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“We unite in our purpose to inspire and prepare learners for life in our
changing world community.”

Newsletter #2
October 2011                                                   Principal’s Message
Kelly Fassel (905) 640-2232
                                                               The 2011-2012 school year is off to a very
Superintendent:                                                successful start at Ballantrae. We were
Kathy Witherow (905) 895-5155                                  fortunate not to have to reorganize our
School Trustee:
Loralea Carruthers (905) 953-0562                              classes, and as a result, our staff and
School Council Chairs:                                         students are able to continue along the
John Scott
Beverly Love                                                   learning continuum without the
Staff                                                          interruptions of new settings and
Mrs. M. Nickel (M/W)                                           changed timetables. Class placements
Mrs. F. Aricci (T/Th)                                          were posted later than usual, but this
SK/Grade One
Mrs. M. Fiering
                                                               allowed the staff time to create balanced
Grade One/Two                                                  classes that met the Ministry
Mrs. G. Piraine                                                requirements. Thank you to the staff for
Grade Two
Mrs. K. Ivic                                                   their careful planning of the classes, and
Grade Two/Three                                                to the community for respecting their
Mrs. J. Oman
Grade Three                                                    decisions.
Mrs. J. Blake
Grade Four/Five
Mrs. B. vanHoogenhuize                                         “Have you filled a bucket today?
Grade Four/Five                                                We are bucket fillers!”
Ms. S. Sanyal, Mrs. R. Filtsos
Grade Six/Seven
                                                               We are introducing a new initiative to
Mrs. A. Williams                                               encourage everyone in our school
Grade Six/Seven                                                community to be kind and supportive of
Mr. S. Millar
Grade Seven/Eight                                              each other. Ask your children about
Mr. B. Horvath                                                 their classroom discussions and the
Office Admin. Assistant
Ms. S. Wolf                                                    “bucket filling” challenge of the week.
Mrs. A. Ballingall, Mrs. E. Tufford
Special Education                                              Leadership is foundational to the success
 Miss M. Lane, Ms. S. Sanyal                                   of our school.
Mr. J. Kaliczak
                                                               We have a strong School Council that
Music                                                          represents our families and supports
Mrs. I. Legros
                                                               student success. The following members
Mrs. C. Baker                                                  were acclaimed at the September 22nd
Teaching Assistants                                            School Council meeting:
Mrs. L. Greenshields, Mrs. N. Glenn, Mrs. L. Weisbrod

Co-Chairs – John Scott & Beverly Love
Secretary – Annalisa Cariglia-Bell
Treasurer – Farshad Amin

Student Council has input into the issues
that affect the student body.
On Friday, September 30th, classes from
grades four t0 eight listened to the
speeches presented by the students            We have a new lost and found box!
running for office on Student Council.
                                              Thank you to Mr. Scott (a.k.a. the Sheriff) for
Congratulations to all of the students for    building a new box to house our lost and found
their effective speeches, and to the          items in the Crush. This is a good time to remind
following elected members of the council:     parents to label their child(ren)’s clothing, shoes
                                              and boots. The new box is already full of lost
President – Braden Amin                       things that you are probably missing at home.
Vice President – Melanie Schouten
Secretary Treasurer – Rebecca Bourgeois
                                              Please check the box when you are at the school.

Representatives from each of the grade
four to eight classes will also participate
in the council meetings.

Other demonstrations of student
leadership include:
                                              The Kindies have a new table in the
Kindergarten Helpers
                                              Kindergarten yard.
Slide Monitors
Bus Buddies                                   Thank you again to Mr. Scott for sharing his
DPA Leaders                                   carpentry talents.
Lunch Monitors
Office Assistants
Morning Announcers
ECO Club Members
Library Helpers

We thank all of our leaders for
volunteering their time to support our        Have you noticed the new look to the gardens at
school.                                       the front of the school? Thank you to Cathy
                                              Passafiume for donating the mulch and to our
                                              caretaking staff for using it to tidy up the gardens.

Kelly Fassel

                                                       Back to School – Back to Reading
                                                         Meet the Teacher Pizza Event
                                                            Tuesday, October 4th
                                                                 5:30 – 8:00
                                                       Student and Parent Book Exchange

                                                    The library needs to make room for our new
                                                    books; we are setting up book exchange tables
@ The Library                                       for students, parents and teachers. Please bring
                                                    a book that you are finished with and
Welcome back to the Library Resource Centre at      exchange it for something new to read.
Ballantrae P.S.
                                                    Our student volunteers (grades 5-8) begin
                                                    their library helper schedule this week. They
                                                    are technicians, designers, advertisers and
                                                    kindie bag helpers.
                                                    Parents, please look for the parent volunteer
                                                    signup sheet at: The Meet The Teacher event
                                                    and consider giving an hour once in awhile or
Check it out….                                      on a regular basis to help maintain the
The Intermediate, Young Adult, book area in the     collection of books and/or read with young
library is under construction. A group of grade 6   students.
students has been sorting books, painting and re-
designing their corner of the library.                      It’s Easy and It’s Fun
                                                          Work With Other Parents
If anyone in the community has beanbag chairs                  Be Involved
or a small sofa that they would be willing to            Become a Library Volunteer
donate to the Intermediate Book Area, please
contact the school.

