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					                                                         Capital Bicycling
                                                            Club News
                                                                              January 2010
                                                                        Available on the web at
                                                                      And at finer local bike shops

                                               More Ride Leaders                                 Great Training
Future 2009 CBC Board and                           Needed                                       Opportunity!!
     General Meetings
     Capital Coach House
 211 - 21st Avenue SW, Oly, WA               Did you know that CBC members               In 2008, three members of the
 (off of Capital Way and 22nd Street)        lead 260 rides per year?! Be-               Capital Bicycling Club received
                                             tween the social rides, the Tues-           training from the League of Ameri-
 Held on the First Wednesday                 day/Thursday rides, the CUPPA               can Bicyclists and became certified
       of every Month!                       rides, the year-round Sunday skills         League Cycling Instructors (LCIs).
                                             rides and everything else the club          Last year, the club teamed up with
   Board Meetings: 6:00 PM                   offers area cyclists, is it any won-        the City of Olympia to provide
General Mtg. Programs: 7:30 PM               der we need more ride leaders?              over 80 hours of bicycle education
       See details at right!                 ‗Fess up—have you been lurking?             to our local community!
                                             Turning out for ride after ride but         This year, we would like to expand
                                             never leading one yourself?                 our education program to reach
   February 3—Classic Bike Show              Now‘s the time to step up and turn          more cyclists. This is where you
      Back by popular demand.                your favorite route into the ride           come in.
                                             you lead. The Saturday Social               The club is seeking three members
    March 3—Bike and gear swap.              ride calendar still has plenty of           to train as LCI‘s who are willing to
  Bring your extra (bike) parts, gear,       slots open — to volunteer, contact          make a commitment to help us
 clothing, bikes to donate or sell and       Road Captain Sue Duffy at 360-              educate local cyclists. The training
most important, your bargaining skills!      918-8546 or                   takes two weekends, one here in
                                                                                         Olympia, and another in Hillsboro,
See Detailed Program Information                Bill Keim and Carol DeMent               OR (outside of Portland) March 19
            On Page 4                           sign up to lead rides. You can,          – 21st. For more information about
                                                too!                                     the training seminar, check out the
    Contact Shawn Stevenson for                                                          League of American Bicyclists
 program information or to offer your                                                    web site: . To
        ideas for programs.                                                              learn more about the classes we
                                                                                         offer, go to the club web site
           360 878-3967 or                                                      and                                                             click on the education page.
                                                                                         Safe cycling saves lives! Make a
    Hope to See You There!                                                               difference and join us in this effort.
                                                                                               Questions? Contact Sue Duffy:
                                                                                     or 360-918-8546

                               Ww w. C apit a lBic ycli ngC lu b . org 36 0 .2 9 2 - 8 92 5
CBC Winter Road Ride Roster
Mid-October 2009 through February, 2010
Sunday Morning Skills Rides (Year-round) Meets at 11:00 AM at the Bike Stand Parking Lot, 5th and Adams, Downtown Olym-
pia. Rain or Shine. Relaxed fitness/pace lines. Average 16 – 18 mph. 25 – 40 miles. Leader: Bill Stevenson wdste- 402-2234, or 402-6525

SATURDAY FIXED GEAR RIDES October through spring
 If you are looking to keep your form through the winter months, come join us Saturday mornings at 10AM at the Bike Stand. Rides
range from 25 to 45 miles with a 16+ average and moderate climbs depending on weather and season. Most days we return about
noon. We ride rain or shine so fenders with mud flaps are appropriate. Gears are welcome but generally do not mix into the fixed
paceline. The main concept of this ride is to work hard, sit up occasionally and have fun.
Ride Leader - Scott Smith

Saturday Morning CUPPA Rides – November – February
Meets at 10:00 AM at rotating start points (below). If the weather is too crummy, relax and have a cuppa java with your cycling pals
instead. Weekly CUPPA Start Locations:

1st Saturday of the Month
Leader: Don DuBois /
Length: 29.4 miles
Start Point:
Dancing Goats Coffee Shop (across the street from Oly Farmer‘s Market)
111 Market St., Oly - Meet in back parking lot

2nd Saturday of the Month
Leader: Anita Olszyk /
Length: 32.1 miles
Start Point: Starbucks (across parking lot from Fred Myers)
5312 Littlerock Rd. SW, Tumwater 98512

