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Year Roller Shoes


									                  Somerford Primary Community School & Nursery
                                Draper Road, Christchurch, Dorset BH23 3AS
                                   Tel: (01202) 485436 Fax: 01202 482359
                                          Headteacher: Neil Tarchetti

Monday 16th April 2012

Dear Parents/Carers

We can’t believe we are now in the final term of the school year. Time has flown by!
We would like to thank you for all your continued support, particularly with the
fantastic quality of projects that children have been proud to share with each other.
We continue to be extremely pleased with the children’s hard work and good
behaviour in class. As ever, please do not hesitate to come in (after school) if you
have a problem or query that you would like to discuss. We are always happy to see

This half-term we will be learning about the coast. As we live in such an ideal location,
we are hoping to make the most of our surroundings (weather permitting!). Year 4 will
be enriching their coastal learning at Leeson House and whilst Year 4 are away, Year 5
will be visiting Hengistbury Head. Our Home Learning project will be based on the
Jurassic coast this term and we will be sending out a separate letter in due course.

On Tuesday 24th April, there will be a Leeson House Parents meeting at 3.30pm in
Coral classroom. Please ensure that you attend this meeting as we will be giving out
lots of information and there will also be an opportunity to ask questions.

Another change to our routine this half term is that we will be swimming every
Thursday. Please ensure that your child has their swimming costume / trunks and a
towel in a bag EVERY week.
We are all looking forward to a busy but exciting term ahead!

Many thanks

Mrs J Hudson, Miss L Cox, Mrs C Cook & Mrs E Whitehead

Essential School Equipment
The children in Year 4 and 5 are in Key Stage 2 and as such are expected to be more
responsible for their own learning.
One way of doing this is for the children to make sure they have their own equipment,
as they will be expected to at Secondary School.
Children should have a named pencil case containing the following items:

                              Pen – Blue ink (roller ball or cartridge pen – not biro)
                              Pencil – HB
                              Pencil Sharpener
                              Rubber
                              30cm ruler
                              Coloured pencils
                              Glue stick

Currently, a lot of learning time is lost with children not having a pencil to write with
at the start of lessons so we would very much appreciate it if children could at least
bring their own pencil to school every day.

PE and Games Kit
 Children should be wearing a plain T-shirt and a pair of dark (blue or black), plain
  shorts/tracksuit bottoms for these lessons. The children will still have games
  outside in cold weather so it is advisable to send a tracksuit top in for the Games
  lessons as well. As the weather becomes warmer, the children may wish to wear a
  sun hat outside and bring an extra drink.
 Games is on TUESDAY afternoons.
 SWIMMING is on Thursdays

Other important reminders
 Children are not allowed to bring mobile phones into school.
 Jewellery is not allowed except for plain stud earrings which must be removed for
  PE / Games.
 Children should wear suitable, flat shoes for school. Trainers should only be worn
  for PE / Games lessons.
 Children should not come to school wearing make-up.
                                   THE CORE CURRICULUM
                      OUR CURRICULUM                   HOW YOU CAN HELP?
This half term the children will continue to develop their spelling       Ensure that your child is reading
strategies and reading comprehension.                                      every night (see homework section).
They will be given opportunities to take part in drama productions        Encourage your child to use joined
and give presentations in class and school assemblies.                     cursive handwriting in any written
We will be working on persuasive texts and looking at Novels &             work that they complete at home.
Stories by significant authors.                                           Talk as much as possible with your
                                                                           child about their experiences in and
                                                                           out of school.
                                                                          Ensure homework is completed.
This half-term we are working on the Numeracy Framework Units:            Ensure your children are practising
                                                                           their rapid recall of the
(A.3) Counting, partitioning and calculating.                              multiplication tables to 10 x 10.
(B.3) Securing number facts and understanding shape.                      Talk about maths and numbers in
(C.3) Handling data and measures.                                          everyday contexts e.g. shopping,
(D.3) Calculating, measuring and understanding shape.                      paying bills etc.
(E.3) Securing number facts, relationships and calculating.               Use educational sites on the
                                                                           internet e.g.
                                                                           to practise areas of learning we are
                                                                           covering in school and Mathletics.
                                                                          Ensure homework is completed.
This half-term we are studying the topic:                                 Research the topic using computers
- Gases Around Us                                                          and books (at home or in the local
Through this unit children learn that gases are material and can be       Watch any related programmes on
distinguished from solids and liquids by their properties. They also       the television.
learn about the uses of some important gases and where gases are          Research the answer to the topic
found.                                                                     question of the week set for
Experimental and investigative work focuses on:
 making observations
 Answering hypotheses (Does air have weight?)
 drawing conclusions.
Please help your child with this important discipline of completing set tasks at home. Set aside a regular
homework time away from the TV to establish the routine of homework.
The following tasks are expected to be completed weekly in addition to the Literacy and Numeracy homework
tasks in their homework books:

   Times Tables               - practise rapid recall of the tables for 5 minutes every night.
   Reading                    – 5-10 minutes every night
   Writing                    - TALK HOMEWORK once a week to be completed for the following day.
   Words to learn             - four activities per week.
                                        FOUNDATION SUBJECTS
GEOGRAPHY                              RE                                     ART / DT
The                                    This half term we will be thinking     This half term we will relate all
children will                          about how Jesus’ followers put his     our art work to our topic. We are
be learning                            teachings into practise. We will be    hoping to create sand sculptures
about                                  discussing important Christian         on the beach and also sketch.
coasts. We will be thinking about      people such as Mother Teresa,
all the different ways that we use     Martin Luther-King and St Paul.
the coast, such as industry,           We will also be exploring the role
tourism and power. We will also be     of modern day Christian charities.
considering why and how caves,
cliffs and other coastal features
are formed.

MUSIC                                  GAMES / PE                             SEAL / PSHCE / CIRCLE TIME
We will continue to have music         In games this term we will be          We are continuing to follow the
lessons led by Graeme Thew, the        refining our tennis skills. We will    new national PSCHE framework
music services teacher. This half-     be working in pairs and individually   “Social and Emotional Aspects of
term the will be composing their       to develop accuracy and precision.     Learning”. Our units of work for
own music using a combination of                                              this term are:
tuned and unturned percussion                                                      Relationships
instruments.                                                                       Changes
                                                                              The units are taught through
                                                                              assemblies and circle time as well
                                       We will be swimming this term;         as discrete
                                       every Thursday. The children will      lessons.
                                       swim in ability groups and be
                                       taught by specialist swimming

In ICT the children will be                                       DON’T FORGET!
working in groups to continue
their news presentations. They                                     Words to learn
will consider how to present
their reports in an eye-catching     Every Friday your child will bring home a sheet of a set of spelling words
way that will attract an             to learn at home. These words will be linked to the current spelling rule
audience.                            your child is learning. On the back of the sheet, there are 9 possible
                                     activities for you and your child to work together on in an interactive way.
                                     If your child completes 4 of these activities they will earn a star point!
                                     Colour in the activity when you have attempted it.

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