                                                    Check out the Library Page on the school
                                                    website for Special Events, Book Reviews,
                                                    Bibliography Information, Book Exchange
                                                    Policies and a Library Photo Gallery.

Ballantrae Athletics

                                                      Terry Fox Run
Ballantrae Hats, Water Bottles & Gym Bags             Our school took part in our Annual Terry Fox
Ballantrae hats, water bottles and gym bags will      Run on Wednesday, September 28th. The
be on sale at the Pizza Meetza family event. The      weather was beautiful and the students had a
hats and water bottles each cost $10, and the gym     wonderful afternoon walking and running for
bags are $6.                                          Terry. Our school collected $283.13 through the
                                                      Toonies for Terry fundraiser. This money will be
                                                      donated to the Terry Fox Foundation.
                                                      Way to go Ballantrae! You really helped to fill
                                                      our “Community Bucket”.

                                                      Collecting, Collecting, Collecting
                                                      We are participating in the Campbell’s “Labels
                                                      for Education” program again this year. Please
                                                      save your Campbell’s soup labels and Goldfish
                                                      Cracker labels. We have a collection bin in our
 Ballantrae Gym Clothing                              office. Look for the “Labels for Education” sign
The order forms for the Ballantrae gym clothing       on these products. We are saving for an
were sent home last week. Sample sizes will be        electronic scoreboard for our gym. For more
available at the Pizza Meetza. We look forward        information visit the Labels for Education
to seeing everyone in their new Ballantrae wear.      website at:
Once orders are placed, delivery takes about six

Our Cross-Country team has been training hard on
Tuesdays and Thursdays at lunch time. Our Area
Meet is being held at George Richardson Park in       We also continue to collect pop can tabs. These
Newmarket on Thursday, October 13th. We look          help to make wheelchairs for our community.
forward to some great results from our Ballantrae     There is a collection jar in the office.
runners. We need lots of parent volunteers for the
Area Meet. Please let Mrs. Williams know if you are
available to help.

                                                           Operation Christmas Child

                                                           Shoe Boxes for Kids

                                                           For the second year at Ballantrae P.S. we are
                                                           participating in Operation Christmas Child. This is
Healthy Schools                                            a program where our students can help children in
As a Healthy School we are committed to providing          need by filling shoe boxes with toys, school
and encouraging healthy food choices and activities        supplies and personal hygiene items. For some of
with our students.                                         these children the shoe box will be the only gift
                                                           they receive this year.
Pizza lunches and Kids’ Kitchen catered lunches
meet the requirements of PPM 150 and comply with
our healthy schools status.

Cakes, cookies, donuts and other sugary treats that
come to the school to acknowledge student birthdays
and celebrate other festive occasions are difficult to     Each year millions of shoe box gifts are packed by
accommodate as a result of this healthy initiative. In     people in 13 different countries and are sent to
order to avoid disappointing your child, please            children in more than 100 countries. Last year we
choose an alternate way to celebrate his/her birthday      were able to donate 146 shoeboxes, and one of
at school.                                                 them was hand delivered to a child in Costa Rica!
                                                           We are hoping to reach that number again or even
                                                           pass it. We are very excited to see what Ballantrae
                                                           P.S. can do this year!
DPA = Daily Physical Activity
                                                           Please remember that there is a $7.00 donation for
Our students (and some staff) participate in DPA for       shipping, that you must choose a certain age group
20 minutes at the beginning of each day. Mrs.              and gender for the box and that there are certain
William’s grade 6/7 students lead the younger              items that are not permitted in the shoe boxes due to
classes in activities that promote increased flexibility   customs regulations. Please see the handout that
                                                           was distributed for further instructions and details.
and cardio health. Mr. Horvath runs the Intermediate
Boot Camp in the back hall. From 8:25 to 8:45              You will hear your children using language such as
Ballantrae jumps, stretches and rocks to the music of      the School Bucket, the Community Bucket and
the Jump Rope for Heart CD. Join us in the halls if        the Global Bucket. Operation Christmas Child is
you need some motivation to get active!                    our first Global Bucket initiative. Let’s help fill the
                                                           hearts of children around the world.


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