Europe               - business community             and what challenges could they face
                                                                      in preventing terrorism.         in this regard?
                             Lead Speakers:
                             - Mr. Daanish Masood, United             - Intercultural and inter-     How could IROs support efforts to :
                                Nations Alliance of Civilizations       religious dialogue.          - assist private and educational,
                             - Mr. Mohamed Chtatou, Islamic                                            cultural and religious institutions in
                                Educational Scientific and Cultural                                    their endeavours to prevent
                                Organization                                                           terrorism?
                                                                                                     - facilitate intercultural and inter-
Date: 20 April 2011          Rapporteur:                                                               religious dialogue?
Time: 15:00                  - Mr. Ahmed Seif El-Dawla, CTED                                         - enable greater coordination between
Location: Room 1                                                                                       public and private institutions?

                  Annotations for Working Group II: Comprehensive and Integrated Strategies
Session information         Designated roles                       Topics for consideration      Questions for consideration

Session I                   Moderator:                             - National action             What do IROs believe to be the:
                            - Mr. Vladimir Salov, Committee of       plans/policies;             - main challenges faced by States
National framework for        Experts on Terrorism, Council of                                     when implementing national plans,
comprehensive and             Europe                               - National coordination;        polices and strategies?
integrated strategies and                                                                        - required elements for effective
interagency coordination    Lead Speakers:                         - Implementation of             implementation of a national action
                            - Mr. Pedrag Vujicic, Regional           national strategies.          plan?
                               Cooperation Council                                               - relationships existing between
                                                                                                   global and national strategies?
                            Rapporteur:                                                          - role which regional and sub-
                            - Mr. Zeeshan Amin, Counter-                                           regional strategies could play in
                              Terrorism Implementation Task                                        preventing terrorism
                                                                                                 - How could IROs further contribute
Date: 19 April 2011                                                                                to the formulation, coordination and
Time: 15:00                                                                                        implementation of national plans,
Location: Room 2                                                                                   policies and strategies?

Session II                  Moderator:                             - Role of media (including    - What roles could best be performed
                            - Mr. Iain Cameron, Representative       social networking) in         by the media in preventing
Communication in the          of the Secretariat of the Enlarged     countering terrorist          terrorism?
prevention of terrorism       Agreement on Democracy through         narratives;
                              Law (“Venice Commission”)                                          - How could IROs and States best
                                                                   - Promoting public              take advantage of social networking
                            Lead Speakers:                           awareness;                    and user generated content to
                            - Mr. Peter Knoope, Expert                                             prevent terrorism?
                            - Ms. Edit Schlaffer, Expert           - Role of victims of
                                                                     terrorism and survivor      - How could IROs best support
                            Rapporteur:                              networks.                     victims of terrorism and survivor
                            - Mr. Syed Haider Shah, CTED                                           networks in their endeavours?

Date: 20 April 2011                                                                              - What roles could best be performed
Time: 10:00                                                                                        by victims of terrorism and survivor
Location: Room 2                                                                                   networks in preventing terrorism?

Session III                 Moderator:                             - Common and specific         - What common and specific
                            - Mr. Joël Sollier, International        challenges in prevention;     challenges are faced in the
International                 Criminal Police Organization                                         prevention of terrorism by IROs and
organizations and                                                  - Evaluation and impact         by States?
prevention of terrorism     Lead Speakers:                           assessment;
                            - Mr. Martin Scheinin, Special                                       - What frameworks and models could
                               Rapporteur on the Promotion and     - Enhancing human rights        be employed in order to aid
                               Protection of Human Rights and        while countering              evaluation and assessment?
                               Fundamental Freedoms while            terrorism.
                               Countering Terrorism                                              - In which areas are IROs most suited
                            - Mr. Nikolaus Schultz, The Office                                     to add value to the prevention of
                               of the High Commissioner for                                        terrorism?
                               Human Rights
                            - Ms. Marina Narvaez, Office for                                     - How could human rights be
                               Democratic Institutions and Human                                   enhanced whilst considering
                               Rights, OSCE                                                        prevention and how could IROs
Date: 20 April 2011                                                                                further contribute in this regard?
Time: 15:00                 Rapporteur:
Location: Room 2            - Mr. Syed Haider Shah, CTED

