The National Flag of Sri Lanka by virajsathyapala


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									The National Flag of Sri Lanka

The National Flag has a noble spirit of uniting a country and a Nation. This fact is amply
demonstrated if you examine the history of the national flag of Sri Lanka.

The Flag depicting the lion was used as the Royal Flag of the Sinhalese from time
immemorial. This Lion Flag symbolized the sovereignty and the independence of this
country which radiated. The wisdom, fearlessness, power and discipline of the Sinhala

On 13th February 1950, Flag Committee decided to accept the National Flag which
depicted Lion used by the Sinhala kings on a Red Background, representing the two
minorities, Tamils and Muslims, Saffron and Green colours respectively, using, two
stripes, Lion looking at these two stripes.

The breadth of each of these stripes to be 1/7 of the total length of the Flag. This
measurement also to be taken excluding the outer edge of the vertical Yellow stripe,
which is outside the Green stripe these two stripes to be 1:1:5 proportion of the whole
flag there should be a Yellow stripe running right round the Flag. The length and breadth
of the Flag to be in proportion 1:2. ie. if the length is 2 feet the breadth to be 1 foot.

Regulations, How to use the National Flag :
(To misuse bringing disrepute to the Flag is completely forbidden).

      To trample, Torn, Burn, Distort, wrap around the body, Crush wear near on the
       Heed if forbidden.
      National Flag when hoisted to be allowed to move freely. Should not hoist, the
       Lion up side down. Four corners not to be nailed on to a wall.
      To be used in all National and Official functions. Except in a day of mourning it
       should not be at half mast.
      National Flag to be made according to the size and standard as recommended by
       the flag committee. Its colours should not be changed. Colours are as follows
       Lion on a Red background, outer stripe to be Yellow, the two stripes facing the
       Lion to be Saffron and Green.

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