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4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage by kfoulks79


									  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

                                          My wife and I are on the
                                          brink in our marriage and I
                                          think we're heading for a
                                          divorce. Is there anything I
can do to start to make things right again in our relationship to save
our marriage?

First off, I think it's important for you to know that it's not too late to

stop your divorce. The breakup of marriage is one of the worst
things that can happen to a person, and in this day and age it's
something that we see all around us.
Experts say that more than half of all marriages will end in divorce.
And when you consider that divorce is usually viewed as just about
the most stressful event that can take place in a person's life, even
more stressful than the death of a family member, I think it's fair to
say that there's a lot of pain out there in the world.
The tragic thing here is that most of these breakups could have been
prevented. You relationship do not have to be a statistic. You have
the power to do something about it and stop your divorce. Now I
want to be realistic here and I won't say that it is going to be easy,
but it is possible.
You can't expect to stop your divorce without a plan anymore than
you can expect to build a house without blueprints. Fortunately, the
help is available but you need to make an effort to take advantage of
it. Your marriage does not have to fail and be a statistic. You can do
something about it.
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

It's going to be impossible to stop your divorce if you don't know the
Step One: Discover the Problem

reason why your marriage is falling apart so you need to work with
your spouse to diagnose what is wrong with the marriage. Now this
is much easier said than done because what you think might be the
main reason for the divorce could just be a symptom of a bigger
Also, stay away from playing the blame game against each other at
this point in time. With respect to your marriage, neither of you are
perfect and you both have faults and if you bring this up now, you
will never make any progress.
Something to keep in mind during this step: How your spouse reacts
towards you in your life is a direct reflection on how you treat them

Often, this is the most crucial step. If you don't repair the problem,
Step Two: Fix the Problem

then you can't stop your divorce. Some difficulties cannot be
repaired, but most can. The reason why most relationship ending
problems do not get solved is they are never ever acknowledged.
Although you've already done that in step one. What you must do
now is work together with your husband or wife to make the
compromises which will save your marriage.
Something to keep in mind during this step: The only person that
can change you is you so instead of trying to change each other as a
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

solution to fixing the problem, work on fixing yourself and how you
interact with your spouse.
 I recommend getting a pen and paper and making a list of things
that need to be worked on in your marriage. Separate the list into
things that you can work on as individuals and as a couple and then
get to work on it. And remember to be patient with each other
during this delicate process.

This step is going to require that you reflect on your marriage and
Step Three: Remember the Good Times

what brought you together in the first place. No matter how bad
your marriage has gotten, there was a point when things were good.
As a couple, your goal here should be to get back to the place you
started when everything was good between you. Even if it isn't right
now, it's important to keep in mind that what you have was at one
point good.
Something to keep in mind during this step: Just because you've had
some ups and downs as a couple does not negate the good times you
had together. Each of you come up with a creative list of things to do
that will bring you closer together and get you interacting with each
other again.

The final step in your quest to stop your divorce is to start again.
Step Four: Begin Again

You need to look at your marriage as a brand spanking new
marriage. While you should keep in mind the good times, you need
to forget the bad times and discover your spouse all over again.
   4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Stuff has changed, and you need to make your marriage work with
the person you are married to, not the person you were married to
or the person you wish they were. Accept them as they are, and
work together to build a better, stronger marriage.
Something to keep in mind during this step: Use this as a chance to
start dating each other again. Use your creative list that you came up
with in step 3 to set up some dates with each other and rekindle
your love again.

These 4 steps are a great starting point to fixing your marriage and
The Bottom Line

putting the brakes on your divorce but you both need to be on the
same page and willing to work at it.
There are systems available online that will help you fix your
marriage especially if you’re having difficulty dragging your spouse
to expensive counseling sessions.
Check out the MOMU system and see for yourself how it can not only
transform, but save your marriage.
                      Our Review of the MOMU System
Welcome to our review of The Magic of Making Up by T.W. Jackson.
We downloaded and fully read the eBook so that we could give you a
thorough and honest review. The Magic of Making Up is an eBook,
which means that once you’ve purchased the book you’ll be able to
download and instantly access all of the content.
What You Get
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

The 62-page Magic of Making Up eBook
Bonus #1 – The Clean Slate Method
Bonus #2 – Mind Magic (The Second Chance Letter)
After reviewing the entire package, we feel that the Magic of Making
Up program is complete on its’ own – even if the bonuses weren’t
included. The two bonuses make it an even more attractive value. I
personally found the Mind Magic book to be great fun and
informative, as it shares a variety of tips that can be used in all of
our relationships.

T.W. Jackson uses common sense, combined with sound
The Magic of Making Up Basics

psychological principals, to help you avoid some of the typical
pitfalls people make when attempting to reconcile in their
relationships. In this way you’ll ensure the best possible opportunity
for success.

