Comprehensive Improvement Planning by MQ9vG7


									      Southside Elementary
      Comprehensive School
        Improvement Plan
         SCHOOL YEAR 2007
                 Site Base Council Members

School Name: Southside Elementary School

    Council          Address          Completed   Trainer’s Name
 Member Name                           Training
DeAnna           106Education Dr    YES           Robert Barr
Murdock          Cynthiana, KY
Mara Gant        106Education Dr    YES           Christy Hogan
                 Cynthiana, KY
Stacy Smiley     106Education Dr    YES           Christy Hogan
                 Cynthiana, KY
                 106Education Dr    YES           On-line Training
Melissa Partin   Cynthiana, KY
Kim True         106Education Dr    YES           On-line Training
                 Cynthiana, KY
Steven R. Fowler 106 Education      YES           On-line Training
                 Drive Cynthiana,
                 KY 41031
The Southside Elementary school council and school
planning committee reviewed the Assurances in the
Kentucky Comprehensive Improvement Planning Guidebook
(2004 and on-going) prior to approval of our plan.

       Plan Approved by the School Council:
                 October 22, 2007

School Council Members:
DeAnna Murdock          Teacher
Mara Gant               Teacher
Stacy Smiley            Teacher
Melissa Partin          Parent
Kim True                Parent
Steven R. Fowler        Principal

Note: Although the Assurance Certification is not included in
the school’s improvement plan, the assurances for the
categorical programs listed on the previous page should be
reviewed by the school council and the school planning
committee prior to approval of the plan by the school council.
The Assurances for 2003-2004 are in the Comprehensive
Improvement Planning Guidebook (2003-2004) and can be
downloaded from the Web Page at:
                                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY


We believe that community, parents and educators working together can create a school in which
all learners can achieve and succeed. The mission/vision of Southside Elementary School is to
promote the development of all students as self-motivated learners by providing an enthusiastic,
interactive, challenging, and secure environment.


How Planning and Needs Assessment Teams Were Organized

SBDM Standing and Ad Hoc committees were charged to fulfill tasks which provided feedback
and work products to identify needs, goals, and strategies to meet those needs. The committees
and groups who were involved are as follows:

           School Planning Committee
           Assessment Committee
           Core Content Study Groups
           SBDM Council
           Southside Certified Staff
           Southside Staff
           Southside Classified Staff
           PTO
           Family Resource Center Staff

How the Needs of the School Were Determined:

           CATS Test Scores
           Analysis of Scrimmage Test Results
           Analysis of Student Planning Survey
           Analysis of Parent Survey
           Analysis of Parent Planning Survey
           Analysis of Teacher Strengths and Challenges Survey
           Analysis of Staff Planning Survey (Classified and Certified)
           Analysis of Lesson Plans
           Analysis of Open Response Items Used For Assessment On All Levels
           Analysis of Student Questionnaires in CATS Testing
           Central Office Needs Assessment
           Parent, Student, Staff PAR Surveys

How Goals and Strategies Were Decided Upon:

Initially, Core Content Study Groups analyzed test results and reported to the SBDM Council and
the Assessment Committee. The Southside Faculty analyzed survey results and identified growth
areas. The Assessment Committee reviewed the recommendations of the Study Groups and
Faculty and made recommendations to the Council. Content Committees made suggestions and
revisions in 2004. The Technical Assistance Team studied SBRR and wrote a plan to address
Reading and Literacy in our building. This study was used to write the Literacy/Reading
Component. The SBDM Council approved the plan.

What Implementation of the Plan is Expected to Achieve:

          Improved CATS scores as we strive to meet state goals
          Attainment of Annual Yearly Performance Goals/ NCLB
          Equity for all students
          Increased parental involvement and a more informed “parent body”
          Professional development that is meaningful and effective
          SBDM Policies that drive effective instruction and encourage “best practice”
          Implementation of a curriculum that meets state standards for success

What Process Was Used for Internal Review of the Plan:

       The School Planning Committee and School Principal will monitor the
       plan and make recommendations each semester in a report to the SBDM

How Public Comment Was Secured and What Response Was Made:

          Through Parent Surveys
          Through Staff Surveys
          Through Student Surveys
          Through Staff Discussion and Work Sessions
          Through Open Committee Meetings
          Through Association with the Kentucky Association of School Councils
          Through meetings with District and School Staff

How Consolidated Planning Will Be Ensured in the Future:

          Through the development of the Consolidated Plan as Mandated
          Through Internal Review of the Plan
          Through Amendments to the Plan


How will the Consolidated Plan and Other Important Information Be Shared With Stakeholders?

