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									                                                                             Request for Proposal: R-1175
                                              Class Item: 91842, 92517, 92544, 92555, 92567, 92570, 92588
                                                                     Date Advertised: November 25, 2002

Proposal Deadline: 3:00 p.m., December 16, 2002, at the Office of Purchasing Services

                                     REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS

The City of Aurora, Colorado is seeking technical proposals from qualified firms to provide job order
engineering services for the City of Aurora. It is the City’s intent to award two (2) separate contracts to
two (2) Consultants.

Five (5) copies of the technical proposals will be required. Unpriced technical proposals will be accepted at
the Office of Purchasing Services, 1470 South Havana Street, Suite 324, Aurora, Colorado 80012, until 3:00
p.m., December 16, 2002.

Proposals shall consist of:

                                 Job Order Engineering Services
For the period covered: Date of award up to thirty-six (36) months

Pre-Proposal Conference:
A pre-proposal conference is scheduled for Tuesday, December 10, 2002, at 9:00 a.m. at the City Municipal
Building, 1470 South Havana Street, Conference Room 3C. The purpose of the pre-proposal conference is
to provide assistance to prospective offerors in the interpretation of the Request for Proposals, Statement of
Work, Sample Contract, and other technical and contractual matters. Attendance at the pre-proposal
conference is not mandatory, but is highly recommended.

Specific requirements for this study are contained in the attached Scope of Services.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

A TENTATIVE SCHEDULE of key dates for this solicitation have been established as follows:

         November 25, 2002                       Advertise RFP
         December 10, 2002                       Pre-proposal conference at 9:00 a.m.
         December 16, 2002                       Technical Proposals due by 3:00 p.m.
         December 23, 2002                       Notification to shortlisted firms
         January 3, 2003                         Additional information due
         January 8, 2003                         Interviews with shortlisted firms
         January 15, 2003                        Notification of top ranked firms
         January 20, 2003                        Price proposals due
         January 23, 2003                        Negotiations with top ranked firms
         January 29, 2003                        Recommendation to Purchasing
         February 24, 2003                       Council approval
         March 15, 2003                          Award actions complete
         April 17, 2003                          Estimated start

The Request for Proposals is being solicited under a multi-step procurement procedure. The first step
requires all firms to submit UNPRICED technical proposals addressing only those items cited in Section II,
Technical Proposal Submittal and Evaluation, of this Request for Proposals. Proposals will be
evaluated and ranked based on the evaluation criteria outlined in Section II, Technical Proposal Submittal
and Evaluation, to select a short list of consultants for further evaluation. Only those firms who are
placed on the short list on the basis of the evaluation criteria will be considered during the second phase.

During the second phase, the short list of firms will be asked to submit additional information and the
selection committee may interview the shortlisted firms. During the third phase, the firms ranked the
highest by the evaluation committee on the basis of the technical proposal, additional information, and
interview shall be solicited for a priced proposal, which shall be subject to negotiation. If a tentative
agreement is reached with the top ranked firm, the staff’s recommendation will be sent to Council for
approval. Council approval may be subject to successful negotiation of a final contract. In that event, the
City and consultant then negotiate the details of the final contract, Council approval of the award is
obtained, the contract is signed, and work may begin. Should the City be unable to reach agreement with
the top ranked consultant, negotiations will commence with the second ranked firm. This process will
continue until a satisfactory contract is negotiated, or the City exercises its right to reject all proposals.

Proposals will be considered only from firms or individuals that are firmly established in an appropriate
business, who are financially responsible, and who have the resources and ability to offer services in a
professional and expedient manner. The City may request additional information as deemed necessary.
Failure to provide such information may result in the proposal being considered non-responsive.

The term of the contract to be from the date of award through the firm price period, and upon the
expiration of said period, the contract will terminate automatically, without notice, written or oral. The
award period will not exceed a total of thirty-six (36) months, including extensions as appropriate.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

The City shall have the option to extend the contract for two additional years from the original date of
award upon the same terms and conditions. If the City desires to extend the contract, not later than thirty
days prior to expiration, the City shall send a notice in writing to the contractor requesting firm pricing
for the next twelve-month period. After the City receives the firm pricing proposal from the contractor, it
will determine whether to extend the contract. All awards and extensions are subject to annual
appropriation of funds. The provisions of the foregoing paragraphs with respect to extension of the term
of the contract shall be null and void if the contract has been terminated or revoked during the initial term
or any extension thereof.

All decisions to extend the contract are at the option of the City.

The successful offeror, without additional expense to the City, shall be responsible for obtaining any
necessary licenses and for complying with any applicable federal, state, and municipal laws, codes and
regulations in connection with the prosecution of the services. The successful offeror and any
subcontractors, if applicable, will be required to obtain an Aurora Business License. The successful
offeror shall provide the Aurora Business License number(s) to Bryn Fillinger, Procurement Agent,
within thirty (30) days of contract award.

The City of Aurora reserves the right to amend this Request for Proposal by an addendum at any time
prior to the date set for receipt of proposals. Addenda or amendments will be posted to the City of
Aurora web site as soon as available and shall be the responsibility of the vendor to obtain all addenda.
Offerors registered for the paid service shall be notified either by fax or email depending on the service
that they have subscribed to. If revisions are of such a magnitude to warrant, in the City of Aurora’s
opinion, the postponement of the date for receipt of bids, an addendum will be issued announcing the
new date.

Unpriced technical proposals will be accepted at the Office of Purchasing Services, 1470 South Havana
Street, Suite 324, Aurora, Colorado 80012, until 3:00 p.m., December 16, 2002. No late proposals will be
accepted for review or consideration.

Five (5) copies of the proposals will be required. The technical proposals shall be retained by the City of
Aurora and cannot be returned.

The City of Aurora reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, to waive any informalities in the
proposals received, and to accept the proposal deemed most advantageous to the best interest of the City.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

Questions regarding this Request for Proposals may be addressed to Bryn Fillinger, Procurement Agent,
Purchasing Services, Aurora Municipal Building (Suite 324), 1470 South Havana Street, Aurora, Colorado
80012 or by calling (303) 739-7344. Technical questions may be directed to Cesar Sanchez, Project
Manager, by calling (303) 739-7299 or Hoanh Tran by calling (303) 739-7309.

                                                           CITY OF AURORA, COLORADO

                                                           Bryn Fillinger
                                                           Procurement Agent,   Purchasing    Services

Attachments:        Section I     Scope of Services
                    Section II    Technical Proposal Submittal and Evaluation
                    Section III   Special Conditions
                    Section IV    Sample Professional Services Agreement

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                               SECTION I
                                           SCOPE OF SERVICES
                                        Job Order Engineering Services

This document shall be attached to and become part of the Contract for Professional Services.

1.0                 DESCRIPTION

1.1                 Purpose

                    The purpose of this RFP is to invite technical proposals from consulting engineering firms
                    interested in providing engineering services for City projects.

                    Assignments may include: engineering studies and investigations; aerial mapping;
                    roadway, water, sanitary, drainage, and traffic design; culvert design; minor bridges;
                    foundations and footings; retaining walls; masonry walls; environmental clearances; 404,
                    402, 401, and NPDES permit applications; preparation of letter of map revisions (LOMR)
                    for floodplain amendments; environmental assessment studies; landscaping design;
                    construction observation and testing; and other work as required.

1.2                 Project Management

1.2.1               Project Coordination

                    The consultant shall comply with any applicable federal, state, and other agencies
                    associated with the project. On certain projects, the consultant shall meet the requirements
                    for Federal Aid Projects. The agencies include, but are not limited to, the following:

                        Adams County
                        City and County of Denver
                        Arapahoe County
                        Douglas County
                        Regional Transportation District (RTD)
                        Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG)
                        Urban Drainage & Flood Control District (UDFCD)
                        Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT)
                        Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE)
                        U S Army Corps of Engineers (COE)
                        Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA)
                        Other agencies as required

                    The consultant must anticipate that a design, which affects an agency, shall have to be
                    accepted by that agency prior to acceptance by the City. Submittals to affected agencies
                    shall be coordinated with the City. The consultant shall arrange all meetings with
                    individuals and agencies as necessary.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

1.2.2               Communications

                    The Consultant shall keep Aurora's Project Manager (PM) fully informed of the progress of
                    the work at all times. The consultant shall provide a written synopsis of pertinent contacts
                    (both by telephone and in person) with others and copies of pertinent written
                    communications. The consultant shall be responsible for developing and distributing
                    minutes or notes of all meetings, including plan review meetings.

1.2.3               Traffic Control

                    Consultant field activities that interfere with traffic operations shall require traffic control.
                    The consultant shall be responsible to plan for and provide any required traffic control.
                    The proposed method shall be in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control
                    Devices (MUTCD). The consultant shall provide a copy of the traffic control plan to the
                    City when requested.

1.2.4               Right of Entry

                    Some activities may require work on land not controlled by the City. In such cases the
                    consultant shall obtain written permission to enter the premises, and furnish copies of
                    written permission to the PM, when requested.

1.3                 Contract Description

1.3.1               General

                    The agreement shall be an open contract for miscellaneous engineering work required by
                    the City. The design cost for the projects as assigned, shall normally be less than $50,000.
                    Most shall be less than $25,000. The prospective consultant shall work as an extension of
                    the City's engineering staff. The number of projects and amount of work is unknown at this

1.3.2               Scope of Work

                    A detailed scope of work, cost, and schedule shall be negotiated for each assignment. A
                    separate notice to proceed shall be issued for each assignment.