                                    Annotations for Working Group III:
                Role of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in preventing terrorism
Session information         Designated roles                       Topics for consideration       Questions for consideration

Session I                   Moderator:                             - Role of law enforcement      - How could IROs further support the
                            - Mr. Peter Kosters, EUROPOL,            agencies;                      work of national law enforcement
Identification, analysis      European Union                                                        agencies?
and information-sharing                                            - Community policing as a
                            Lead Speakers:                           preventive tool;             - How could community policing be
                            - Mr. Gerhard Kreutzer,                                                 used as a preventative tool and what
                               International Criminal Police       - Interagency information        are the associated challenges faced?
                               Organization                          exchange and early-
                            - Mr. Corneliu Dragne, Southeast         warning arrangements;        - What emerging innovations are
                               European Cooperative Initiative                                      making a contribution to the
                            - Mr. Anton Travner, Police            - Emerging innovations           prevention of terrorism and what
                               Cooperation Convention for            relating to prevention.        support is needed to accelerate
                               Southeast Europe                                                     progress in this regard?
Date: 19 April 2011
Time: 15:00                 Rapporteur:
Location: Room 3            - Ms. Elizabeth Joyce, CTED

Session II                  Moderator:                             - Criminalization and          - What challenges are faced in the
                            - Ms. Cecilia Ruthström-Ruin,            prosecution of incitement      criminalisation and prosecution of
Criminalization and           United Nations Office on Drugs and     and recruitment to             incitement and recruitment to
prosecution of offences       Crime                                  terrorism;                     terrorism and how could IROs assist
                                                                                                    States in overcoming these
                            Lead Speakers:                         - Ancillary offences;            challenges?
                            - Ms. Michele Coninsx,
                               EUROJUST, European Union            - Respect for human rights     - What safeguards are most important
                            - Mr. Aaron Bugeja, Committee of         and fundamental freedoms       and what challenges are faced when
                               Experts on Terrorism, Council of      in criminalization and         considering the need for respect for
                               Europe                                prosecution;                   human rights and fundamental
                            - Mr. Richard Barno,                                                    freedoms in criminalisation and
                               Intergovernmental Authority on      - Training programmes for        prosecution?
                               Development Capacity Building         law enforcement and
                               Program Against Terrorism             judiciary.                   - How could training programmes for
Date: 20 April 2011                                                                                 law enforcement and judiciary be
Time: 10:00                 Rapporteur:                                                             made more effective and how could
Location: Room 3            - Mr. David Scharia, CTED                                               IROs assist in this regard?

Session III                 Moderator:                             - Prevention instruments       - How could international
                            - Mr. Mike Smith, CTED                   and tools;                     cooperation and the exchange of
Prevention through                                                                                  information be enhanced to support
bilateral, regional and     Lead speakers:                         - Strengthening                  the prevention of terrorism; and
international cooperation   - Mr. Alistair Millar, Expert            international cooperation;     how could IROs support States’
                            - Mr. Nikolay Sokolov, Anti-                                            efforts in this regard?
                               Terrorism Centre, Commonwealth      - Information exchange and
                               of Independent States                 early-warning systems.       - What, if any, prevention
                            - Ms. Niagalé Bagayoko,                                                 instruments and tools should or
                               International Organisation of La                                     could be developed to support the
                               Francophonie                                                         prevention of terrorism? What gaps,
                                                                                                    if any, exist in this regard?
                            - Ms. Albina Ovcearenco, Counter-                                     - How could the effectiveness and
                              Terrorism Task Force, Council of                                      use of early-warning systems assist
Date: 20 April 2011           Europe                                                                in the prevention of terrorism and
Time: 15:00                                                                                         how could they be further utilized
Location: Room 3                                                                                    in this regard?


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