          Copies of the action component pages will be placed in the school
           Office, Library, Teacher’s Lounge, Central Office and the Community
           Education Center and will be made available upon request
          Individual copies will be made for SBDM members and staff
          A copy of the plan will be available on the Southside Elementary website
How Will Input Continue to be Gathered from Stakeholders?

          Input from the stakeholders will be gathered from representatives on
           The School Planning Committee and in the open forum of the SBDM
           Council and other SBDM committee meetings
          Parent, student and staff surveys will be developed and used as
           Needed to secure feedback
Action Component: LITERACY/ READING

District Name HARRISON           Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                  Date: FALL 2007

Priority Need                                                            Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)

While writing a Reading First Grant in the Fall of 2003 our Technical    To establish a Literacy Team and design a Literacy Plan which will
Assistance Team identified deficits in our Literacy Program based on     align with the National and State Literacy Goals. In our 2008 CATS
our intense review of Scientific Based Reading Research. In 2007         Studies Reading results we will obtain:
CATS Studies Reading results found:                                           An index of 92% or more
     An index of 91% (Total index)                                           4% novices (Total index)
     9.2% Novices                                                            10% Free and reduced lunch novice
     15% Free and reduced lunch novice                                       6% ESS students at novice level
     19% ESS students at novice level

Causes and Contributing Factors                                          Objectives with Measures of Success

A. Southside’s Literacy Team will be maintained and continue to             A. In September 2007 Southside’s Literacy Team met and
   develop a literacy plan annually to drive reading instruction.              developed the 2007/2008 Literacy Action Plan (LAP).

                                                                            B. During the 2006/2007 school year Southside developed a
B. Southside’s struggling readers have not had a consistent, strategic         plan to provide equitable assistance to all primary
   intervention.                                                               classrooms. Two qualified reading assistants will help
                                                                               provide the three tiers of reading instruction. (Core,
C. Our comprehensive School Reading Program is based on SBRR*                  supplemental, strategic intervention)
   and is consistent across grade levels. However, the program is
   newly implemented.                                                       C. In 2006 a new program was purchased and implemented
                                                                               throughout the school based on staff input and SBRR*.
*SBRR – Scientific Based Reading Research
Action Component Amendment: LITERACY / READING

District Name: HARRISON         Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                                Date: FALL 2007

  Objective        Strategy/Activity             Expected Impact in            Responsible   Start   End       Estimated         *L
   Label                                         Terms of Progress               Person      Date    Date    Resources and       *R
                                                    and Success                                                  Costs           *S

                 The SBDM Council will
     A1.        continue the Literacy Team       Southside Elementary            SBDM        7/04     On-         -0-        L
                     as an Ad Hoc Sub             School will have an          Chairperson           going
               Committees in SBDM Policy       identified Literacy Team.
                    and will review the
                 membership of the Team

     A2.        Southside’s Literacy Team        The LAP will focus on
                 will develop a Literacy       students needs as indicated       SBDM        7/04     On-         -0-        L
                  Action Plan annually.        by CATS, DRA, and Scott         Chairperson           going
                                                   Foresman Baseline
                                                   Parents will be better
     A3.           Literacy events will be       informed re: strategies to
                offered each semester at the    help their child in the area     SBDM
                school to encourage parents     of reading. They will learn    Chairperson   7/04     On-         -0-        L
               to be more involved with the    what resources are available                          going
                  school and their child’s     to them. They will establish
                                                 home/school connections
           reading progress.               with school staff.

A4.     The Literacy Team will          The SBDM Council will
        report bi-monthly or as        have a clear understanding    Literacy Team
         needed to the SBDM               of the progress of the      Chairperson    9/04     On-        -0-        L
                Council.                Literacy Team and Plan.                              going
                                       Reading Assessments will
                                       document improvement in
                                        reading comprehension.