1.3.3               Contract Time

                    The contract with the consultant shall begin after the City issued an open purchase order
                    (see schedule). The contract shall remain open until December 31, 2003 and be renewable
                    for 2 additional years. The City or the consultant may elect not to renew the agreement
                    according to their own best interest. Notice of intent not to renew shall be made not less
                    than 30 days preceding the renewal date and need not include justification.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

1.3.4               Multiple Contracts

                    Contracts awarded based on this RFP are non-exclusive. The City plans to award job order
                    engineering service contracts to two consultants based on this RFP. There may be other job
                    order service contracts awarded to other consultants in the future, which may overlap the
                    time period contemplated on this RFP. The City in its sole discretion shall determine the
                    need for additional job order engineering contracts. Consultant services for most projects
                    with anticipated fees greater than $25,000 shall be awarded based on a job specific RFP.
                    Consultants awarded job order engineering service contracts are eligible to compete for job
                    specific RFP projects.

1.3.5               Apportioning Work

                    Work shall be apportioned between job order engineering service consultants at the City's
                    sole discretion and in its best interest. Selected consultants should be aware that the
                    number or dollar amount of work assignments may not be equal. Should the City fail to
                    reach agreement with one job order engineering service consultant on a project scope and
                    fee, the City, in its sole discretion shall negotiate with another job order engineering
                    services consultant.

2.0                 CONTRACT COST

2.1                 Within five days after being selected as high scorers for this job order agreement, the
                    selected consultant(s) shall submit a unit cost fee proposal to the City. Unit cost fees for all
                    sub-consultants shall be included. Final fee schedules shall be separately negotiated
                    between the consultant(s) and the City. In the event a fee cannot be negotiated within 14
                    calendar days, or if an impasse is reached, the City shall go to the consultant with the next
                    highest score. This shall continue until fee schedules are successfully negotiated with two

2.2                 The unit cost fee proposal shall include all hourly rates for labor and equipment and costs
                    for all materials anticipated to be used on job order projects. The unit cost fee proposal
                    shall include all sub-consultants/team members.

2.3                 The unit cost fee proposal shall remain in effect until December 31, 2003. If the City elects
                    to extend the contract beyond December 31, 2003, the City or the consultant may request
                    renegotiation of the unit cost fees due to increases or decreases in actual costs. Cost
                    increases shall only by considered for documented salary increases or other documented
                    direct cost changes. Extension of the contract shall be contingent upon successful
                    negotiation of a new unit cost fee. The unit cost fee proposal shall provide an analysis of
                    the basic hourly wage rates, fringes, and other benefits and any multipliers used to
                    determine the hourly rate for labor.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

2.4                 The consultant and sub-consultant/team members shall provide an analysis of the basic
                    hourly wage rates, fringes, other benefits, multipliers, and other factors used to determine
                    the hourly rate for labor. The consultant must anticipate that their wage rates and
                    multipliers may be submitted to CDOT for audit and approval for reimbursement with
                    federal funds. Cost and expense associated with an audit shall not be reimbursed.

3.0                 INVOICES

3.1                 The cost proposal shall be used by the consultant to bill the City for services rendered on
                    assigned projects. Payment for services on assigned projects shall be based on time and
                    materials with a not-to-exceed amount based on the scope of work for each project. In no
                    case shall the overall cost exceed the not-to-exceed amount without an approved change
                    order (see Section 6). Invoices shall be prepared with reference to the different sections of
                    the scope of work, but it shall be the overall cost in the negotiated cost proposal, as a not-
                    to-exceed amount, which shall control.

3.2                 The consultant may have more than one project in progress at a time. Invoices for multiple
                    projects shall not be combined, but must be invoiced separately.

3.3.                Each invoice shall be accompanied by a monthly work status report, progress report
                    narrative, and a monthly time count report. All reports shall be current with the
                    month being invoiced and signed by the consultant's project manager. Invoices shall
                    be returned to the consultant if reports are missing or incomplete. See Exhibit B for
                    report forms and instructions.

4.0                 DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES

4.1                 DESIGN PHASE

4.1.1               Field Survey

                    Field Survey – General

                    All surveys shall be done to Aurora Survey Standards, a copy of which may be obtained
                    from Aurora's Chief Surveyor.

                    The consultant shall comply with Section 1.2.4 Right of Entry.

                    The survey may include the following:

                        Boundary survey
                        Control survey for aerial mapping
                        Design survey
                        Topographic survey
                        Construction staking

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    The consultant shall use existing City of Aurora primary control to establish horizontal and
                    vertical controls. Horizontal control shall be tied into all reasonably available aliquot
                    corners (section corners, 1/4 corners, etc.). Vertical control shall close on City of Aurora
                    benchmarks with a maximum error of 0.04'.

                    Non-Electronic Survey

                    The consultant shall perform surveys as required. The consultant shall submit to the City
                    clear reproducible copies of all original survey notes related to this project.

                    Electronic Survey

                    The consultant shall perform surveys for the project according to CDOT TMOS and PICS
                    standards as modified by the City. The consultant shall submit an electronic file (CD or e-
                    mailed attached) of the original survey data, in a format recognized by PICS, latest version,
                    a DXF file of the survey data as translated by PICS with all errors properly edited and
                    ready to be line driven by PICS, a TIN file, if the work includes mapping, an X, Y, and Z
                    file for all points, and a PICSCTL.CTL file for the survey control net. The consultant shall
                    submit a hard copy (occupied point, BS, and bearing, etc.) of the control net and any field
                    notes used to establish the control net. Surveys containing crossing terrain strings shall be
                    returned to the consultant for editing or complete resurvey, avoiding crossing terrain

                    Survey Control Drawing

                    A survey control drawing shall be included in the design plans for all City of Aurora
                    projects, and shall contain the following:

                    a)         Title of control drawing, identifying location, project name, project number, and
                               entity doing work

                    b)         North arrow

                    c)         Scale

                    d)         Legend

                    e)         Use City of aurora GIS Horizontal Control System: (e.g., state plane Colorado
                               central projection 1927)

                    f)         A note that explains the transformation from state plane coordinates to project
                               coordinates with the grid factor.

                    g)         Coordinates to be in feet

                    h)         Any corner occupied that has been remonumented must be noted.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    i)         Tabular listing of control points, aliquot corners, property pins, descriptions,
                               coordinate values and elevations on control points

                    j)         Use City of Aurora vertical control datum: (e.g., vertical control City of Aurora
                               based on 1929 datum, benchmark number, elevation, and description)

                    k)         The limits of right-of-way will be used to establish street centerline stationing for
                               plan and profiles.

                    l)         There must be lines of sight between control points.

                    A sample of survey control drawing may be obtained from the Technical Services Section

4.1.2               Geotechnical Investigation

                    The consultant shall review information contained in existing reports related to or in the
                    vicinity of the project. The consultant shall perform all necessary soil sampling and
                    analysis as required for the design including, but not limited to, the following items:

                        Map with station, offset elevation, and depth of test holes (250' maximum interval).
                         Submit locations to the City for concurrence.

                        R-value or Unconfined Compressive Strength and determination of Effective Resilient
                         Modulus of subgrade soils.

                        Swell Potential Analysis

                        Slope stability

                        Any other feature that may affect the design.

                    The geotechnical investigation shall meet the requirements of Section 5, City of Aurora
                    Roadway Design and Construction Specifications and be of sufficient detail to complete
                    the project design.

4.1.3               Design Standards

                    All drawings, designs and reports shall be in accordance with the following standards:

                        City of Aurora Roadway Design and Construction Specifications, latest edition (the
                         Roadway Design Manual)

                        City of Aurora Public Utility Improvements, Rules and Regulations Regarding
                         Standards and Specifications, latest edition (Utility Specifications)

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                        City of Aurora Storm Drainage Design and Technical Criteria, latest edition (the Storm
                         Drainage Design manual)

                        Urban Storm Drainage Criteria Manual, latest edition (UDFCD)

                        CDOT Design Manual, CDOT Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge
                         Construction, latest edition (when approved by PM)

                        Applicable national, federal, and state codes, laws, etc., (AASHTO, OSHA, EPA, etc.)

                        Other criteria as directed by the PM.

4.1.4               The consultant shall submit a design report, establishing the project design criteria, for
                    review immediately after notice to proceed for the assigned project. The report shall
                    contain all design criteria for the project. Design criteria shall be from the latest edition of
                    the AASHTO green book, Aurora design standards and any other relevant publications
                    when approved by the PM. For example for roadway design, the design parameters shall
                    include, but not be limited to, the following:

                        Design speed
                        Posted speed
                        Roadway classification
                        Lane widths
                        Maximum/minimum grade
                        Minimum vertical sight stopping distance
                        Median width
                        Traffic counts (ESALs)
                        Turn lane widths
                        Roadway cross slope
                        Sidewalk width
                        Bike path width
                        Sheet layout
                        Drawing size and scale
                        Superelevation rate
                        Minimum esals
                        Maximum/minimum K values
                        Minimum vertical curve lengths
                        Horizontal curve minimum radius
                        Drainage criteria
                        Right-of-way width

                    The source of all design criteria shall be indicated. The report shall be approved by the PM
                    before design begins.

                    The report shall be summarized in table form indicating the design parameter for Aurora,
                    AASHTO, etc., and a project recommendation in separate columns. The design criteria
                    shall be compared, selected, and approved by the PM in consultation with the consultant.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.1.5               Utilities

                    All underground or above ground utilities, public or private, existing or proposed, within
                    the limits of this project, shall be identified and their respective owners contacted to verify
                    locations. The consultant shall:

                        Secure all utility plats and furnish copies to the City.