3rd Saturday of the Month
Leader: Carol DeMent /
Length: 32.7 miles
Start Point: Tenino Smokehouse & Pizza Parlor (corner of Hwy 99 & 507/ inside the Dave‘s Market and Scotty B‘s parking lot)
639 E Lincoln, Tenino 98589

4th Saturday of the Month
Leader: Doug Drake (360) 486-9937
Length: 29.5
Start Point: Cutter‘s Point Coffee Shop (Intersection of Ruddell Rd and Yelm Hwy. – park near vet‘s office)
5750 Ruddell Rd SE, Lacey

5st Saturday of the Month (January)
Leader: Wayne Vanderpol /
Repeat of 3rd Saturday ride

Spin Classes!
Spin classes are in full swing at the Bike Stand (in the old Bargain loft space)! And will continue on Tuesday and Thursday eve-
nings throughout the winter and will be free to club members. Bring your bike and a trainer to each class. A heart rate monitor is
also a useful training aid, but not required. Once again, our own Bill Stevenson will lead these classes based on the teachings of
Chris Carmichael (Lance Armstrong's coach).

                           Approved Helmets are REQUIRED on ALL Club Rides
Listed start times means the time at which the action will begin, not the time at which you pull into the parking lot. Come 10-15 min-
utes early to get ready so you don’t delay other riders. Pace may vary depending on who shows up to ride on any given day.
Due to the club’s insurance policy, participants may ride once as a guest of the club. Return riders must be members in good
standing of the CBC. Please ask ride leader for membership information or check the CBC website:

Strength Training for Cyclists
By Dr. Andy Rosser, Downtown Olympia

There are many reasons for a cyclists to incorporate strength training into their overall fitness program. This, as you will see, is es-
pecially true for the cyclist who devotes a great deal of time and energy to the bike, though the principles are nearly universal.
Along the way, we'll review some basic impacts of strength training on the different regions of the body and their ultimate contribu-
tion to the health and well-being of the athlete.

I know that most athletes struggle to find the time to include any type of strength training plan in their weekly routine. In fact, I
know it first hand! Almost everyone I know has to prioritize their time while juggling busy family lives, job responsibilities, and
other commitments. There‘s something about the bike that makes it very attractive compared to being confined to a noisy room
filled with bright lights, shiny mirrors, and lots of heavy things. So… I‘d better have some pretty good reasons, right?

Here is reason #1: Strength training can improve our overall "durability" both on
and off the bike. The fewer injuries we sustain due to weakness and imbalance,
the greater our ability to achieve our goals in life. I spend a good portion of my
work day caring for patients who suffer from musculoskeletal deconditioning to
the point the they are succeptible to injuries from routine daily tasks. Moving a
box of paper, bringing in groceries, or doing yard work become overwhelmingly
stressful to the musculoskeletal system and eventually result in injuries. Without
the benefit of muscular strength and power many of us are literally waiting for
some small incident to interrupt our training and keep us from enjoying our other
chosen activities. Strength training can also be a way to address some of the
muscular imbalances that cycling inherently creates. (No really, I‘m proud of my
T-Rex arms. Really.)

Reason #2: Strength training can possibly slow the loss of bone mineral density            Strength training can improve your
as we age. Cycling, unfortunately, is a non-weight- bearing activity, and thus
                                                                                             experiences on and off the bike.
does not provide adequate stress to our skeleton to stimulate optimal retention of
bone minerals. Additionally, some reports point to the loss of calcium in our
sweat as contributing to accelerated bone loss, as well. Strength training creates a bending stress in the bones that activates a cascade
-like response that over time can increase the density of calcium in our bones. It‘s for this reason that I advocate for a year-round
program of strength training of some sort. Along these same lines, regular strength training can stimulate the growth of lean muscle
mass. This is one of the keys to maintaining a high metabolism that can sustain our vigor and vitality throughout our lifetime.

Some of the guidelines I keep in mind when I am developing plans for cyclists are similar to those of my patients in the office. First,
it is important to incorporate exercises that use multiple joints instead of exercising single muscles in isolation. The result is the de-
velopment of strength in a movement pattern that mimics real-life activities. An example of this is the standing squat exercise.
Done properly, this movement pattern coordinates the muscles of the hips, upper/lower legs, knees, ankles, and feet, not to mention
the contributions of the back and core. To exercise these areas in isolation would break up this movement pattern into little pieces
that aren't very functional at all and would be very time consuming! Another example of this concept is doing traditional push-ups.
This exercise doesn't just focus on the shoulder and chest. There are significant contributions from the back, abdominals and legs, as
well as the shoulders. It's one of the reasons that push-ups are so difficult.