                                          Activities to promote        Principal/
A5.      The Literacy Plan will              literacy will be            School
      include activities to promote       coordinated with the         Librarian/    9/04     On-                   L/R/S
           collaboration with          SWFRSC, First Steps, and         SWFRC                going
       community resources in the      Public Library. Students,       Director/
        area of Reading/Literacy         Parents, Teachers will          School
                                        receive support for their       Reading
                                           efforts from these            Coach

A6.      A Summer Reading                Primary students will
       Academy will be held to         participate in fifteen days   Principal and
       meet the needs of students          of intense reading           District     6/04     On-     $2,000.00
      who are at risk in the area of     instruction based on        Instructional           going   E.S.S. Funds
               Reading.                Scientific Based Reading       Supervisor                                        L
                                          Research during the

B1.    DRA and Scott Foresman           Students identified for        Classroom
      Baseline data will be used to     ESS will be given the        teachers/ESS    09/06    On-
      identify and refer struggling    GRADE two times during        director/ESS            going
            readers for ESS.               the school year.             provider
      Each primary classroom, 1st-         Each 1st-3rd primary
B2.    3rd, will receive 40 minutes      classroom will provide
      of assistance from a qualified      supplemental reading            Reading      08/07    On-
             reading assistant            instruction in a small         Assistants            going
                                              group setting.

B3.   Each primary grade level, K-       Primary students being
      3rd, will receive an additional   served in all three tiers of
          40 minutes for explicit        reading instruction will         Reading      08/07    On-
           reading intervention          make gains in reading.          Assistants            going
       instruction for those at-risk

          A lending library was         Teachers will have access        Reading
         established and will be            to a larger pool of         Assistants,
          maintained providing             manipulatives and             Literacy
B4.       resources for reading          classroom sets of trade          Team,        09/04   On-                     L/R/S
               instruction.              books to aid in reading       And Principal           gong

         A resource library was         Teachers will have current
B7.      established to provide          SBRR research available       Principal and   09/04    On-     $1,000.00      L/R
         resources focusing on            to them when planning        Literacy Team           going    PD Funds
          Reading and SBRR.               reading instruction and                                       3M Grant
                                         prescribing intervention                                      Title I Funds

C1.   In August 2006 we secured          Since implementing the          Principal,    08/06    On-
      and began to implement the         Scott Foresman reading          classroom             going
       Scott Foresman Reading           series it is unclear how the      teachers,
      Street program in grades K-5.    CATS scores have been           reading
                                      affected since we have not     assistants,
                                      had a 4th grade class been    special needs
                                       through the entire Scott       teachers
                                       Foresman program. We
                                      expect to make substantial

C2.     PD will be secured for the    We expect to utilize Scott    Literacy team,   09/07   10/08
         Scott Foresman Reading       Foresman materials more          Principal
      Street program in the areas of efficiently and consistently
       assessment and technology.        from grade to grade.
Action Component: MATHEMATICS

District Name: HARRISON             Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                               Date: FALL 2007

Priority Need                                                         Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)

In our 2007 CATS studies Math results, we found:                      In our 2008 CATS studies Math results, we will obtain:
      An index of 80.6%                                                    An index of 85% or more
      17% novices                                                          <10% novices
      24% free and reduced lunch scored novice                             13% free and reduced lunch novices in 5th Grade
      25% ESS students at novice level                                     15% ESS students at novice level

Causes and Contributing Factors                                       Objectives with Measures of Success

   A. Focus has been placed on finishing Saxon lessons rather than       A. A. Our curriculum and adopted programs will be fully
      on covering core content. More emphasis needs to be placed            aligned with state standards.
      on math programs.
                                                                         B. Support programs will be created and implemented to
   B. Data on sub - groups show that more of these students are not         advance noted sub – groups. Student’s progress will be noted
      meeting math performance standards.                                   on the AYP NCLB Report marked at 100%Achievement gap
                                                                            goals will be met by 2014.
Action Component: MATHEMATICS

District Name: HARRISON           Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                               Date: FALL 2007

   Objective          Strategy/Activity            Expected Impact in         Responsible       Start   End       Estimated     *L
     Label                                         Terms of Progress            Person          Date    Date    Resources and   *R
                                                      and Success                                                   Costs       *S

                     In grades K-4 we will        Since we implemented
                  continue to use Saxon, but     Saxon Math we have seen
                 only lessons that emphasize      improvement in CTBS
                 the core content. Additional      scores. CATS Math
      A1.          materials will be used to       scores have not been            Math         2/02     On-        7,000       L,S
                  supplement. 5th grade will     consistent at grade 5. We      Instructors             going
                   be core content centered      hope to see an increase in
                  utilizing adopted textbooks     the Math CATS index.
                          as a resource.

