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         World's Largest Cowboy Boots at North Star
      Symbolize Universal Interest in Cowboy Phenomena
SAN ANTONIO (July 23, 2010) − The adage that everything is bigger in Texas was never
better illustrated than with the massive cowboy boot sculpture that adorns North Star's northern
face. The “World’s Largest Cowboy Boots” sculpture stands an impressive 40-feet tall, 30-feet
long, eight–feet wide and weighs in at 10,000 pounds. According to the sculpture’s creator, Bob
“Daddy-O” Wade, each boot could hold upwards of 300,000 gallons of Lone Star beer, just in
case anyone was inclined to fill them.

Designed in 1979 for the Washington Project for the Arts – a Washington, D.C. arts initiative –
the boots were created primarily from donated materials. Steel skeletons were covered with
urethane foam that was textured and painted to look like ostrich skin. Erected in an empty lot
near the White House, the boots were bought in 1980 by North Star Mall’s then-owner, The
Rouse Company, for a cool $20,000.

Since that time, the boots have enjoyed a rather colorful history. Moving the sculpture from
Washington, D.C. to the Alamo City proved to be an adventure in itself. After getting un-stuck
from an overpass in D.C., the enormous boots required three trailers and three days to move.
Once they arrived, a telescoping crane was necessary to put them in place.

The infamous 40-foot tall cowboy boots at North Star have definitely kicked up a little of dust
over the years. It was rumored that in the early 1970's, Wade was asked to cement over a hole in
the heel of the left boot after a vagrant was alleged to be living there. In the eighties, the boots

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housed a radio station that broadcast from the site during the rodeo and served as a beacon for
trail riders making their way to the annual Cowboy Breakfast.

Symbolizing the universal interest in Cowboy phenomena, North Star's Boots were featured on
Good Morning America; and are frequently showcased in international advertising campaigns,
books, and film. During the Holidays, more than 3,000 twinkling white lights set the grandiose
boots aglow, helping Santa find his way to San Antonio.

But, even a little more than 30 years in the south Texas sun will wreak havoc on the most durable
of footwear and these boots are no exception. In 2007 the sculpture’s paint was flaking and
fading, so NASA stepped up and provided a sealant that was applied to prevent further

It has been estimated that more than 180,000 cars pass the sculpture daily, no doubt reminding
commuters not only that bigger is better in Texas, but so is a little humor.

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