Chapter 1: Why Your Relationship Ended
System Outline:

Chapter 2: Your Key to Winning Their Love
Chapter 3: Removing the Splinter in Your Relationship
Chapter 4: Re-Igniting the Spark of Passion and Desire
Chapter 5: How Other People Can Bring You Back Together
Chapter 6: Easing Back Into Your Relationship
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Chapter 7: Maintaining the Fun and Love
Chapter 8: When Your Relationship Can't Be Saved

Reflect on the REAL reason that the relationship ended: From pages
Chapter Insights

5-8 you’ll learn that while there are many reasons for a couple to
break up, that for each sex there is just one reason for leaving a
relationship. Find out what this reason is, so that you can cut
through the confusion.
Don’t panic – instead use some planned time apart to take care of
yourself: On pages 9-15 the author shares that you can take some
needed time apart so as to gain perspective. Time apart doesn’t
mean the relationship is over! You’ll also learn about the FAST
FORWARD technique that can help you to process any pain you may
be feeling more effectively and quickly.
Check in with yourself about the relationship: From pages 16-22 the
author has you take a look at why you got together in the first place.
He then asks you to make a list of the positives and negatives, and
evaluate whether this relationship could really work in your life
moving forward.
Steps to support yourself before you attempt to reunite: Assuming
you decide to attempt to reunite with your ex, you’ll learn about a
few steps you’ll want to take before you contact him or her. On
pages 23- 32 you’ll discover some simple, proven steps to help you
take care of yourself, while becoming more appealing than ever to
your ex. You’ll also learn how to break the pattern of negative
association that played a role in your breakup – and replace it with a
new, irresistible association to him or her.
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Ease back into your relationship, while creating new fun with your
partner: This is the heart of the guide! On pages 33-57 you’ll learn
how to initiate contact with your ex, how to invite the first date, and
an ‘instant reconnect’ technique.
You’ll also learn to avoid the common pitfalls that many couples
make when trying to reunite. There are tips about dating again, as
well as dating others, information about sex, and much more. These
chapters will afford you the best opportunity to get back together!
In the event that the relationship has truly ended, the final chapter
helps you to move on with grace: This chapter will help you to take
care of your own needs, while avoiding the rebound trap, stalking
your ex, and more.
Instead, the focus is to help you learn from your relationship so that
you have the best opportunity to eventually attract the best partner
for you.

The first bonus is the “Clean Slate” eBook, which focuses on a highly

effective method for apologizing. I learned a lot from this short book,
which outlined four, simple steps for apologizing the right way.
The second bonus is called “Mind Magic”, which gives you an outline
for a letter that is sure to get the attention of your ex. It also talks
about some fool proof methods of getting a return call when leaving
a message for your ex. I found both of these books to be an easy
read, while offering excellent information that can be powerful in all
of our relationships.
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Common sense and comprehensive guide that covers all aspects of
relationships – explaining the two basic reasons why people break
Offers a step by step plan to ensure the best chances of getting back
together if you decide to pursue the relationship again, while
avoiding a variety of typical mistakes that well-intentioned people
often make.
Proven program that is backed by a large number of testimonials.
Provides a wealth of information using a fairly easy, 5 step program.
Helpful bonuses included.
Highly cost-effective self-help option, when compared to individual
or couples therapy.

Be prepared to take some time apart before jumping back into the

T.W. Jackson is not a relationship therapist, so while his program is
thoroughly researched and has proven results, you may also wish to
seek additional support from a professional.
Real Success Stories from the Magic of Making Up
Talking Like Friends Again!
I have just downloaded the materials from the website. I am eager to
read and learn.
   4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Just from the video via your website, before attaining the reading
materials, I talked with my ex yesterday for 40 MINUTES!!
It has been months since we have talked that long like friends. He even
hinted around that we could have a future together.
Thanks for the free advice and I can’t wait to get to reading!!
I’ll keep in touch.

Dating Again!
Just wanted to say thank you soooooooooo much for the amazing
advice in your book the magic of making up.
Yesterday was that all important First Date and it was absolutely
fantastic… i just had an email from him saying what a great time he
had and how he can’t believe how cool it was to be together.
Also back when we split up, your book picked me up out of the mud
when I was feeling the worst I ever felt in my life, and doing all the
things you advised gave me a life line – now I am so much stronger
and happier.
I’m still going to take things slowly with my ex (I’m not at the end of
your plan yet!!) but I can’t believe how well life is going only 2 months
after I felt like I was half dead. Thank you so much.
  4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

Best Money Ever Spent…
You are the best!!! After one day, again one day, my changed attitude
had my ex calling and wanting to see me. I won’t take his calls but this
showed me that the changes you showed me, worked…you have helped
me more than you will ever know…
Thanks and keep up the good work. Best money I ever spent!!!

You are committed to learning and growing from your relationships.
The Magic of Making Up Program is right for you if

You are willing to take your time in looking objectively at your
relationship and why it ended, and you want to invest some time to
think about your long term goals and how reuniting would enhance
your life.
Our Take
T.W. Jackson offers an easygoing, believable, and no-nonsense
approach to relationships. We believe that his logical style can help a
person who is in pain separate the emotions of breaking up from the
steps that need to be taken in order to potentially rebuild the
relationship. Whether you end up reuniting or not, we feel that this
guide will help you feel more empowered in your current and future
Check out the Magic of Making Up Here
4 Steps to Stop Your Divorce and Save Your Marriage

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