Next, I think of drawing the body towards balance. Cycling is heavily focused on the lower body/leg strength, however, the cyclist's
upper body is an integral part of bike handling and control skills. The upper body is also a major shock absorber while riding as well
as one of the major points of contact with the bike. The upper extremity, then. bears a portion of the weight of the upper body. An-
other area of weakness for cyclists is the core/abdominals. The core is the vital for efficient transfer of power through the body. A
strong core is protective for the joints of the spine and limits some of the stresses of over-use and certain injuries. Most professional
cyclists continue with some form of core routine year-round, even when racing demands nearly all of their attention at certain times
of the year.

Hopefully, this article has sparked some interest and encouragement to take up strength training as a part of your overall health plan
             and a big benefit to your cycling experience. More, though, I hope that this article has helped to put strength training in
             a bit of a limelight in terms of using as a strategy for keeping you on track for fulfilling your goals for 2010 and beyond.

             Read more about Dr. Rosser’s adventures in his first years of racing at . He is the team
             chiropractor for the CBC/Valley Racing Team, and assists other athletes in the community. For more information, he
             can be contacted at, or on the web (

      Capital Bicycling Club                                              Dates to Remember
     Winter Meeting Programs                                               (Rides & Events)
February 3, 2010       7:30: Classic Bike Show                  Seattle Bike Expo— The 2010 bike extravaganza will
                                                                be held on March 13th and 14th. CBC is registered and
Our sport has an intriguing history that goes back well over    has a second floor booth at the event‘s new location at
a century. February‘s meeting will be a golden opportunity      the Magnolia Cruise Terminal. Want to get in free? We
to take in some living examples of that history at the CBC‘s    need volunteers to staff our booth for two days in 4 hour
annual classic bike show. This year looks to be the best        shifts. Contact Greg Mead for details and to volunteer:
yet. Jeff Groman is set to bring some nice examples of his      (360) 556-9809 or
collection of track bikes from the twenties and thirties. Bob
Freeman, who is promoting a retrospective on the English        Two County Double Metric Century has another
frame builder Jack Taylor at the Seattle Bike Show this         new date! We‘re back to Sunday, trying real hard to
year, will be bringing some fine Taylors from his own col-      avoid conflicting with other events that are likely to draw
lection, as will local collector Troy Warnick. Whether you      riders away. So get out your calendars and be sure to
go for track, touring, or road racing bikes there is bound to   mark Sunday, June 27th as the day you will ride the Two
be some beautiful stuff for you to check out. Let‘s do our      County Double Metric in 2010. Look for interesting
best to get a big turn out and make this event a success.       changes as we will be moving the start venue from
                                                                Millersylvania because of traffic congestion and parking
If you have a well kept up or well restored bike from the       problems there.
days before Ergo and STI we‘d love to see it as well. Con-
tact Shawn Stevenson at to make            TRYBR—The arm twisting has begun! If you hear a
arrangements.                                                   knock at the door or get a phone call from a board mem-
                                                                ber, please hear us out! We are seeking an organized
March 3, 2010 7:30: Bike Swap!                                  individual to oversee the event and make sure all the
                                                                ducks are in a line. Lots of folks look forward to help-
March‘s meeting will see the return of the CBC bike
                                                                ing out on this ride, and lots more to riding it, so don‘t be
swap. If you‘ve been meaning to clean out all the bike stuff
                                                                shy about volunteering your talents for this important
in your garage now is the time. Bring it to our March meet-
                                                                role. Contact Bill Stevenson or Greg Mead to volunteer.
ing to trade or sell. Admission and tables are free.

            Transportation Advocacy Day: Be a Lobbyist for a Day!
                 January 28, 2010 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Lunch provided)
                   United Churches, 110 11th Avenue SE, Olympia 98501
         Register Online at
  Learn how to lobby effectively for the cycling and alternative transportation issues you believe in!
              Get help setting up meetings with legislators to discuss your concerns.
    Organized by the Transportation Choices Coalition, Cascade Bicycle Club, Bicycle Alliance of
             Washington, Sierra Club, Future wise and other like-minded organizations.