                                                   Kindergarten and Fifth
                 A representative from Fifth      grade team members will      Kindergarten
                 Grade and Kindergarten will     reach consensus on a Math    and Fifth Grade   1/04    5/04        $5,000      L,S
                    attend Math Textbook           program for their levels        Math
      A2.         showcases offered on the          and will present their    Representatives
                 district level to review math     recommendation to the
                            programs.                      council.
                          (Completed)                   (Completed)

                  Professional Development         New programs will be          Principal/
                 will be secured for the new      aligned with curriculum         District      7/04    9/04        $500        L,S
      A3.        Math Programs implemented       goals and the program will    Instructional
      at the respective grade level.      be used effectively.          Supervisor
               (Completed)                   (Completed)

      Professional Development in        Obtaining and sending
        math will be pursued for       teachers to math trainings
A4.          math teachers.                will be a priority.           Principal       7/04             1,000

B1.     Grade 5 students will be
      given extra computer time to       Independent and group         Fifth Grade
      work on math facts and skills    work will increase student     Math Personnel     5/04     On-       0        L
        via computer programs.         skill level and confidence.     & Computer                going

B2.   At risk Math students will be    Students will participate in     Classroom
      referred by their teachers for     intervention programs         Teachers and      09/04    On-     $1,000     L
        after school ESS services        during ESS to improve         ESS Director              going
      which focus on specific Math          their Math Skills.
         Skills as defined by the
            classroom teacher.

       The ThinkLink assessment         Teachers will learn to use
      program will be secured and        the ThinkLink Program
B3.    administered to fifth grade     and assessments to analyze     Principal, Math
        students to define student            student needs.          Instructors, and   08/07   09/07   $1,300.00   L
                  needs.                                                 Computer

      Referrals will be made to the    At Risk students who do
         ESS Daytime Tutoring           not have transportation      Principal, Math   9/04    On-    $5,000.00   L
       Program for students who        will receive help from a       Teachers, and           going
B4.   need extra help in Math and     certified teacher during the         ESS
        who cannot stay for after              school day.             Coordinator
         school tutoring due to
       transportation difficulties.
Action Component: STUDENT WELLNESS

District Name HARRISON       Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                      Date: FALL 2007

Priority Need                                                Goal (Addresses the Priority Need)

The State of Kentucky has mandated a wellness policy for     A wellness plan will be developed to include programs and
every school in the State of Kentucky                        activities to provide students with choices and alternatives for

Causes and Contributing Factors                              Objectives with Measures of Success

Research shows that elementary students are not exercising   Physical activities and programs will be designed and
adequately to promote a healthy lifestyle.                   implemented to provide students with the choice of a healthy
                                                             and active lifestyle. Wellness scorecards will reflect that 100%
                                                             of the students are their exercise and fitness levels increasing.
Action Component Amendment: STUDENT WELLNESS

District Name: HARRISON                 Component Manager: Steven R. Fowler

School Name: SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL                             Date: FALL 2007

  Objective        Strategy/Activity            Expected Impact in          Responsible     Start   End       Estimated          *L
   Label                                        Terms of Progress             Person        Date    Date    Resources and        *R
                                                   and Success                                                  Costs            *S

      1.           Teachers will provide       Students will be more         Homeroom
               organized recess time for no   physically fit and will be      teachers/     8/05     On-          -0-
               less than 15 minutes on days     better able to follow        Principal as           Going
                when students do not have     mandates in the classroom        monitor
                            P.E.               due to added physical

                 Students will participate in
               P.E. class two times per week   Students will be more         Scheduling
                for 40 minutes each session. physically fit and will have    Committee      8/05     On-    Part of Staffing
      2.            Third & Fourth grade      more time to learn skills                             going         Plan         L, S
                 students will work with the    and core content as          Health/PE
                 instructor an additional 40  outlined by Kentucky’s         Instructor
                 minutes per week focusing             CC 4.1.
                 on Practical Living/Health
                           CC 4.1.

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