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					Upstate Hiking and Adventure Club          September 2007
                                                We are beginning our backpacking
There were 4 of us brave souls who took         adventures. Our first backpacking trip
on the French Broad River and won. Was          will be on September 14th, 15th and 16th on
a wonderful trip down the river with as         the Chattooga trail in Oconee County.
our guide put it very technical moves due       This will be a turtle hike since I am along.
to the water level being so low. Sheldon        I am doing much better however this hike
tried out a “Duckie” while the rest us          will have a bigger pack on my back. I am
stayed in a raft and let the guide do most      hoping to do at least 7 miles on Saturday
of the hard work. Had a great time and          so Sunday is a little easier. Come out and
our campsite was nice and large and gave        join us and enjoy nature. Check out the
us lots of room to move around and our          web site for more information and come
neighbors were not right on top of us.          join us on this adventure.
This is a trip we will do again.
 As I mentioned the water level was very        We also have a second camping trip
low please everyone help conserve water         planned on September 28th, 29th and 30th
by a few simple changes in daily life. You      kayaking down the cypruss/tupeto swamp.
may already being doing these if not            This is part of the Edisto River Refuge
please start: when brushing your teeth,         and we should see a lot of wildlife. This is
turn the water off while you are doing the      10 miles kayaking down river. We will
actual brushing. You would be amazed by         have Kate, Steve, Sean and Ian with us
how much water is saved by doing this           with their maps and experience to keep us
simple act. Also while running water to         out of trouble. Kate, Sean and Steve do
get it hot place a pot or something to          not count in the 10 slots that are open for
catch the water and use this water to           RSVP. If you are interested in going
water the house plants or plants outside.       please RSVP soon as I will be calling
There are several ideas you may all have        around the 6th of September to give a
please share so we can all do our part. I       count and an arrival time on Friday night.
am very conscious of this problem since I       It will take about 3 hours to get there, so
have well water and this time of year we        I was hoping we could leave around 4:30
are very careful.                               or so in the afternoon so we could be set
                                                up by dark. Pack like you are backpacking
                                                but a cooler will be fine also. We are
                                                allowed one vehicle in the campgrounds. I
                                                will have much more on this the closer we
                                                get to the date.

                          We have two
       great camping trips planned for
       this month.                                        We are taking Labor Day
                                                weekend off so have a safe and happy
labor day. Check the site for hikes that      yellow) is the poisonous one. Your
will be later in the month.                   chance of dying from a venomous
                                              snakebite in the wilderness is extremely
                                              remote (about one in 12 million).
              The cook out and tubing
                                              Snakes can strike up to one-half their
trip was wonderful with great food and
                                              body length and may bite and not inject
good friends. The tubing trip was so
                                              venom. No poisoning occurs in about 20
enjoyable that it is planned again for Sun
                                              to 30 percent of rattlesnake bites.
August 26th.
                                              Signs and symptoms: Pain and burning
                                              at the bite site, followed by swelling or
                                              blistering, nausea and vomiting,
                                              numbness or tingling, especially around
                                              mouth, scalp or fingers, severe bite-
                                              weakness, dizziness, shock, cold,
                The next rafting trip is in
                                              clammy skin weak pulse
October the 12th, 13th and 14th. We will
                                              Treatment: control panic, rinse the area
be camping at the Breaks State Park. IF
                                              around the bite site with water to remove
YOU ARE INTERESTED IN THIS TRIP               any venom that might remain on the skin
YOU MUST CALL AS SOON AS                      surface, clean the wound and cover with
POSSIBLE TO RESERVE AND PAY FOR               a sterile dressing. Remove any rings or
YOUR SPOT. THEY GO FAST AND THIS              jewelry, immobilize the injured part as
RIVER IS RAFTED ONLY IN THE                   you would for a fracture, but splint it just
MONTH OF OCTOBER ON THE                       below the level of the heart. Transport
WEEKENDS. See the site for details on         the victim to the nearest hospital as soon
how to reserve your spot. Before RSVP         as possible. It is not necessary to kill the
yes for the trip please pay for you trip      snake and transport it with the victim for
and than put confirmed by your name.          identification. Identify the snake if
                                              possible. Decapitated snake heads can
                                              still produce venom. Believe it or not
                                              snakes are more afraid of you than you
                                              are of them. They also do a lot of good
                                              so please treat them with respect.
             This time of year snakes are
out and about either seeking shade to         Did you know that a ring around the
stay cool or sun to get warm. When            moon is a sign of impending wet
hiking do not put your hands where you        weather, as is a halo around the sun.
cannot see where they are going and           Both mean bad weather is on the way in
when coming to a log, tree trunk in the       the next 12-24 hours.
path always step on top of the log and
look down under the log to make sure no
varmint is under the log trying to get
cool.                                         Did you know a gauze pad impregnated
There are two classes of poisonous            with honey is an effective covering for
snakes in the United States; Pit vipers       burns. (1st degree). It reduces infection
and coral snakes. Pit vipers include          and promotes healing of the wound.
rattlesnakes, cottonmouths (water
moccasins) and copperheads. They have
a characteristic triangular head, and         RSVP yes and come join us on our
catlike, elliptical pupil. Coral snakes are   adventures.
known by their color pattern (red touch

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