                                                                        New & Renewing Members
                                                                    Bill Martin, Bob Duffy, Katherine Duffy,
                                                                    Tim Tyler, Dixie Ellis, Skip Beard, Steve
                                                                     Lawrence, Lauri Vigue, Pat Byers, John
                                                                    Pearch, Michael Brazell, Steven Michener,
                                                                                  Ashley Hetzel

                                    Club and Local Cycling News
                                           Stay Informed!
Call for Bike Donations to Support Youth Cycling                 Web News:
   The CBC is currently taking donations of bikes                     Supporting your club was never so painless!! Now,
   and parts to support two worthy causes. Club                       thanks to a new link on our club homepage, Ama-
   president Bill Stevenson is working to create a           will donate roughly 5% of anything you pur-
   library of bikes that can be checked out on an on-                 chase via their website to Capital Bicycling Club.
   going basis by local cyclists in their teens look-                 You don‘t have to do a thing other than access the
   ing to get into road riding. The club is also                      Amazon website via CBC‘s home page. So before
   working with the local school‘s Walk and Roll                      you buy that new Kindle or textbook , novel or com-
   programs to get grade and middle school kids                       pact disk, go to and
   riding to school. We are taking donations of                       click on the Amazon link on the left side of the home-
   bikes and reconditioning them to help low in-                      page. You‘ve just helped your club continue to pro-
   come children participate in this program. If you                  vide you with rides, discounts and newsletters.
   have a juvenile bike or a smaller bike or a road                   Thank you!
   bike of any size that you would like to donate to
   support these initiatives contact Shawn Steven-               Road News:
   son at or the staff at Bike                   Boulevard Rd. and Log Cabin Rd intersection. Still
   Stand (943-1114).                                                  pretty dicey—use a lot of caution.
                                                                      Marine Drive—Total Mess!! Best avoided for now
   We would also be interested in talking to anyone                   unless you like riding through muddy potholes.
   with available storage space that might be willing                 Littlerock Rd. Well it appears very little progress was
   to make it available over the next few months.                     made in December. Still no stripes yet, plenty of
   Contact Shawn Stevenson at                                         cones and barriers to dodge, but the pavement is                                               smooth, and bike lanes are coming. All roundabouts
                                                                      are functional.

     Need a Good Lawyer?
     Tough Advocate. Practical, Results-Oriented Focus.

     Roger Madison, an honors graduate of both Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School, now offers
     tough, top-notch legal representation in Thurston County. Before his recent move to Olympia, Roger was
     recognized by the Puget Sound Business Journal as the 1996 Entrepreneur of the Year.

     In his Family Law and Business Law practice, he focuses on helping businesses and indi-
     viduals reach their goals.

     Family Law:                                 Business Law:
       - Divorces                                  - Forming a new business
       - Child Custody                             - Financings
       - Restraining Orders                        - Business disputes
       - Child Support                             - Corporations and LLC’s
       - Parenting Plans                           - Equipment purchases

     For a limited time, Roger is offering a free first consultation for fellow CBC members,
     and CBC members save 10% on all his professional services. Visit us on-line at
                                                Call now: 539-4682 or

                                         Mountain Bike Rides

Area Rides
(Not all the rides listed are CBC Club rides-call the ride leader before you go!!)
Monday Night at 6PM
Good waterproof bright light system now needed !!
Ride route picked day of ride. Pace varies.
Ride is usually 1 to 2 hours including the stand around and chat time.
Pace:This ride is intended to be beginner friendly at a recreational pace.
Meet at the Y (Intersection of Sherman Valley Rd and Middle Weddell Rd)
Ride Leader: Rachel

Wednesday Night at 6PM
Good waterproof bright light system now needed !!
Ride route picked day of ride.
Pace varies.
Ride is usually 1 to 2 hours including the stand around and chat time.
Meet at the Y (Intersection of Sherman Valley Rd and Middle Weddell Rd)
Ride Leader: David

Saturday 9AM
Ride route picked day of ride. Pace varies. Usually 15 plus riders.
Ride is usually 1 to 3 hours including the stand around and chat time.
Meet at the Y (Intersection of Sherman Valley Rd and Middle Weddell Rd)
(1st Sat of every month is trail work day 9AM to 3PM)
Ride Leader: David