                        Field verify and coordinate locations with readily discernable existing features.

                        The consultant, with the input of the PM, shall obtain an agreement or clearance for
                         each of the major public utilities (Qwest, Xcel Energy, AT&T Broadband, Phillips
                         Petroleum Co., and others as required by the PM).

                        Coordinate potholing to determine exact location and elevation at critical locations.
                         The PM shall review locations prior to potholing.

                        Submit design report for water and sanitary with all supporting calculations, in
                         accordance with the Public Utility Rules and Regulations.

                        Design according to Aurora standards, codes, and specifications.

                        Coordinate the design and construction sequencing for all relocations and proposed

                        Provide on the plans a list of contact persons, phone numbers, pager numbers, and
                         emergency phone numbers.

                        Submit to the PM copies of all correspondence with private utility companies.

4.1.6               Right-of-Way

                    The consultant shall evaluate existing right-of-way and make recommendations to the City
                    on rights-of-way and/or easement acquisitions necessary to accommodate the proposed
                    improvements, including permanent rights-of-way or easements, slope easements and
                    temporary (construction) easements. As time is of the essence, all right-of-way and/or
                    easement requirements shall be brought to the attention of the City seven days after
                    approval of preliminary design, or as early in the design process as feasible, as determined
                    by the PM.

4.1.7               Pavement Design

                    The consultant shall prepare a pavement design analysis, including a structural analysis of
                    the existing pavement, if necessary. All work shall be as specified in the Roadway Design

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.1.8               Drainage Design

                    The consultant shall prepare a drainage study as specified in the Aurora Storm Drainage
                    Design Manual. Normally a preliminary drainage report and final drainage report are

4.1.9               Drawings and Drafting


                    The drawings shall include plan and profile sheets and cross section sheets of the project
                    developed at a horizontal scale appropriate for the specific project or as may be specified
                    by the PM. Plans shall show all necessary information in adequate detail to permit
                    construction staking and to indicate and delineate all details necessary for the construction
                    of the complete facility by a construction contractor. Design work shall be done using
                    Eagle Point software version specified by the PM.

                    The consultant shall prepare additional detailed drawings including profile and cross
                    sections, at an appropriate scale, for all design features requiring additional detailed design

                    The consultant shall also prepare survey control plans in accordance with Section "4.1.1
                    Field Survey."

                    The consultant shall coordinate with the City Traffic Engineer when preparing plans for
                    striping, traffic handling, traffic control devices, streetlighting, and construction traffic
                    control plan.

                    Two sets of prints of the final approved drawings signed and stamped by a Professional
                    Engineer licensed in the State of Colorado, competent in the work being done and under
                    whose direct supervision the work was done, shall be submitted to the City in accordance
                    with Colorado law. One reproducible facsimile set of the final drawings shall be submitted
                    on Mylar and in electronic format (on CD) at the same time.

                    Upon completion and final acceptance, all Mylar drawings, AutoCAD drawing files, check
                    prints, and survey documents shall be submitted to the City for record purposes.

                    All accepted drawings shall become the property of the City and may be used, altered, or
                    duplicated as required.

                    All drafting work shall conform to the following standards.


                    1. Drawings shall be prepared using the AutoCad and CDOT PICS software. The version
                       shall be specified by the Technical Services Section Supervisor at the beginning of the

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    2. Construction drawings shall be prepared on sheets that are 22" x 34".

                    3. All sheets shall have borders and title blocks provided by the City of Aurora. In
                       addition, standard project cover sheet, standard (or sample of) survey control plans,
                       City of Aurora Roadway, Traffic, and Utility standards, erosion control sheets,
                       standard erosion control notes and details, and other common details may be provided
                       on CD by the Technical Services Section for the consultant's use in preparing
                       construction plans.

                    4. The consulting firm shall place its logo, name, address, phone number, and contact
                       name in the empty space on the City's standard title block.

                    5. XREFs and blocks for each drawing shall be included with all electronic submittals.

                    6. Final submittals of drawings shall be original plots on Mylar film. The image shall be
                       plotted on the reverse side. Original plots prepared using xerographic processes shall
                       not be accepted without prior written approval of the Technical Services Section

                    7. Final submittals shall include all drawings, surveys, and project files in electronic form
                       on rewriteable CD. The CD cover shall be clearly labeled with the name of the project,
                       project number, and consultant name.

                    1. Survey data shall be brought into AutoCad using CDOT's PICS software. When so
                       produced, the surveyed features will be automatically assigned to the appropriate
                       drawing layer.

                    2. Most proposed line work and symbology can be added to the drawing using PICS
                       functions. When added in that manner, the line work and symbology will be placed on
                       the appropriate layer.

                    3. Any layers that are not defined with the PICS software shall be named in a manner that
                       defines the features contained on the layer (i.e., "vertC&G" might adequately define a
                       layer for standard vertical curb and gutter, "wood_fence" might adequately define a
                       layer for wood fences, or "ROW" might adequately define a layer for right-of-way
                       lines. "1", "A", or "concrete" probably would not adequately define any feature).

                    1. With the exception of title block text, company logos or sheet headings, all text on plan
                       and profile sheets, cross section drawings, detail or tabulation sheets and Control Plans
                       shall use the standard AutoCAD Romans Symplex (ROMANS) font.

                    2. Text labeling existing topographic features shall be .1" high and slanted.

                    3. Text labeling proposed features, design callouts, and or construction notes shall be .12"

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    4. Text labeling names of streets shall be .24" high.

                    5. Text labeling adjacent sites, buildings, parcels, and other related types of features shall
                       be .14" high and slanted.

                    6. Refer to TXT_STD.dwg on the CD provided by Technical Services Section.

                    Symbology and Line Work
                    1. Line work and symbology placed on the drawings shall conform to either PICS line
                       work and symbology or the standard legend provided on the City's cover sheet.

                    2. Legends shown on the cover sheet shall be amended to show special symbology and
                       line work used in the plans.

                    3. All line types used in the drawings shall either be PICS standard or AutoCAD standard
                       line types.

                    4. No custom hatch patterns shall be allowed.

                    Pen Settings
                    1. Refer to the PENS.dwg on the CD provided by Technical Services Section.

                    2. Provide an AutoCAD pcp file if different pen settings are used.

                    Plans Prepared for CDOT
                    Highway construction plans and right-of-way plans prepared for the CDOT shall follow the
                    standards and guidelines set forth in the CDOT Design Manual, Volume IV, Computer
                    Aided Drafting.

                    File Naming Conventions
                    1. The Sheet Index on the cover sheet shall include a sheet number beginning with the
                        cover sheet as sheet 1. The electronic file for each sheet shall include that sheet
                        number in its name. Each file shall be named "project number"-"sheet number" (i.e.,
                        the name for sheet 3 of the plans for project number 02075 is 02075-03.dwg).

4.1.10              Quantities

                    The consultant shall provide a summary of approximate plan quantities in an electronic
                    format specified by the PM which include the following:

                               - Item description and Aurora 8-digit item code
                               - Units
                               - Plan quantities
                               - Measurement and payment reference

                    A "Summary of Approximate Plan Quantities" table shall be shown on the drawings,
                    preferably on the cover sheet.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.1.11              Specifications

                    Technical specifications and standard details shall be prepared based on computerized City
                    standards and specifications. The City shall print from its word processor all specifications
                    and standard details identified by the consultant.

                    There shall be no modifications made to Aurora's standards and specifications as shown in
                    the Roadway Design Manual or the Utility Specifications. Any necessary modifications
                    shall be placed in the special conditions section of the Project Manual.

                    Special conditions shall be prepared in an electronic format specified by the PM with the
                    aid of standard work sheets provided by the City. The consultant shall add technical
                    specifications and other provisions as necessary to describe any item or other matter not
                    covered in the provided special conditions, the Roadway Design Manual, or the Utility

                    Construction details which are not covered by the standard details or which are necessary to
                    complete and clarify the standard details shall be included in the design drawings.

                    The consultant shall be responsible for developing measurement and payment
                    specifications for each of the items listed in the quantity summary. Standard Aurora
                    procedures for measurement and payment shall be followed. Measurement and payment
                    specifications shall be placed in the section entitled "Measurement and Payment" and/or
                    included in the special conditions as directed by the PM.

4.1.12              Construction Cost Estimate

                    The consultant shall furnish an opinion of probable construction cost when the drawings
                    are submitted for preliminary review, final acceptance, and when requested by the PM.

                    The cost estimate shall be broken down by item. Each item shall show the unit, unit cost,
                    quantity, and total cost.

4.1.13              Construction Time

                    The consultant shall recommend a construction time for the project. The consultant shall
                    furnish a detailed time schedule of construction activities to support his recommendation.
                    Time schedule must anticipate bad weather days and show same on the schedule. The City
                    shall add ten days for mobilization to the construction time to arrive at the total
                    construction contract time.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.1.14              Traffic Control

                    The consultant shall be responsible for design and preparation of traffic control plans and
                    specifications. All traffic control shall be according to the Manual on Uniform Traffic
                    Control Devices (MUTCD). The consultant shall work with the Aurora Traffic Engineer
                    and the PM to produce the design and allow three weeks for all reviews and final approval

4.1.15              Streetlighting

                    The consultant shall be responsible for coordination of streetlighting with the PM, Traffic
                    Engineer, and Xcel Energy. The consultant shall show all existing and proposed
                    streetlighting and support hardware on the plans. The consultant shall obtain a tariff
                    agreement and cost estimate from Xcel Energy for any work. The agreement shall contain
                    the following minimum information: work to be performed, cost of work, and coordination
                    of work with project construction.

