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20 Mobile App for IT


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Information Technology – Great Mobile Apps Not on Your Radar
Ok, I get it, Christmas is coming, enough already with the pre-event commercials. Well let’s
see if I can help you in some way here. First, here is a useful guide in what phones make
good gifts this year – just look at the available applications below…

Now that is out of the way, never say that I don’t have any value to the general public. Now
for my IT friends, I have a list of 20 mobile apps just for you, see below.

     1. Boxcar (FREE or $4.99) The app lets you customize the way you are notified and in the
        year and a half I have been using Boxcar, I have become increasingly dependent on the
        service and with the exception of a few cases, it never disappointed me and was always a
        reliable solution.

     2. Onavo (FREE) Onavo will save you serious money on your data plan and without you even
        knowing it is there. Basically, Onavo runs your Web traffic through their servers and
        basically shrinks your data. Onavo also enables you to see what apps are using the most
        data and how much of your plan you have used. This is great for users with limited data

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                                  IT News, Served Cold with a Kick!
                                  Remember Cheap ? inexpensive...

           plans and it is even greater for people who travel a lot. It can save you serious money on
           roaming charges, which we all know are completely out of control.

     3. FlyScreen (FREE) The app offers an easy-to-read and pleasant-on-the-eyes user interface
        that enables you to add your favorite RSS feeds or social networks such as Twitter and
        Facebook and read them on the go.

     4. DoAT (FREE) The app will show you your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google results for
        your name, and others. If you had clicked Reference as a category, you might see any
        mention of your name on various sites such as Wikipedia,, or others. The app
        might take you some time to get used to but it definitely offers a lot of value depending on
        your search query.

     5. 360 Panorama (0.99) PhotoSynth. 360 Panorama has to be the best designed, easiest to
        use, and most feature-rich panorama app out there. Anyone who has done installs knows
        this would be nice to have as part of their Site Analysis and their Final install tool bag, the
        app is very user friendly and the resulting photos are super impressive.

     6. Whiteboard Capture (1.99) Allows users to filter pictures of whiteboards to remove
        undesirable artifacts and get a near-perfect digital image.

     7. Evernote (FREE) Allows users to save ideas and notes in text, voice and photos and access
        from any device.

     8. Mindjet (7.99) Allows users to capture and share ideas on the go, and transfer mind maps
        to and from Mac or PC.

     9. iShare (FREE) Allows users to connect to Microsoft SharePoint Server, giving them access
           to their corporate documents, tasks and meetings from anywhere.

     10. Awesome Note (3.99) Allows users to organize notes and to-do lists in folders create
           custom lists and schedules, attach photos, and sync with Google Docs or Evernote.

     11. SmartTime Pro (4.99) Allows users to manage appointments, and fit additional tasks
         around them.

     12. Things (9.99) Allows users to manage to-dos, notes, due dates and projects. User can also
         schedule tasks and manage priorities using custom tags.

     13. Bento (4.99) Allows users to manage personal or business data by organizing information
         using templates for contacts, projects, to-do items and customer information.

     14. Convert ~ The Unit Calculator (2.99) Allows users to convert and calculate units.

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                                  IT News, Served Cold with a Kick!
                                  Remember Cheap ? inexpensive...

     15. Jump Desktop (19.99) Allows users to remotely access Mac or PC systems. Remote
         applications can be controlled with simple gestures to zoom, pan, click, scroll and type with

     16. FTP On The Go (6.99) Allows users to view, edit and download files from an FTP server.

     17. Wyse PocketCloud Pro (7.99) Allows users to access their terminal, server or supported
         PC virtually. Users can view and manage Windows desktop remotely.

     18. Network Utility Pro (0.99) Allows users to check performance and status of the corporate
           servers using network tools including ping and TCP/IP port scans.

     19. 1Password (9.99) Allows users to securely store important passwords and information.

     20. Tap Forms Database (6.99) Allows users to create and edit built-in or custom database
         forms on the go.

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