Sunday at 9AM
Some folks show on Sunday regularly now instead of Saturday
Meet at the Y (Intersection of Sherman Valley Rd and Middle Weddell Rd)
                                                                                     General questions
Ride Leader: Who ever shows and wants to lead.                                         about local
                                                                                     mountain biking?
Sunday at 9AM
Shuttle or other Freeride DH activity.
Ride route is randomly decided when you show                                         Contact Justin Self,
Meet at Bike Tech
Ride Leader: Justin Self                                   CBC Mountain
                                                                                        Bike Captain
                                                                                          for more
                  Got Tubes? Get Green!
                 Inner Tube Recycle Program
                         at Bike Tech
              Bike Tech is now hosting a non-profit
                  inner tube recycling program.
       Only the following types of inner tubes are allowed:
           700 x 35 or larger, as well as any 26‖ size
            No thorn resistant or slime tubes allowed
                    Any valve type is accepted

                                When in Doubt, Take the Lane
                                                       By Carter Hick

A fellow cyclist recently shared with me an article about a woman in Portland, Oregon, who was riding her bike when
she was suddenly hit by a vehicle.

The Basic Facts: A woman was commuting on her bicycle in a designated bike lane. As she traveled in the bike lane,
she approached an intersection. As is common with most bike lanes, the physical bike lane disappeared at the start of
intersection and then reappeared on the other side. The cyclist proceeded down the road, entered the intersection, and
was subsequently hit by a car whose driver admitted to making an abrupt, last-second, right-hand turn. The point of
impact occurred in the intersection where there is a gap between the physical bike lanes. The cyclist was injured and the
driver was cited for ―failure to yield to a rider on a bicycle lane.‖

The ticket was ultimately dismissed by a Multnomah County traffic court judge, who found that the facts of the incident
did not fit within the plain language of the statute. ―If the ‗spirit of the law‘ is at odds with the plain language of a stat-
ute, it is within the exclusive province of the legislature to fix the problem,‖ said the judge. In other words, the judge
threw out the traffic citation because the facts of the incident did not fit within the plain language of the statute– the cy-
clist was not in a physical bike lane at the point of impact. Perhaps if the driver had been cited under a different law, the
traffic court outcome may have been different.

The Portland case provides an opportunity to discuss some safety concerns, as well as potential legal consequences for
both cyclists and drivers involved in similar situations. Certainly there are many intersections in Thurston County
where the designated bike lane disappears at the start of an intersection and reappears on the other side. A good local
example is where the westbound lane on State Street crosses through the Plum Street intersection.

Let‘s examine what might have happened if this collision had occurred in Washington. There are two possible legal
actions against a driver that causes a collision like the one in the Portland case.
First, there is traffic court, where most of us would like to see the motorist held accountable. An action in traffic court
must first begin with a law enforcement officer issuing a traffic infraction. In Washington, RCW 46.61.525, Negligent
Driving in the Second Degree, might have been the appropriate charge for the driver. That statute states that a person is
―guilty of negligent driving in the second degree if * * * he or she operates a motor vehicle in a manner that is both neg-
ligent and endangers or is likely to endanger any person or property.‖ ―Negligent‖ is defined by the statute as, ―failure
to exercise ordinary care, and [involves] the doing of some act that a reasonably careful person would not do under the
same or similar circumstances or the failure to do something that a reasonably careful person would do under the same
or similar circumstances.‖ RCW 46.61.525(2)

The question before the traffic court judge in Washington would then be: did the driver exercise ordinary care under the
circumstances? The article about the Portland case did not provide enough facts to say for certain whether or not the
driver in that case was negligent. However, given the fact that the driver in the Portland case did admit to making a last-
second, right-hand turn, such behavior might well be construed as negligent under Washington law. The maximum pen-
alty for negligent driving in the second degree is $503.00.

But wouldn‘t we also like to see the cyclist compensated for her medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain
and suffering? Well, that brings us to the second legal option available to the cyclist – a civil claim against the driver
for negligence. The ability to bring a civil action for negligence is not dependent on the outcome of any traffic ticket.
Furthermore, the purpose of the civil claim is to compensate the victim for the actual costs of their medical bills, lost
wages and property damage. The civil claim is also meant to compensate the victim for her pain and suffering. In the
end, a civil action provides potential remedies to the victim that are just not available in traffic court.

Nonetheless, this story provides a few good lessons:

        1. Cyclists need to pay particular attention to traffic when approaching and riding through intersections, and
should always ride defensively and anticipate potential dangerous scenarios. For example, you should always assume
                                                                                                             (Continued on page 8)

When In Doubt, Take the Lane, cont.
that the car in front of you will turn right at the intersection, thereby cutting off your lane of travel, regardless of whether
or not they have their turn signal activated.