4.1.16              Construction Sequencing

                    The consultant shall propose a suggested construction-sequencing plan to be included in the
                    construction documents. The plan will be one method of handling traffic during
                    construction. The plan shall include construction signing, striping removal and
                    replacement, uniformed traffic control, cones, barricades, etc., and shall be coordinated
                    with the PM and Traffic Engineer.

4.1.17              Signing

                    The consultant shall be responsible for designing and showing all signing necessary to
                    safely conduct traffic after the project construction is complete. All signing shall be
                    according to the MUTCD. The consultant shall coordinate the signing plan with the
                    Aurora Traffic Engineer and the PM. Allow two weeks for each review and final approval

4.1.18              Striping

                    The consultant shall prepare a striping plan showing striping removal and proposed
                    striping. The striping plan shall be in accordance with the MUTCD. The consultant shall
                    coordinate the striping plan with the Aurora Traffic Engineer and the PM. Allow two
                    weeks for each review and final approval signatures.

4.1.19              Project Design File

                    The consultant shall assemble and maintain a Project Design File. The file shall contain all
                    reports, calculations, correspondence, meeting minutes or notes, permits, and approvals for
                    the project. The file shall be in a three hole loose leaf, D ring binder(s), indexed, and with
                    sections separated by tabs. Original documents of the file shall be given to the City. The
                    design file shall be updated after construction is complete.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    Suggested sections are listed below. Sections may be expanded or combined as necessary
                    to fit the project. Logs of all correspondence shall be maintained.

                    - Design criteria                                  - Drainage report
                    - Pavement design report                           - Materials/soils investigation
                    - Utility correspondence                           - Meeting notes
                    - General correspondence                                   - Cost estimates
                    - Construction time                                        - Approvals
                    - Technical memoranda                              - Progress meetings
                    - Appendix                                                 - Calculations
                              Contract document transmittal
                              Pre-bid notes/minutes

4.2                 BID PHASE

4.2.1               Final Acceptance

                    The consultant shall make corrections to the plans, specifications, and other submittals until
                    final acceptance. Signature by the City Engineer shall be considered final acceptance.

4.2.2               Contract Documents

                    The consultant shall submit one set of full size (22" x 34") reproducible drawings, and one
                    set of prints as specified above. The consultant shall submit one unbound set of
                    reproducible special conditions on 8-1/2" x 11" paper and in electronic format (CD or file
                    transmitted via e-mail). The special conditions shall be produced in MSWord, version
                    specified by the PM. The City shall assemble the final package, advertise for bids, and
                    award the project.

4.2.3               Pre-Bid Conference and Addenda

                    The consultant shall attend the pre-bid conference to assist the City in interpreting drawings
                    and specifications. The consultant shall write any addenda necessary to clarify the
                    drawings and specifications, according to City procedures.

4.3                 CONSTRUCTION PHASE

4.3.1               Shop and Working Drawings

                    The consultant shall review catalog cuts, shop, fabrication, working and erection drawings
                    and calculations submitted by others for compliance with the contract drawings and
                    specifications. The consultant's Project Manager shall sign all submittals and distribute
                    them as directed by the City. Submittals shall be reviewed and returned within five
                    working days.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    One copy of the reviewed shop drawings with comments shall be submitted to the City, if
                    the drawings are to be revised and resubmitted. Two copies shall be returned to the City, if
                    drawings are approved. Consultant may keep one copy. All other copies shall be returned
                    to the Contractor.

                    The consultant shall maintain a log of all submittals which includes:

                               - Submittal description
                               - Date received
                               - Date returned
                               - Status

4.3.2               Technical Assistance

                    The consultant shall provide technical assistance to the City's PM on an as-needed basis.
                    This service shall include, but not be limited to, the following:

                        Attend the pre-construction meeting.

                        Provide engineering and drafting services for design revisions required by changes in
                         construction or field conditions.

                        Visit the construction site periodically to observe whether or not construction is
                         proceeding according to the intent of the plans and specifications. Provide written
                         reports to the City.

                        Assist the City to interpret the meaning and intent of the drawings and specifications.

                        Evaluate construction problems as directed and report findings and recommendations
                         to the City.

4.4                 PROJECT FILE

                    The consultant shall assemble and maintain a Project File. The file shall contain all reports,
                    calculations, correspondence, meeting minutes or notes, permits and approvals for the
                    project. The file will be in a three-hole, loose-leaf, D ring binder(s), indexed, with sections
                    separated by tabs. One reproducible copy of the original file shall be given to the City.

                    Suggested sections are listed below. Sections may be expanded or combined as necessary
                    to fit the project. Logs shall be maintained for all correspondence.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

- Design criteria                                             - Construction phase
- Drainage report                                                     Field orders
- Pavement design report/                                             Change orders
         Soils & materials investigation                              Payments
- Utility correspondence                                              Meeting notes
- General correspondence                                              Correspondence
- Cost estimates                                                      Shop drawings
- Construction time                                                   Notice of substantial completion
- Approvals                                                           Punch list
- Technical memoranda                                                 Notice to Final Completion
- Progress meetings                                                   Contractor’s Lien Release
- Bid phase                                                   - Appendix
         Contract document transmittal                        - Calculations
         Ad notice
         Pre-bid notes/minutes
         Bidders list
         Bid tabulations
         Recommendation to award
         Agenda commentary
         Notice of award
         Pre-construction conference notes
         Contract agreement
         Notice to proceed

4.5                 DRAFTING SERVICES ONLY

                    Where drafting services are required but the consultant does not provide other design
                    services, the drawings shall be submitted in three phases as outlined below.

                    Preparation of preliminary drawings shall include interpreting and drawing surveys of
                    existing improvements; drawing existing profiles or topography; researching and drawing
                    all existing rights-of-way, existing public and private utilities, and existing improvements.
                    A cover sheet, survey control plan, and cross sections shall be included as a part of the
                    preparation of preliminary drawings if requested by the City.

                    Check prints of the completed preliminary drawings shall be forwarded to the Technical
                    Services Section Supervisor for review of drafting standards, completeness, and accuracy.
                    When accepted, the consultant shall provide three paper copies to the City, together with
                    one Mylar copy and compact disks when requested.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    Preparation of design drawings shall include drawing the proposed improvements onto the
                    preliminary drawings, according to the redline drawings provided by the PM; drafting all
                    necessary details; adding proposed improvements to existing sections, calculating
                    earthwork quantities and other work as requested.

                    Three paper copies of the completed design drawings shall be forwarded to the Technical
                    Services Section Supervisor for review of drafting standards, completeness, and accuracy.

                    After the design has been added to the drawings, the City shall review the design for
                    conformity to City standards and specifications. The consultant shall make required
                    changes or additions to the drawings and submit revised drawings and check prints. The
                    consultant shall provide original drawings, AutoCAD files in electronic format, CD or file
                    transmitted via e-mail, and reference material to the City.

                    All accepted drawings and electronic files shall become the property of the City, and may
                    be used, altered, or duplicated as it may be determined necessary by the City.

4.6                 CHANGES

                    The PM may make changes in the final scope of work at any time. The consultant shall
                    undertake and complete all work at the request of and to the satisfaction of the PM. If the
                    consultant feels that any work required by the PM is not within the final scope of work and
                    may warrant a change in time or cost, he shall notify the PM in writing within five calendar
                    days of the occurrence. The consultant shall submit to the PM documentation supporting
                    the basis for the change in contract time and/or cost within ten calendar days of initial
                    notification. Requests and/or documentation, not presented to the PM within said time
                    limits shall be deemed to have been waived by the consultant. The PM shall evaluate the
                    consultant's request and supporting documentation and notify the consultant of his decision
                    within 30 days. The PM's decision is final.

                    The City has limited time and budget to accomplish the work. It is the intent of the above
                    requirement to provide notice to the PM, so that mitigation measures may be taken as
                    warranted to keep the work within budget and time limits.

5.0                 SUBMITTALS

5.1                 General

                    The drawings shall be on standard 22" x 34" sheets or 11" x 17", with the approval of the
                    PM. Reports shall be on 8-1/2" x 11" sheets. Reports shall contain all pertinent
                    calculations for the recommended design and alternate designs, pertinent correspondence
                    and references to published material used. The consultant is responsible for assembling
                    and coordinating all reports, including work done by others. After approval, the consultant
                    shall submit copies as stated below. Reports shall contain only the final calculations.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    All oversized materials including computer printouts shall be reduced to 8-1/2" x 11" size
                    and shall be bound and indexed into one or more volumes. All non-pertinent preliminary
                    calculations, duplications, or items that would detract from the clarity of the submittal shall
                    not be included. The PM may approve foldouts or oversize material not suitable for
                    reduction to 8-1/2" x 11". All final reports and drawings shall be signed and sealed by a
                    Professional Engineer registered in Colorado competent in the work being done and under
                    whose direct supervision the work was done.

5.2                 Drainage Report

                    The consultant shall submit one copy of the drainage report with the construction drawings
                    for all reviews and final acceptance. Allow two weeks for review.

5.3                 Soils Investigation and Pavement Design Report

                    The consultant shall submit three copies for review. Allow five workdays for review.

5.4                 Drawings

5.4.1               The Consultant shall submit five sets of prints for all reviews. First review will occur at the
                    30%-50% complete stage. Final review shall occur at the 95+% complete stage. Allow
                    two weeks for each review.

