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									Translation: I, Thomas Kinkade, hereby bequeath my house at 16342 Ridgecrest Avenue, Monte Sereno, CA to Amy Pinto
in the event of my death. I also give the sum of $10,000,000 to Amy Pinto to be used for the establishment of the Thomas
Kinkade Museum at 16324 Ridgecrest Ave., Monte Sereno, CA for the public in perpetuity of original art. This Statement is
null and void if my relationship with Ms. Pinto ends as is defined by me in a future letter.
Thomas Kinkade
Translation: I, Thomas Kinkade, being of sound mind and body do hereby bequeath to Amy Pinto Walsh $10,000,000 in
cash from my corporate policy and I give her the house at 16324 and 16342 Ridgecrest Avenue for her security.
Thomas Kinkade
Nov. 18, 2011

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