The National Bird of Sri Lanka

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					The National Bird of Sri Lanka

English name: Jungle Fowl
Sinhala name : Walikukula
Scientific name : Gullus Lafayetti

The jungle Fowl has been named, as the National Bird of Sri Lanka. This bird is rather
small than the Fowl domesticated.

Normally, jungle Fowl is spread throughout the Island, but seen frequently in the dry
zone forests of Yala and Wilpattu.

Normally likes to live isolated, however, now and then frequents the villages searching
for food. Anyway, it likes to be away from human beings and also evades coming into
open space.

It attracts the attention due to the beautiful colour pattern. The aura of colours, such as
golden yellow, brown, black blue mixed with red stripes; add eye appealing beauty to this

The main meals are grains, small fruits and insects. From dawn till couples of hours after
the sun arise you could hear the sound of the Jungle Fowl.

The nest of it is little above the ground. Leaves, dried tree trunks, bushes and flat rock
beds with bushed are the places where nests are made.

Out of 20 indigenous birds in Sri Lanka, Jungle Fowl is a beautiful and an important bird,
and a postage stamp was also issued to honour of this bird.