5.5                 Other Submittals

                    The consultant shall submit one bound and one unbound, reproducible copy of all other
                    submittals. Other submittals include cost estimates, summary of approximate quantities,
                    construction time estimate, special conditions, technical specifications, and any other
                    matters that may require review. Allow two weeks for review.

5.6                 Project Design File

                    The consultant shall submit one copy at the time of project final acceptance. The file shall
                    be updated immediately after the pre-construction conference and at completion of


6.1                 Project Time and Scope of Work

6.1.1               Prior to beginning a project assigned by the City, the consultant shall submit a schedule and
                    scope of work to the PM for review. The schedule shall include time estimates for all
                    phases of design, review, and approval, and construction, if pertinent. The schedule, in
                    Gantt form or other suitable form, shall clearly indicate the work to be performed and
                    completion dates of major events or phases of the work.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    The scope of work shall be approved and notice to proceed issued prior to beginning any
                    work. Each section in the scope of work shall have a detailed breakdown of man-hours and
                    rates from the approved rate proposal. The consultant shall use the project estimating
                    forms in Exhibit A. The PM may approve the use of other formats that provide similar
                    detail. Man-hours of the individual sections shall be used by the City and the consultant to
                    monitor and control the project.

6.1.2               The schedule and scope of work shall be approved by the City and agreed to by the
                    consultant and the PM prior to beginning work. The consultant shall identify the time for
                    reviews and include it in the schedule. Time extensions equal to the actual delay may be
                    granted for review time in excess of stated time. All work shall be complete with all plans
                    and contract documents ready for bidding within the time indicated in the schedule.

6.1.3               The consultant shall have five working days to prepare the scope of work and schedule as
                    noted above. Revisions shall be resubmitted within two working days after return to the
                    consultant. The consultant must be able to start work within five working days of approval
                    of the scope of work and schedule.

6.2                 Coordination of Work

                    The consultant shall coordinate his work with all other involved public and private, persons
                    or agencies, and their technical staff or consultants to obtain the required approval of the
                    design by all necessary City departments and to secure the necessary permits. The
                    consultant shall be responsible to coordinate any work by others that is to be included in
                    this project. The consultant shall arrange meetings with others as necessary. Minutes or
                    notes of all meetings shall be kept by the consultant and delivered to the City's PM and all

6.3                 Progress Meetings

                    The consultant shall keep the City's PM informed at all times of the progress of the work.
                    The consultant shall hold formal review meetings with the PM and other City staff, as
                    needed, but not less than once a month. Meeting notes shall be taken by the consultant and
                    distributed to all attendees.

6.4                 Not-to-Exceed Project Fee

                    After approval of the scope of work and schedule, the final not-to-exceed total project cost
                    shall be prepared. It shall be based on the man-hours shown on the scope of work and the
                    approved rate proposal (see Section 3). The actual project fee shall not exceed this amount
                    without an approved change order.


                    In some instances, the consultant shall work on City projects which are funded with
                    Federal Aid money and overseen by the State. An example of this type of project is the
                    TIP (Transportation Improvement Program) project.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    The following are additional requirements for these projects.

7.1                 General

7.1.1               The design work under this contract shall be compatible with the requirements of a
                    separate contract between the City (Local Agency) and the State (which contract is
                    incorporated herein by this reference) for the design/construction of the project. The
                    State is an intended third party beneficiary of this contract for that purpose.

7.1.2               Upon advertisement of the project work for construction, the consultant shall make
                    available services as requested by the State to assist the State in the evaluation of
                    construction and the resolution of construction problems that may arise during the
                    construction of the project.

7.1.3               The consultant shall review the construction contractor's shop drawings for conformance
                    with the contract documents and compliance with the provisions of the State's
                    publication, "Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction," in connection
                    with this work.

7.1.4               The consultant's Comprehensive General Liability and Automobile Liability Certificates
                    of Insurance shall name the State of Colorado, its officials, employees, and
                    representatives as additional insured.

7.1.5               It is also the responsibility of the consultant to comply with the federal statutes and
                    regulations cited in 49 CFR 18.36 (i), specifically (4) Copeland "Anti-Kickback" Act, (5)
                    Davis-Bacon Act, (6) Contract Work Hours and Safety Standards Act, (10) Access by
                    FHWA or representative to records, (12) Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, EPA
                    regulations, and (13) energy efficiency conservation.

7.2                 Retention of Records

                    The consultant shall maintain a complete file of all records, documents, communications,
                    and other written materials which pertain to the operation of programs or the delivery of
                    services under this contract, and shall maintain such records for a period of three (3)
                    years after the date of termination of this contract or final payment hereunder, whichever
                    is later, or for such further period as may be necessary to resolve any matters which may
                    be pending. All such records, documents, communications and other materials shall be
                    the property of the City and the State, and shall be maintained by the consultant in a
                    central location and the consultant shall be custodian on behalf of the City and the State.

7.3                 State Rights in Data, Documents, and Computer Software

                    Any software, research, reports, studies, estimates, data, photographs, negatives or other
                    documents, drawings or materials prepared by the consultant in the performance of its
                    obligations under this contract shall be the exclusive property of the City and the State,
                    and all such materials shall be delivered to the City and the State by the consultant upon
                    completion, termination, or cancellation of this contract. The consultant may, at its own
                    expense, keep copies of all its writings for its personal files. The consultant shall not use,

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    willingly allow, or cause to have such materials used for any purpose other than the
                    performance of the consultant's obligations under this contract without the prior written
                    consent of the City and the State; provided, however, that the consultant shall be allowed
                    to use non-confidential materials for writing samples in pursuit of the work. The
                    ownership rights described herein shall include, but not be limited to, the right to copy,
                    publish, display, transfer, prepare derivative works, or otherwise use written works.

7.4                 Patent Rights (Federal Funds)

                    If any invention, improvement, or discovery by the consultant or any of its
                    subconsultants or subgrantees is conceived or first actually reduced to practice in the
                    course of or under this contract work, and if such is patentable, the consultant shall
                    notify the City and the State immediately and provide a detailed written report. The
                    rights and responsibilities of the consultant, third party consultants, and the City and the
                    State with respect to such invention, improvement, or discovery will be determined in
                    accordance with applicable federal laws and regulations in existence on the date of
                    execution of this contract which define consultant title, right to elect title, federal
                    government "march in" rights, and the scope of the federal government's right to a
                    nonexclusive, irrevocable, paid-up license to use the subject invention for its own. The
                    consultant shall include the requirements of this paragraph in its third party contracts for
                    the performance of the work under this contract.

7.5                 Rights in Data and Copyright (Federal Reserved Rights)

                    Except for its own internal use, the consultant shall not publish or reproduce any
                    data/information, in whole or part, that is recorded in any form or medium whatsoever
                    and that is delivered or specified to be delivered under this contract, nor may it authorize
                    or permit others to do so, without the written consent of the federal government, through
                    the State, until such time as the federal government may have released such
                    data/information to the public.

                    As authorized by 49 C.F.R. 18.34, the federal government, through the State, reserves a
                    royalty-free, nonexclusive, and irrevocable license to reproduce, publish or otherwise
                    use, and to authorize the State and others to use: a) any work developed under this
                    contract or a resulting third party contract irrespective of whether or not it is
                    copyrighted; and, b) any rights of copyright to which a consultant, or third party
                    consultant purchases ownership with federal assistance.

7.6                 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Participation

                    It is the policy of the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) that DBE firms
                    as defined in 49 C.F.R. Part 23 shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in the
                    performance of contracts financed in whole or in part with Federal funds. The City
                    obtained a grant from the DOT for part of the cost of designing and constructing the
                    project. In order to qualify for grant funds, the City and its consultants, therefore, must
                    comply with DOT regulations covering the participation of small business firms owned
                    or controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged individuals which is defined in
                    49 C.F.R. Part 23.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                    Individuals who are rebuttably presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged
                    include Women, Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific Americans, and
                    Asian-Indian Americans. A current list of certified firms, and any necessary documents to
                    be submitted, may be obtained from the State of Colorado Department of Transportation

                    The consultant shall identify in its Proposal Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE),
                    as defined in 49 C.F.R. Part 23, Subpart D, Regulations of the Office of Secretary of
                    Transportation, which it would retain as subconsultants to perform portions of the
                    consultant's Scope of Work. Upon execution of the Professional Services Agreement,
                    the consultant agrees to use its best efforts to enter into agreements with the DBE firms it
                    identified in its Proposal. Throughout the term of this Agreement, the consultant shall
                    continue to utilize qualified and available DBE firms which have been and which
                    continue to be certified by the State of Colorado to the fullest extent which is reasonably
                    possible to achieve. The goal for dollar value of work performed by DBE firms shall be
                    seven percent (7%) of the dollar value of all of the consultant's work performed under
                    this Agreement and the consultant shall make a good faith effort to meet this goal
                    throughout the term of this Agreement. If a DBE subconsultant must be replaced for any
                    reason during the term of this Agreement, the consultant shall replace the subconsultant
                    with another DBE or, if it cannot, demonstrate that it made good faith efforts to do so.
                    The requirements and procedures for "good faith efforts" are contained in 49 C.F.R. Part

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                                SECTION II

1.0                 GENERAL

                    Engineering consulting firms interested in submitting a response to this RFP are
                    requested to provide five (5) copies of their response.

                    Submit technical proposals to the following address:

                               City of Aurora Purchasing & Contracts
                               1470 South Havana Street, Room 324
                               Aurora, CO 80012


2.1                 The consultant's Technical Proposal should address all the following topics and be
                    organized into the following six sections with a table of contents. It may include a
                    cover/introduction letter.

