Welcome to the Physics Labs by jennyyingdi


									Welcome to the Physics Labs
       Physics 1 Regular
Session Supervisor:

   Lab Manual
  (white cover)

available from the
 Co-op Bookshop

   around $10
• To be completed by May 4
• Save an electronic copy of the Certificate of Completion
• Print out a copy to bring to the Week 3 Lab session in Week 3
• You only need to do it once; you can use the saved copy as proof for
other departments
• Attach a copy of the certificate to the inside back cover of your Lab
Team Logbook
• Your supervisor will look at your Logbook at the end of Week 3, initial
your certificate, and record a mark for it
       Introduction to the REG lab
Three main components:
      Excel Exercise on Data Analysis
       (this session).
      Seven Laboratory Experiments
      (Collisions, Liquid Flow (2 weeks),
      Terminal Velocity, Ultra-sound, Lenses,
      Laboratory Skills Test and Practice
       Exam (Week 12)
     Session Schedule (first 4 weeks)
 Preparatory Work – handed in before the
  session starts (0, ½, 1 marks).

 3 check-points for each lab class
  (1 mark each).
(From Lab. Manual Intro.)

1.4.6 How to prepare for each session
 Each session requires some preparation before you come to the

 Read the session notes in the Lab Manual.
 Read the appropriate sections of your textbook, Young and Freedman.
 Download the session preparatory exercises from eLearning/WebCT.

 Do the session preparatory exercises BEFORE coming to the lab.

 Place your exercises in the collection box AS YOU ENTER THE LAB.

REMEMBER: If it’s not in the box in will not be marked!
Typical Prework page:

     You MUST fill in:
            your NAME,

                 your SESSION   your TEAM
Marking scheme for preparatory work

  Not in box at collection time (10:10 am or 2:10 pm) = 0 marks

  Submitted, but without a reasonable attempt
 at the questions = 0 marks

  Reasonable attempt at questions = ½ mark

  Reasonable attempt, with most answers correct = 1 mark
     PHYS1001 Regular

 Assessment Components

Laboratory               20%
Laboratory Skills Test   5%
Practice Exam            3%
Assignments              10%
Workshops                2%
Final Exam               60%
         Health and Safety #1
• Closed-toe shoes MUST be worn (= no
  thongs or sandals).

• You may NOT eat, drink or smoke in the

• Unauthorised tampering with computer
  hardware or software is not permitted. Do not
  download or execute (double click) *.exe files.
         Health and Safety #2

• Safe handling practices must be observed.

• Liquid spills must be reported to laboratory
  staff immediately

• Faulty equipment must be reported to
  Teaching or Laboratory staff immediately.
         Health and Safety, #3
• Mercury is contained in some equipment e.g.

• Lasers: Do not look directly into a laser beam
  or point lasers at other people.

• Radioactive sources: Don’t use unprotected
                  Fire Safety
• If there is a Fire in the Carslaw building a
  warning will sound ordering evacuation of the
• Follow the Exit signs out of the lab and down
  the central stairwell (do not use the lifts), or
  the Fire Escape between Labs 401 and 402.

• Go to the open area in front of the Madsen
  building, across the road (Eastern Avenue)
  from the Carslaw building.
                   Today’s Lab
• Intro to REG Lab
• Lab Teams & LabRAT registration
• Excel Exercise

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