Minutes of Convergence meeting 13 02 2012 by MQ9vG7


                         CDMA OFFICE.

Officers Present:-

          1.    Dr. B.Janardhan Reddy, IAS, Director of Municipal Administration.
          2.    Sri T.Murlidhar, Additional Director, O/o DMA.
          3.    Sri R.Yadagiri Reddy, Additional Director, O/o DMA.
          4.    Sri K.Suresh Kumar, Chief Engineer, O/o Engineer –in-Chief, (PH), Hyderabad.
          5.    Smt. K.Parvathi Devi, Joint Director, O/o Director of Treasuries and Account.
          6.    Sri N.Satyanarayana, Administrative Manager, APUFIDC Ltd, Hyderabad.
          7.    Sri P.Gourishankar, Project Manager and CES, APMDP.
          8.    Sri M. Srinivasa Rao, Project Manager, CGG, Hyderabad.
          9.    Dr.N.Satyanarayana, Regional Director –cum- Appellate Commissioner of Municipal
                Administration, Hyderabad.
          10.   Smt.K.Parvathi Devi, Joint Director, O/o. DTA.
          11.   Sri B.R.Satyanarayana, Joint Director, O/o DMA
          12.   Sri S.A.Khader Saheb, Joint Director, O/o DMA
          13.   Sri J.Shankaraiah, Joint Director, O/o DMA

      Review of progress of previous meeting minutes:-

   1. Regarding Third Party Quality Control on works, the EnC (PH) is further requested to
      expedite the action for finalizing the norms, duly making the suggestion to see that if it
      would be better to enhance the works value from Rs.1 lakh to Rs.10 lakhs.
                                                                             Action: EnC(PH)

   2. DMA has requested the EnC (PH) for timely technical sanctions under 12th FC works etc.,
      in order to ensure and enhance inter-departmental coordination.
                                                                          Action : EnC(PH)

   3. The Joint Director (D Section) has been requested to obtain from the WEB or personally
      go to ASCI and obtain their Calendar of Training programmes for the year 2012-13.

                                                                Action taken by the D Section.

   4. For the remarks of Technical Committee on the remaining 55 ULBs RfQ, the RD,
      Hyderabad has informed that the meeting as proposed could not be conducted as the Joint
      Director (Khadar) is not available., it will be taken up on 14-2-2012 positively.
                                                                            Action: JD (H.Sec)
   5. The DMA further suggested that the Joint Director (Khadar) along with e-Seva and
      e-Suvidha officials to have detailed discussion on the postings of e-seva and
      reconciliations and find out a mechanism that ensures and enables a Municipal
      Commissioner to know the up-to-date status of transactions at the end of each and every
                                                                           Action: JD (F.Sec)
   6. Regarding auction of old office car, the Additional Director (Admn) has been delegated
      with powers to settle the issue within a time of 15 days.
                                                                       Action : JD (OP.Sec)
7. The DMA has requested the EnC(PH) to offer his remarks immediately as sought vide this
   office Lr.No.21975/11-M#, dated 28.11.11, wherein certain clarification has been sought
   for, and want of which salaries for workers have been held up for 10 months.As the report
   from the EnC is still awaited the DMA requested that the issue has to be sorted out by
   tomorrow duly getting the remarks from the SE (PH) concerned.
                                                                (Urgent Action : EnC (PH)

8. Regarding the issue of preparation of DPRs for the newly constituted Municipalities /
   Nagarpanchayats, the EnC(PH) has been requested to write to the Government as to how
   the fees for such preparation of DPRs are to be met ; to utilize from out the funds available
   in various schemes / or fees exemption etc.
                                                                           (Action: EnC (PH)

9. The DTCP has informed that the deputation of Town Planning staff to the newly
   constituted Municipalities from other Municipalities is causing much dislocation of work
   and whenever the staff are being withdrawn from the new municipalities, the MCs
   concerned are obstructing to relieve them. Therefore, the DTCP is requested to see that
   the Town planning activities in the newly constituted municipalities are tobe supervised
   by a experience officers for at least 45 days.
                                                                          (Action : DTCP)
10. Further, in certain newly constituted Municipalities / NPs salaries they are facing
    difficulties in drawing salaries from municipal funds, the Joint Director, DTA has
    informed that the problem has been solved in all the newly constituted Municipalities /

11. Regarding Jangareddygudem Municipality issue, where their DTO office is at Polavaram,
    the Joint Director, DTA informed that it needs to analysed further on the remarks of the
    local DTO and necessary action will be taken to sort out the issue. The DMA requested to
    JD (DTA) whatever decision taken in the matter, it should have a logical end.
                                                            (Action : JD (DTA) / JD (B Sec.)

12. The DMA has instructed the Joint Director (K Section) that keeping in view of
    constitution of Municipal Accounts Subordinate Service, wherein 50% staff are earmarked
    for direct recruitment and other 50% are to be filled by promotion, a very urgent action
    needs to be taken for promoting the existing staff members, then arrive at a figure of
    vacancies for which deputations from State Treasury Department or from other
                                                                   (Action : JD (K Section)
13. Regarding the HUDCO CSR Policy, the proposals that are received from the 3 out of
    selected Urban Local Bodies and the same are being sent to the HUDCO. Remaining
    proposals are yet to be received.
                                                                    (Action : EnC (PH)
14. Regarding formation of Parks, the DMA has requested for expediting the matter.
                                                     (Action : EnC(PH) / DTCP / APUFIDC)
   15. Regarding Sanitation Tenders issue in Guntur Municipal Corporation, after a detailed
       discussion on the subject, the DMA felt that integrated and comprehensive guidelines are
       to be prepared in the matter after examining all the existing GOs / Memos in force. If
       modification is required / fresh Guidelines are issued, the same may be proposed to
       Government for issuing the same. This work shall be done within 7 days time.

                                                                          (Action : JD (Khadar)
New Issues for discussion:
   1. In some of the ULBs, the salaries for UDRI staff are not being approved by the local DTO
      offices, stating that the UDRI and UDC are different cadres. It has been clarified to the
      Joint Director (DTA), that as per the norms prescribed in the staffing pattern proposal, the
      nomenclature of posts of UDRI and UDC is one and the same. For this purpose, Copy of
      GO has been extended to the JD (DTA), and she is requested to sort out the issue and see
      that the salaries are paid to them.
                                                                             (Action : JD (DTA)

   2. Regarding proposal submitted by CGG on Municipal Call Centres, the e-sividha must
      obtain remarks from the e-seva to facilitate submission of proposals to the Government in
      the matter.
                                                                       (Action : PD (APMDP)

   3. Regarding visit of Urban Development Department Team from Andhra Pradesh to study
      the 24x7 pressurised water supply project at Hubli-Dharwad, Belgaum & Gulbarga, the
      DMA requested the EnC (PH) to select team members.
                                                                         (Action : EnC(PH)

   4. It has been brought to the notice of the Joint Director (DTA) that certain DTO offices are
      accepting Bills for Medical Reimbursement in respect of Municipal Employees, but some
      DTOs are rejecting such proposals stating that there is no head mentioned as Medical
      Reimbursement, except salaries and pensions. Therefore, by giving relevant GOs., she has
      been requested to sort out the issue.

                                                                             (Action : JD (DTA)
With that the meeting has been adjourned and the next meeting will be held on 27.02.2012 at
Director of Municipal Administration’s office at 5:00 PM.

                                                           Sd/- Dr.B.JANARDHAN REDDY
All the Participants.
All the Officers and Superintendents of DMA office.

                                                                        for Director

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