Sri Lankan National Anthem by virajsathyapala


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									The National Anthem

Many of would believe that the National Anthem of Sri Lanka was born with the gaining
of Independence from the British on 4th February 1948.

The national Anthem was accepted officially in the year 1951 and on 24th June 1954,
cabinet purchased the copyright of the song from its composer, Ananda Samarakoon.
From the year 1956, there arose a campaign to modify the commencing words “Namo
Namo Matha”. The government which came to power in 1960 appointed a special
committee to look into this matter and as a result of it the commencing words was
changed to “Sri Lanka Matha” in February 1961.

The following is the National Anthem of Sri Lanka.

       Sri Lanka ma tha – apa Sri..… lanka namo namo namo namo matha
       Sundara siri barini – suradi athi shobamana Lanka
       Dhanya dhanaya neka – mal palathuri piri jaya bhumiya ramya
       Apa hata sapa siri setha sadana – jeevanaye matha
       Piliganumana apa bakthi puja – namo namo matha

       Apa hata sepa siri setah sadana – jeevanaye matha
       Piliganumana apa bakthi puja – namo namo matha

       Oba ve apa vidya – oba maya apa sathya
       Oba ve apa shakthi – apa hada thula bakthi
       Oba apa aloke – apage anu prane
       Oba apa jeevana ve – apa mukthiya oba ve

       Nava jeevaba demine – nithina apa pubudu karan matha
       Gnana weerya wadawamina – ragena yanu mena jaya bhumi kara

       Eka mawakage daru kela bavina – yamu yamu we nopama
       Prema wada sama bheda duradala – namo namo matha
       Apa Sri ….. Lanka – namo namo namo namo matha

Below the summarized possible English translation maintaining the original
meaning of the National Anthem

       Let us worship the beautiful Mother lanka
       Pregnant with grain, flowers and fruits
       All thank thou for all the blessings
       You are our Knowledge,
       You are our Truth, you are our Energy,
       You are our Light,
       You are our way of Light,
       You are our Emancipation,
       Giving us new lease of life every day,
       Mother, you awaken us,
       Lead us to victory by developing and giving us knowledge and strength,

       March unhesitatingly forward
       Like children of one Mother,
       Forget all differences and
       Develop Love and Kindness.

The National Anthem has been included in chapter I, section 07 of the Republican
constitution of 1978 and its words and music score appears in the third schedule.

Accordingly, it is completely forbidden to change, modify, cut off or effect any other
changes to the words. Moreover, it is also forbidden to change the Music score, Rhythm
and style. This could be done only with the 2/3 majority vote in parliament.

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