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									Radiation Safety Training
 Rights and Regulations.

    Washington State University
      Radiation Safety Office
            Course Objectives
 Provide information on your rights and responsibilities
  as a radiation worker at WSU.

 Meet the requirements of the Washington Administrative
  Code, WAC 246-222-030, "Instructions to Workers."
Who are the Authorized Users ?
   Also known as the AU.
       They are permanent employees
       (faculty, classified staff, or
       administrative/professional) who have
       been authorized by the Radiation Safety
       Committee (RSC) to conduct or direct a
       research or teaching project utilizing
       radioactive material or radiation
       producing equipment. This is generally
       the P.I.
        What are the authorized users
              responsibilities ?
 Ensuring that individuals in his or her work group who work
  with radioactive materials or radiation machines attend
  appropriate WSU radiation safety courses.

 Ensuring that each individual in his or
  her work group who may be
  occupationally exposed to radiation
  completes an application for a personal
  monitoring device, as appropriate.

 Ensuring that all bioassays (thyroid
  scans and urine assays) required by
  regulations are performed in a timely
           What else are Authorized User’s
                  responsible for?
 Performing the surveys specified by the Radiation Safety
 Office for all radiation laboratories under his or her control
 and maintaining records of survey results.

  Restricting radiation levels and contamination levels in the
  laboratories under his or her control to the prescribed limits.

 Decontaminating laboratory areas under his or her
 control found to have excessive contamination levels, as
 determined by the Radiation Safety Office (RSO), and
 meeting follow-up reporting requirements.

 The RSO provides advice and assistance as required.
        But wait, there’s more that the
       Authorized user is responsible for.

 They must Monitor and supervise individuals under
 his or her control for compliance with radiation
 responsibilities and provide laboratory-specific

 They must also Maintain security of radioactive
 materials or radiation machines under his or her
 control or possession.
 If you are an individual likely to receive in a year
  an occupational dose in excess of 1 mSv (100
  mrem): who works with sources of ionizing
  radiation under the supervision of an
  Authorized User.
 Then you are an occupational radiation worker.
     What are your responsibilities as an
      occupational radiation worker?
 Keeping your occupational exposure to radiation
  As Low As Reasonably Achievable. ALARA

 Appropriately wearing a personnel monitoring
  device at all times while engaged in activities
  which expose the individual to radiation.

 Wearing appropriate attire for
  the tasks performed.
                   You Must Also.
 Follow all radiation safety rules and regulations promulgated by
  WSU, including those contained in Chapter S90 of the Safety
  Policies and Procedures Manual and in the Radiation Protection
  Program Manual that is available on the RSO web-site.

            Yes! There’s more.
 You must Report all radioactive material spills,
 radiation exposure accidents, and unsafe working
 conditions to your supervisor and prepare a written
 report of each incident for submittal to the Radiation
 Safety Office.

 You should refer questions on radiation safety to your
 supervisor or to the Radiation Safety Office.
         Individual Workers Also Have Rights !
 Any worker or representative of workers who believes that a
  violation of the regulations, license conditions, or unnecessary
  exposure to radiation exists or occurred, may request an inspection
  by the Washington State Department of Health by oral or written
  notification. The notification shall set forth
  specific grounds for the complaint. Any
  such notification to the department is
            And even more rights !

 You have the right to notify the Washington State Department
  of Health if you suspect improper actions by the University, or
  conditions which may lead to a violation of the regulations, the
  license, or unnecessary exposure to radiation or radioactive
         And you also have protections.
 Employment discrimination by the University against an
 employee because of such action is prohibited.

   In other words. If you report a violation or unsafe
   condition, the university can take no action against you.
   This is whistle blower protection.
In each laboratory that is
authorized for radioactive
materials use, you will find
this form (RHF-3) posted.

This form gives the contact
information for the
Washington state Department
of Health. It also list some of
your and some of the
employer's responsibilities.
   If your are issued a radiation badge,
you will receive an annual exposure report
            like the one below.
   Laboratory Safety Training
In addition to completing the appropriate radiation
safety course, each prospective radiation worker must
receive safety training specifically for the laboratory
areas where work will be performed.
  Laboratory Safety Training
                Each AU (Authorized User) must
                instruct all individuals who work with
                 radioactive material under his/her
                 supervision, on specific radiation
                 safety requirements for the
  laboratory(s) in which they will be working.
  Instruction must take place before the individual
begins work with radioactive material. The AU shall
maintain a record of this training.
      Signs, signs everywhere signs!
This sign is posted on
all laboratories that are
authorized for
radioactive materials
                FOOD and DRINK
 NO eating, drinking, smoking, or chewing in Laboratories posted
  for radioactive materials use.(Internal contamination)
 Do not store food, drink or personal effects in any area, container,
  or refrigerator designated for radioactive materials use or storage.
  Required by WAC 246-235-130

                    The presence of empty food and drink
                    containers will constitute a violation of
                    regulations, since it will be inferred that
                    consumption occurred on the premises.
      Release of Equipment For Repair or Surplus.
    Authorized users must decontaminate and survey each item of
    University equipment which has contained or may have been
    contaminated with radioactive materials prior to disposition.

    The Radiation Safety Office (RSO) performs a property release
    survey prior to the transfer of such equipment to Surplus Stores
    or other release for unrestricted use.

    After completing satisfactory radiation surveys, Radiation
    Safety Office personnel will remove all radioactive
    materials labels or stickers.

 (Non-RSO personnel shall not remove radioactive
    materials labels.)
                   Test Time!
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 Click on the training tab.
 Then click on the available training tab
 Find the radiation regulations course, in the OR
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