Section 1           Overview

                    Firm's name, address, phone number, names of principals, company history, year
                    established, size, type of work normally performed, and any pertinent information
                    not noted below. Describe the type of work normally performed by the firm,
                    including sub-consultants. Include names of the principals that will provide
                    oversight for this project and brief experience summary. Provide description or
                    affirmative statement concerning all potential conflicts of interest.

Section 2           Project Team

                    Organization chart and project team with line of accountability and detailed
                    activities of each member. Summary of pertinent experience of each team member,
                    including sub-consultant team members. Production facilities available to the
                    project team.

Section 3           Availability

                    Indication of workload and capacity over the past 12 months. Availability and
                    commitment to perform the unscheduled work and meet the project time schedule.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

Section 4           Selected Relevant Experience

                    List similar projects completed within the past three years, including type, size,
                    scope, year completed, consultant PM, client, client contact and phone number. List
                    of all other projects in progress or completed in the past year.

Section 5           Location

                    Firm's location and travel time with respect to the Aurora Municipal Building. All
                    consultants within 30 minutes of the Aurora Municipal Building shall receive the
                    same score for location.

Section 6           Sub-Consultants

                    Provide information on firm(s) and personnel in the appropriate sections above and
                    to the same detail as the prime consultant.

Appendix            Supplemental Material

                    Resumes, letters of recommendation or commendation, awards, other material.

2.2                 The proposed team shall work on the project until completion. Any substitute of
                    personnel shall require the approval of the City. Personnel changes shall only be
                    considered for valid reasons such as an assigned employee leaving the firm, major
                    illness, or accident. Only persons as well qualified as the proposed individuals shall
                    be approved.


3.1                 A review committee shall score all proposals and shortlist up to five consultants to
                    be evaluated by the selection committee.

3.2                 Submittals shall be scored in 4 of the 5 areas noted in Section 4.3. They are:

                    1.   Experience and competence,
                    2.   Past record of performance,
                    3.   Proximity to site,
                    4.   Overall impression of proposal.

3.3                 The shortlisted consultants shall submit additional information one week after
                    notification of being shortlisted or as directed. The additional information is the
                    "Benefit to the City" noted in Section 4.3.5 together with other information that may
                    be requested.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering


4.1                 Selection Committee

4.1.1               The selection committee shall be a three to five member board. The selection
                    committee shall review and score all shortlisted consultants. One of the committee
                    members will be the PM for the project. Other member(s) will be from the
                    Engineering Division, the funding department, or other knowledgeable

4.2                 Scoring Procedures and Forms

4.2.1               A method of scoring has been devised which is intended to promote a systematic
                    procedure of evaluating the prospective firms with the intent that all important
                    factors are considered in the evaluations. Objectivity is the goal. Consultant
                    selection should be based on the ability to provide a quality product in a timely

4.2.2               The scoring approach was developed to evaluate those factors considered critical
                    and significant to promote the goals of the project. The number of factors have been
                    kept to a minimum and include only those considered as most important. The
                    selection committee will review and score the original submittals and additional
                    information submitted according to Section 3.3. The selection committee may also
                    interview each of the shortlisted firms. The scores will be totaled for the project
                    based on the committee's evaluation of the firm's capabilities.

4.2.3               The task of the committee is to recommend to the Director of Public Works the
                    most qualified firm/consultant who is capable of performing quality work in a
                    timely manner. The committee's recommendation is subject to approval by the
                    Director of Public Works and the funding department.

4.2.4               Names of selection committee members are not available to the consultants.
                    Consultants should not attempt to contact selection committee members. Attempts
                    to contact or influence the selection committee prior to the interview may be
                    considered a conflict of interest.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.3                 Criteria                                                 Max. Points

4.3.1               Specialized experience and technical
                    competence of project team assigned
                    to this project:
                    a.       Management experience of firm                   *10
                    b.       Qualifications of project team                   30

4.3.2               Past record of performance:
                    a.      Experience record on similar projects             15
                    b.      Firm's primary expertise                          10

4.3.3               Proximity to City Municipal Building
                    a.    Firm's location                                      5

4.3.4               Overall impression of proposal:
                    a.     Organization, clarity,
                           conciseness and thoroughness                        5

4.3.5               Benefit to the City
                    a.      Size, diversity, availability of support staff
                            from other divisions, offices, etc.               10
                    b.      Computer services and/or software                  5
                    c.      Familiarity with Aurora area                       5
                    d.      Areas of specialization                            5

                                                                     TOTAL   (100 points)

4.4                 Modifications

                    Conflicts of interest                                    0 to -100

*Sub-consultants, firm size, and diversity

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

4.5                 Scoring

                    Each member of the selection committee will total the completed evaluation sheets.
                     The two consultants with the highest scores will be selected for negotiation of fee
                    for services and approval of the Director of Public Works. In case of a tie, the PM
                    will decide who will be selected for fee negotiations. His decision will be final.

5.0                 TENTATIVE RFP SCHEDULE

                                                                                        Proposed Date
                    Advertise in Daily Journal (two weeks)                              Nov. 25, 2002
                    Pre-proposal conference                                             Dec. 10, 2002
                    Technical proposals due                                             Dec. 16, 2002
                    Proposals screened by review committee                              Dec. 20, 2002
                    Shortlist announced                                                 Dec. 23, 2002
                    Additional information due                                          Jan. 3, 2003
                    Interviews with shortlisted firms                                   Jan. 8, 2003
                    Notification of selected firms                                      Jan. 15, 2003
                    Price proposals due                                                 Jan. 20, 2003
                    Review price proposals, meet with selected firms                    Jan. 23, 2003
                    Recommendation to Purchasing and Contracts                          Jan. 29, 2003
                    Council Approval                                                    Feb. 24, 2003
                    Award Action Complete                                               Mar. 15, 2003
                    Estimated start                                                     April 17, 2003

      R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                                             COST ESTIMATE
                                                                             C.O.A. PROJECT NO.
      PROJECT:                                                                       DATE:
            TASK                                 HOURS
                Category:            A   B   C     D     E     F    G   H              Total         Total
                                                                                       Hours         Labor

                   Hourly Rate:      S   T   U    V      W     X    Y    Z

      Task 1
       Subtask A                         1                     1                         2        1xT+1xX
       Subtask B                             1                      1                    2        1xU+1xY
       Subtask C                                  1                                      1             V

      Task 2
       Subtask A                                               1                         1            X
       Subtask B                                                    1                    1            Y
       Subtask C                                                         1               1            Z
      Task 3
       Subtask A                         1                                               1            T
       Subtask B                             1                                           1            U
      Task 4                         1                                                   1            S
      Task 5                                             1                               1            W

                    Total Hours      1   2   2    1      1     2    2    1              12         (TOTAL)

      Consultant Comments:

      Consultant Authorized Signature
      FORM 9302
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                              EXHIBIT A

                                        COMPLETING THE
                                      COST ESTIMATE FORM

This form should be used to develop or update the fee schedule.

Show all tasks and subtasks relevant to the work effort.

Category: Identify each classification of personnel which will be involved in the project. Show hourly
rate for the same.

Total Hours are shown by Category and Task or Subtask.

Total Labor costs are shown by Category and by Task or Subtask.

The Project Manager may approve other formats with similar detail.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                         EXHIBIT B, PART 1

                                         COMPLETING THE
                               MONTHLY STATUS OF WORK REPORT FORM

Show all tasks relevant to the work effort.

"% of Budget" under Man-hours - divide Total to Date by Budget Hours.

"% Work Complete" is the Consultant's best estimate of the status
     of the work effort. It should never exceed 100% and may be
     more or less than a figure derived by dividing actual cost to date
     by budget cost to date.

"Estimated Completion Date" is the Consultant's best estimate of
       when each task will be completed.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                           EXHIBIT B, PART 2

                                   PROGRESS REPORT NARRATIVE

The items which should be clearly identified in the progress report narrative are outlined below:

1.       Description of progress made by task.

2.       Are the tasks behind or ahead of schedule? Reasons why a task is behind schedule.

3.       What problems have been encountered? How have they been or will be resolved? How will this
         affect progress?

4.       Are certain phases of work being delayed beyond planned completion date? If so, why and what
         can be done to overcome the delays?

5.       Are work tasks or phases of work behind or ahead of planned costs? If ahead of planned costs,
         are there significant reasons? If so, what suggestions can be made to modify activities, etc., to
         prevent final overrun?

6.       Is there a foreseeable need for changes in the planned costs? Will problems, delays, etc., require
         changes in the contract? If so, what changes?

7.       Documentation of meetings (date, place, participants, minutes of meeting) are to be attached, or
         if submitted previously, referenced in the progress report.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                           EXHIBIT B, PART 3

                                  MONTHLY TIME COUNT REPORT

The time period that the report covers should be consistent with all other documents in the progress
report package, including the invoice. The time period should never overlap or gap the previous report.

Notice to Proceed Date refers to the date on the purchase order or other document authorizing you to
begin work.

Original Contract Days is the actual number of calendar days given to complete the work.

Original Completion Date is figured by adding the Original Contract Days to the Notice to Proceed Date.

Additional Days Allotted is the actual number of days added to the contract time by a written change

Total Days Allotted is the total of the Original Contract Days and Additional Days Allotted by change

Revised Contract Completion Date is figured by adding the Total Days Allotted to the Notice to Proceed

Time Lost refers to the days lost for review in excess of the normal review time listed in the RFP plus
any calendar day during which activity on the project was suspended. The description of the days lost
should include specific dates and reasons for the delay. Document only new lost time during the
reporting period. Lost time from previous periods can be carried over as "Time Lost From Previous

Total Days Lost is the total of the current reporting period lost time, plus lost time from previous reports.

