The National Flower of Sri lanka

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					The National Flower of Sri lanka

English name: water Lily
Sinhala name: Manel ( Nil Manel)

The flower “Manel” was accepted as the National Flower of Sri Lanka on 4th March
1988. The “Water Lily” has been known in Sri Lanka since early times.

There are several reasons why the Manel flower was selected as the National flower.

In the 5th century A.D. king Kashyapa who built Sigiriya depicted the beautiful maidens
taking Water Lily in their hands going to worship in a nearby temple.

Accordingly, this flower had a close connection with the culture of this country. It has
received much attention at times of Royal celebrations.

The plant grows in shallow water bodies, rooted to the substratum and is well distributed
in all parts of the country.

The flower is a beautiful Blush-Purple and rises out of the water on a single stem. It is
considered as an emblem of purity and truth, the flower is symmetrically perfect and has
a subtle perfume.

This is found in plenty in shallow lakes and tanks in the dry zones. In the early stages it
takes the white colour and after maturity becomes light blue.

The colour changes according to the soil and acidity of the soil in tanks. The accepted
flower as the National Flower is light blue as well as purple.

However the majority of these are purple colour.