AstraZeneca/CUOG Award by yrdB8k


									                                                               Genitourinary Oncology Awards in Canada

                                                                                          CUA/CUOG/Abbott                   Abbott/CARO Uro-
                        AstraZeneca/CUOG              CUA/CUOG/Bayer Kidney                                                                                  CAMO/CIHR/Rx&D Research
                                                                                          Laboratories Prostate          oncologic Radiation Award
                              Award                   Cancer Fellowship Award                                                                                   Fellowship Award
                                                                                         Cancer Research Grant                   (ACURA)
 Who:               Current resident or fellow in a   Person in a qualified Canadian   Urologist and CUA member.         Principal investigator must be a   Final year of training for Medical
                    Canadian Urology, Radiation       post-residency fellowship                                          CARO member in Canada.             Oncology.
                    Oncology or Oncology Program      position.                                                                                             CAMO associate member.
                    who wishes to actively pursue     For salary support.
                    prostate cancer research.
 What:              Prostate cancer.                  Kidney cancer.                   Prostate cancer.                  Prostate cancer.                   Additional clinical or basic science
                    Original previously               To provide salary support to     Clinical and non-clinical         Clinical or non-clinical.          research experience.
                    unpublished; pilot project;       help train, retain and recruit   projects.                         Funds may be distributed to a
                    formulation grant.                highly qualified urologic-                                         single or number of projects.
                    This award is not meant to        oncologists to Canada.
                    supplement a more major grant.
 Sponsor:           Needs sponsorship of active       Needs sponsorship of active
                    CUOG member.                      CUA or CUOG member.
 Amount:            $10,000 – 1st prize.              2 awards of $40,000 for 1 year   $10,000, - 35,000 grant.          $200,000 to be distributed.        $70,000 per year.
                    $5,000 – 2nd prize.               (a second year may be                                                                                 Renewable for a maximum term of 1
                    Magnitude of project should       considered for superior                                                                               year.
                    match the size of the award.      candidates).
                    Funds will be administered by     Funds will be administered by
                    sponsor/supervisor.               sponsor/supervisor.
 Application:       General outline.                  Online at           Submit online at     Online at         Information at
                    Not to exceed 2 typewritten       General outline of proposed      as per the template (project      (ACURA 2008 Program).              Application form as per CIHR general
                    pages.                            fellowship and project.          proposal maximum 3 pages,         Clear statement of any other       grants and awards policies (link on
                    Proposed budget must be           Not to exceed 3 typewritten      plus budget).                     agencies the proposal has been     CAMO website).
                    included.                         pages (plus references and       One submission per applicant.     sent to.
                    Current CV.                       figures).                                                          Conference/travel support
                                                      Current CV of applicant and                                        limited to $1,000.
 Deadline:          May 15.                           May 15                           May 15.                           January 6.                         October 1.
 Award Date:        At CUOG AGM in June.              At CUOG AGM in June.             At CUOG AGM in June.                                                 April 30.
                                                      Funds awarded btw Sep1-Dec31     Funds awarded Sept 1.
 Requirement:       Summary of work 12 months                                          Progress report 6 months later.   Progress report 12 months later.
                    later.                                                             Present findings at CUA           Present findings at CARO
                                                                                       meeting first.                    meeting first.

 Submit To:                                           CUA central office and CUOG      CUA central office and CUOG       Online to CARO Head Office.        CAMO/CIHR/Rx&D Research
                                                      office:                          office:                                                              Fellowship Program
                                                                                            Research Translation Programs Branch
                                                                                              Canadian Institutes of Health Research
                                                                                                                                                            Room 97, 160 Elgin St.
                                                                                                                                                            Addressor Locator: 4809A
                                                                                                                                                            Ottawa, ON, K1A 0W9

February 14, 2008

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