Days Used Through This Period are figured by subtracting the Total Days Lost from the number of
calendar days between the Notice to Proceed Date to the end of the current reporting period.

Days Remaining to Complete are figured by subtracting the Total Days Used Through This Period from
the Total Days Allotted and adding the difference between the Additional Days Allotted and the Total
Days Lost.

The Current Estimated Completion Date is figured by adding the Days Remaining to Complete to the
date of the current reporting period. If this date does not agree with the Revised Contract Completion
Date, the consultant should discuss in the comment section.

Consultant comments can reflect comments in regard to possible problems with the contract time,
dollars, or other pertinent information.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                              EXHIBIT B-3

                               CONSULTANT'S MONTHLY TIME COUNT REPORT

Project No.:                                                    Date:
Project Title:

Time Period From:                              to

Notice to Proceed Date:

Original Contract Days:

Original Completion Date:

Additional Days Allotted CO#             through            :

Total Days Allotted:

          Revised Contract Completion Date:

DESCRIPTION OF LOST TIME                                                Days Lost
Lost Time From Previous Periods:

Total Days Lost
Days Used Through This Period:
Days Remaining to Complete:
Current Estimated Completion Date:
R-1175 Job Order Engineering
                                                                                 EXHIBIT B-1

                                                             MONTHLY STATUS OF WORK REPORT


PROJECT DESCRIPTION:                                                                    P.O. #                 COA PROJECT #
REPORT DATES:                                                                                                                        Page:
                                          from                          to

                                                   MAN-HOURS                                                  FEE
                               Budgeted     Hours    Previous  Total          % of       $       $ This     Previous   Total $     %      % Work      Estimated
                                Hours      This Mo.   Hours   To Date        Budget   Budgeted   Month         $                 Budget   Complete   Completion
    Task Description                                                                                                                                    Date

Contract Amount:                                                        *
Prior Invoices:                                                         *
This period:                                                            *
Total Billed to date:                                                   *
Balance of Contract:                                                    *               *(Show on last sheet each month)
R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                                       SECTION III

                                                SPECIAL CONDITIONS

Proposals will be considered only from those firms who are financially responsible and have the capability
to provide those services as noted herein.

Included in this package is a sample of the standard "Professional Services Contract", used by the City.
Prospective firms are requested to review this document and comment on any areas of objections in their
technical proposals.

Attached to the sample "Professional Services Contract" is a copy of the City's current insurance
requirements (Form 410-33).

If prospective firms do not have insurance coverage in any of the identified areas, the reason for lack of
coverage should be clearly stated in the technical proposal.

The successful firm is required to sign and notarize an affidavit stating that it is an independent contractor.
A sample affidavit is attached for your review. THE INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR IS NOT
ENTITLED TO WORKERS' COMPENSATION BENEFITS.                                            AN INDEPENDENT

The firm will agree not to assign or sublet the whole or any part of the contract without the prior written
consent of the City.

The City of Aurora reserves the right to amend this Request for Proposal by an addendum at any time
prior to the date set for receipt of proposals. Addenda or amendments will be posted to the City of
Aurora web site as soon as available and shall be the responsibility of the vendor to obtain all addenda.
Vendors registered for the paid service shall be notified either by fax or email depending on the service
that they have subscribed to. If revisions are of such a magnitude to warrant, in the City of Aurora’s
opinion, the postponement of the date for receipt of bids, an addendum will be issued announcing the
new date.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                       SECTION IV

                                PROFESSIONAL SERVICE AGREEMENT

                                        CITY OF AURORA
                                      AURORA, COLORADO


                    FILE NO.:          R-1175

                    P.O. NO.:

Professional Services Agreement (REV. 12/01)

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                               TABLE OF CONTENTS

                               Section I       CONSULTANT Responsibilities and Basic Services

                               Section II      The City's Responsibilities

                               Section III     Mutual Obligations of the City and Consultant

                               Section IV      Payment and Fee Schedule

                               Section V       Charter, Laws and Ordinances

                               Section VI      Termination of Contract

                               Section VII     Change Orders or Extensions

                               Section VIII    Equal Employment Opportunity

                               Section IX      Special Conditions

                               Section X       Insurance Requirements

                               Section XI      Examination of Records

                               Section XII     Indemnification

                               Attachment 1:   City of Aurora Insurance Requirements

                               Attachment 2:   Independent Contractor Affidavit

R-1175 Job Order Engineering


         THIS AGREEMENT, made as of the                   day of                            in the year Two
Thousand and Two by and between the CITY OF AURORA, COLORADO, hereinafter called the CITY,
and                             ,a                                  corporation with its principal place of
business at                                       , hereinafter called the CONSULTANT, WITNESSETH,
that whereas the CITY intends that the CONSULTANT, upon written authorization as hereinafter specified,
shall perform services as hereinafter provided; which are in accordance with the project scope and any
addenda thereto, which scope of services by this CONSULTANT together with addenda, if any, shall become
a part of this Agreement.

   NOW, THEREFORE, the CITY and the CONSULTANT for the consideration hereinafter set forth agree
as follows:


          A.        The CONSULTANT agrees to perform services in connection with projects as hereinafter
                    stated. Refer to Special Conditions where applicable.

          B.        All work to be performed by the CONSULTANT shall be authorized in writing through the
                    office of Purchasing and Contract Services subject to award as provided by Ordinance.
                    Said award shall set forth all special conditions and requirements not otherwise provided for
                    in this Agreement, but included in the Purchase Order.

          C.        Time of performance. The services to be performed under this Agreement shall be
                    commenced immediately upon issuance of a Professional Service Agreement and a
                    Purchase Order from the CITY and shall be completed no later than      unless
                    extended by the CITY in writing.

          D.        The CONSULTANT shall inform the CITY in writing of any additional firms it intends to hire
                    to perform work in connection with this Agreement and shall keep the CITY informed on any
                    changes or additions to this information. The CITY will approve any additional firms prior to
                    commencement of work per this Agreement. The CONSULTANT shall be responsible for
                    the performance of the additional firm(s). Nothing contained herein shall create any
                    contractual relationship between any additional firm(s) and the CITY.

          E.        Scope of Work:

          F.        The CONSULTANT shall be responsible for any injury to persons or damage to property to
                    the extent arising from negligent or otherwise wrongful acts or errors and omissions of the
                    CONSULTANT, its agents and employees. If the CONSULTANT knows of the damage the
                    CONSULTANT shall notify the City immediately. If the City discovers the damage, City will
                    notify CONSULTANT immediately. Repair shall be accomplished under City direction and
                    to City specifications so property is in as good or better condition then before damage. The
                    CONSULTANT shall provide the CITY with a certificate of liability coverage in accordance
                    per the attached form 410-33.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering


          The CITY shall:

          A.        Provide full information including detailed scope as to its requirements for the services.

          B.        Give prompt notice to the CONSULTANT whenever the CITY observes or otherwise
                    becomes aware of any discrepancies in the services provided.

          C.        Furnish, or direct the CONSULTANT to provide at the CITY'S expense, any necessary
                    additional services.

          D.        The CONSULTANT is not liable for delays in performance which are caused by the CITY,
                    the CITY’S Consultants, or events which are outside the control of the parties and could not
                    be avoided by the exercise of due care.


          A.        This Agreement does not guarantee to the CONSULTANT any work except as authorized in
                    accordance with Section I above, or create an exclusive contract.

          B.        The services and any and all interests contemplated under this Agreement shall not be
                    assigned, sublet or transferred without the written consent of the CITY.

          C.        The CONSULTANT and any and all of its personnel utilized by the CONSULTANT under the
                    terms of this Agreement shall remain the agents and employees of the CONSULTANT and
                    are not, nor shall be construed to be, agents or employees of the CITY.

          D.        All data collected by the CONSULTANT and all originals, or reproductions at the option of
                    the CITY provided that in no event shall the CITY be responsible for the costs of such
                    reproduction, of documents, notes, drawings, tracings, databases, and files collected or
                    prepared in connection with these services, except the CONSULTANT’S personnel and
                    administrative files, shall become and be the property of the City. However, the
                    CONSULTANT shall retain the right to freely use, publish and apply to other projects the
                    information, data, results, and materials developed by the CONSULTANT in the course of
                    performing under this Agreement.

                    The CITY recognizes that all-technical data, evaluations, reports and other work products
                    are instruments of the CONSULTANT’S services and not designed for use other than what
                    is intended by or reasonably foreseeable to the parties to this Agreement. The CITY shall
                    make no other use of the CONSULTANT’S work product without the prior approval of the

R-1175 Job Order Engineering


It is understood and agreed by and between the parties hereto, that the CITY shall pay the CONSULTANT
for services furnished, and the CONSULTANT shall accept as full payment for such services, amounts of
money computed as follows:

          A.        Total Compensation: The CITY agrees to pay and the CONSULTANT agrees to accept for
                    the services contained in Section I contracted herein a sum not to exceed
                    dollars. This amount shall include all services rendered by the CONSULTANT under this
                    Agreement including all travel, living and overhead expenses incurred in connection with
                    performing the services herein except for special services authorized in writing by the CITY.
                     The sum above stipulated shall be considered a "Not to Exceed" cost to the CITY.
                    CONSULTANT shall submit an invoicing schedule to be approved by the Project Manager.

                    Upon submission of CONSULTANT invoicing to the CITY, payment shall be issued. It is to
                    be understood and agreed that the CITY may require up to 21 days to process payment
                    after date of receipt of invoicing.