         2. When in doubt, take the lane, all of it, so that the driver behind you is totally clear on where you stand. This
technique is appropriate and safe to use when approaching and riding through intersections. As you approach the inter-
section (where the physical bike lane will disappear), look behind you, and, if safe, ―take the lane‖ and keep it until you
pass through the intersection and can merge back into the bike lane. This method makes it less likely that a car will
sneak by you at the intersection and subsequently cut you off by turning right.

         3. It is reasonable to assume that people, including some law enforcement officers, don‘t fully understand the
rights and duties of cyclists or how the law applies to cyclists. In the Portland case, the officers did not blame the cyclist
and did issue a citation to the driver, which is a good thing. However, the Portland case underscores the reality that we
still have a long way to go before everyone is educated on the law as it applies to cyclists on the road. Just because the
victim in the Portland case was on a bike does not mean the officer should focus on citing the driver for violating a stat-
ute that uses the word/phrase ―bike‖ or ―bike lane‖ because sometimes there are non-bike related statutes that might bet-
ter reflect the facts of a case.

         4. Finally, everyone should remember that the cyclist in the Portland case will still have a civil claim against the
driver for negligence regardless of the outcome of the traffic ticket. If you find yourself in such an unfortunate situation,
you should contact a personal injury attorney right away. Most personal injury attorneys will provide an initial consulta-
tion at no charge.

Sometimes preparing for the worst is the safest thing a cyclist can do. A cyclist should always anticipate potentially dan-
gerous scenarios and should always take the appropriate defensive measures to ensure safety. Riding defensively can
work to save a cyclist from what otherwise might be a serious headache – literally.

                                                          Carter Hick is an attorney with the Olympia law firm of Connolly, Tacon
                                                          and Meserve. A long-time CBC member, he confines his practice to per-
                                                          sonal injury law.

Important Notice: The information provided is solely for the general interest of the readers. This information should not be relied
upon or interpreted as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship with the author has been established. Readers of this column
should not act upon any information contained in it without first seeking the advice of legal counsel.

Like to Talk About Bikes?
                                                                                                   The Bike Stand
CBC sets up information tables at                                                                407 4th Avenue East
various transportation fairs through-                                                            Olympia, WA 98501
out the year, especially in spring and                                                             (360) 943-1997

We need volunteers to man these ta-                                         WINTER SERVICE SPECIALS
bles and answer questions about cy-
cling and the club.                                                  Wheel Builds 1/2 off until March 15
                                                                      Complete Overhaul regularly $300
Sound like fun?                                                                 NOW $150!!
Call Greg Mead to let him know                                      24 Hour turn-around on most services
you’re interested: (360) 556-9809
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                                                                                                 “One Meets the Most
                                                                                               Interesting People in the
                                                                                               Capital Bicycling Club . . .
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                                                                                              (Photo courtesy of Rob Templin, Second
                                                                                              Summer Tours. 2009 Tour de France.
                                                                                              French tourists en route to the race)

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Membership Type:                                            Interests:
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cle rides, including weekly club and special event rides. This waiver includes any rights and claims on my part against the Capital Bicycling Club,
its officers, ride leaders and any sponsors. I also agree to accept all rules, regulations and policies set by Capital Bicycling Club, to defer to the
authority of the ride leaders, and to obey all applicable traffic laws while participating in this Capital Bicycling Club ride.

_____________________________________                       ________________          Desired Ride Types:
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Send this form with your check to: CBC Membership, PO Box 642, Olympia, WA 98507

                          2009/10 CBC Board                                           Newsletter Submission Guidelines
President: Bill Stevenson; 402-2234, or 402-6525              Submission Deadline is the 2nd Wednes-
Vice President: Shawn Stevenson; 360-878-1098                   day of each month. Submissions may be
Secretary: Sharon Abegg                                              edited for length or delayed to a later edi-
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Publications: Carol DeMent 360-870-8070                         bility to the club‘s mission and member-
Volunteer Coordinator: Greg Mead, 360-556-9809                ship. Acceptance of advertising does not
Web Master: Blaine Wheeler 360-705-1148                           imply an endorsement of any product.

                                       Club Membership Benefits

   Tandem rental @ The Bike Stand ($10/day)                        Plus 10% Member Discounts at these local businesses
   Bike box rental @ The Bike Stand ($25 per use)                      The Bike Stand (parts & accessories)
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