The CONSULTANT, at all times, agrees to observe all applicable Federal and State Laws, Ordinances and
Charter Provisions of the City of Aurora, and all rules and regulations issued pursuant thereto, which in any
manner affect or govern the services contemplated under this Agreement.



In the event a material breach of this Agreement remains uncured following reasonable notice of said breach,
the non-breaching Party may terminate this Agreement upon written notice specifying the effective date
thereof, provided the CITY shall have at least thirty (30) days to cure any such alleged breach. In the event
CONSULTANT illegally discriminates among or against any person or persons, no opportunity to cure such
breach need be provided by the CITY.


          1.       Change in CITY Policy. The CITY may terminate this Agreement at any time upon
               reasonable notice specifying the date thereof, provided the CONSULTANT shall be
               compensated in accordance with this Agreement for all work performed up to the effective
               date of termination.

          2.       Non-Appropriation of Funds. The expenditure by the CITY of any funds or other resources
               in any future fiscal year, regardless of the stated term of this Agreement, is subject to the lawful
               appropriation of sufficient funds therefor in the sole and unfettered discretion of the CITY’S
               governing body. In the event sufficient funds are not appropriated, the CITY may terminate this
               Agreement upon thirty (30) days prior notice.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering


          1.        Ownership of Work Product. In the event of termination, all finished and unfinished work
               product(s) prepared by the CONSULTANT pursuant to this Agreement shall become the sole
               property of the CITY, provided the CONSULTANT is compensated in accordance with this
               Agreement for all work performed in accordance with this Agreement up to the effective date
               of termination. CONSULTANT shall not be liable with respect to the CITY’S subsequent use
               of any incomplete work product, provided CONSULTANT has notified the CITY in writing of
               the incomplete status of such work product.

          2.      CITY’S Right to Set-Off and other Remedies.          Termination shall not relieve
               CONSULTANT from liability to the CITY for damages sustained as the result of
               CONSULTANT’S breach of this Agreement; and the CITY may withhold funds otherwise due
               under this Agreement in lieu of such damages, until such time as the exact amount of
               damages, if any, has been determined.


The CITY, may from time to time, require changes in the scope of the services of the CONSULTANT to be
performed herein. Such changes, including any increase or decrease in the amount of the CONSULTANT'S
compensation, which are mutually agreed upon by and between the CITY and the CONSULTANT, shall be
incorporated in written Change Orders or Extensions to this Contract.


          A.        The CONSULTANT will not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment
                    on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex (gender), religion, creed, or
                    physical or mental disability. The CONSULTANT may adhere to lawful equal opportunity
                    guidelines in selecting employees, provided that no person is illegally discriminated against
                    on any of the preceding bases. This provision shall govern, but shall not be limited to,
                    recruitment, employment, promotion, demotion, and transfer, and advertising therefor; layoff
                    or termination; rates of pay or other compensation; and selection for training, including
                    apprenticeship. The CONSULTANT shall post, in all places conspicuous to employees and
                    applicants for employment, notices provided by the State of Colorado setting forth the
                    provisions of this nondiscrimination clause.

          B.        All solicitations and advertisements for employees placed by or on behalf of the
                    CONSULTANT, shall state that CONSULTANT is an equal opportunity employer.

          C.        The CONSULTANT shall cause the foregoing provisions to be inserted in all subcontracts
                    for any work contemplated by this Agreement or deemed necessary by CONSULTANT, so
                    that such provisions are binding upon each sub-Consultant.

          D.        The CONSULTANT shall keep such records and submit such reports concerning the racial
                    and ethnic origin of employees and of applicants for employment as the U.S., the State of
                    Colorado, the City of Aurora, or their respective agencies may require.

          E.        The CONSULTANT shall comply with such rules, regulations and guidelines as the United
                    States, the State of Colorado, the City of Aurora, or their respective agencies may issue to
                    implement these requirements.
R-1175 Job Order Engineering



The CONSULTANT shall provide the appropriate certificates of insurance and Worker Compensation
documents, at no cost to the City, as described on Attachment #1. The CONSULTANT further agrees and
understands that they are to maintain and keep in force the appropriate insurance certificates throughout the
term of this Agreement.


This clause applies if this contract agreement exceeds $10,000.00.

The Internal Auditor of the City of Aurora, or a duly authorized representative from the City of Aurora shall
until three (3) years after final payment under this contract agreement have access to and the right to
examine any of the Consultant/Consultant's directly pertinent books, documents, papers, or other records
involving transactions related to this contract agreement.

The CONSULTANT agrees to include in first-tier subcontracts under this contract agreement a clause to the
effect that the City's Internal Auditor, or a duly authorized representative from the City of Aurora shall, until 3
years after final payment under the subcontract have access to and the right to examine any of the
Consultant's directly pertinent books, documents, papers, or other records involving transactions related to
the subcontract. "Subcontract," as used in this clause, excludes (1) purchase orders not exceeding
$10,000.00 and (2) subcontracts or purchase orders from public utility services at rates established to apply
uniformly to the public, plus any applicable reasonable connection charge.

The periods of access and examination as noted above for records relating to (1) litigation or settlement of
claims arising from the performance of this contract agreement, or (2) costs and expenses of this contract
agreement to which the City's Internal Auditor, or duly authorized representative from the City of Aurora has
taken exception, shall continue until such appeals, litigation, claims, or exceptions are disposed of.


The CONSULTANT shall indemnify, defend, and hold harmless the City, its officers, agents, and
employees, from and against all claims, damages, liabilities, and court awards, including costs, expenses,
and reasonable attorney fees, to the extent caused by any negligent or otherwise wrongful act, error, or
omission of the CONSULTANT, its officers, agents, and employees. The CONSULTANT shall provide the
City with prompt notice of any claim for which CONSULTANT may be liable. Likewise, the City agrees to
provide the CONSULTANT with prompt notice of any claim for which indemnification may be sought
hereunder and, further, to cooperate with the CONSULTANT in the resolution of such claim. Nothing
herein is intended to be or shall be construed to be a waiver of the City’s governmental immunity under
C.R.S. Section 24-10-101, et. Seq., as amended. In WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have
executed this Agreement as of the day and year first above written.

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

ATTEST:                        CITY OF AURORA, COLORADO

City Clerk                           Robert E. Cook, Manager
                                     Purchasing Services



Assistant City Attorney

Risk Manager



                               Name (Type or Print)



 R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                                         ATTACHMENT 1
The vendor or contractor providing services under this agreement will be required to procure and maintain,
at their own expense and without cost to the City of Aurora, until final acceptance by the City of all work
covered by the Purchase Order or contract the following types of insurance. The policy limits required are
to be considered minimum amounts:

 Commercial General Liability Insurance policy with minimum limits of $600,000 combined single limit
     for each occurrence. This policy should have a Broad Form Endorsement and include the
     following coverages: Blanket Contractual Liability, Broad Form Property Damage, Completed
     Operations and Personal Injury.

 Comprehensive Automobile Liability Insurance which includes coverage for all owned, non-owned
      and rented vehicles with a minimum limit of $600,000 combined single limit for each occurrence.

 Worker Compensation and Employers Liability Insurance shall cover the obligations of the
      vendor/contractor accordance with the provisions of the Workers Compensation Act, as
      amended, by the State of Colorado.

 Subcontractor's Insurance shall be the responsibility of the vendor/contractor to ensure that
      subcontractors are properly insured to meet the above requirements before they are permitted to
      commence work on the project.

In the event that the contract involves professional or consulting services, in addition to the
aforementioned insurance requirements, the contract shall also be protected by a Professional Liability
Insurance policy. The following policy limit is to be considered a minimum amount.

Professional Liability Insurance policy with a minimum limit of $1,000,000 per claim. The policy shall
provide coverage to protect the contractor against liability incurred as a result of the professional services
performed under this contract.

The contractor shall provide Certificates of Insurance to the City of Aurora demonstrating that the
aforementioned insurance requirements have been met prior to the commencement of work under this
contract. The Comprehensive General Liability and Automobile Liability Certificates of Insurance shall
have the City of Aurora, its elected and appointed officials, officers, employees, agents, representatives
and the title of the contract as additional insured. These Certificates of Insurance shall also contain a
valid provision or endorsement that these policies may not be canceled, terminated, changed or
modified to the extent such change or modification would cause the City's mandatory coverage
requirements as stated herein to be violated without a forty-five (45) day written notice prior to
expiration of same to the City of Aurora. Such notice to be forwarded to the Purchasing and Contract
Services Division of the City of Aurora, 1470 South Havana, Aurora, Colorado. The insurance
coverages enumerated above constitute the minimum requirements and said enumerations shall in no
way lessen or limit the liability of the contractor under the terms of the Contract. The contractor may
procure and maintain at their own expense, any additional kinds and amounts of insurance, that in their
own judgment, may be necessary for their proper protection in the performance of the work. Any of the
minimum limits of insurance set out herein may be raised or lowered at the sole discretion of the Risk
Manager for the City of Aurora in response to the particular circumstances giving rise to the contract.

Form No. 410-33

R-1175 Job Order Engineering

                                             ATTACHMENT 2

It is hereby understood by the City of Aurora, Colorado and the Contractor                   that all work
performed on Request for Proposal Number            R-1175          is that of an independent contractor. An
independent contractor is NOT a City of Aurora Employee and as such IS NOT ENTITLED TO WORKERS'

The parties hereto are in agreement.

Consultant                                       Title

Signature                                        Date

Name (type or print)


My Commission Expires


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