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					                                     Buyer Value Proposition

Our Objectives Are the Following:

1. To assist in getting as many qualified buyers as possible into your home until it is sold.
2. To communicate to you weekly the results of our activities.
3. To assist you in negotiating the highest dollar value … between you and the buyer.

               The Top Ten Service Areas of the Buyer Value Proposition

   1. Needs Analysis
       A. Help clarify the motivating reasons to sell.
       B. Help buyer get clear picture of her ideal home.
   2. Prequalification or Pre-approval
       A. Guide buyer of loan officer.
       B. Obtain prequalification or pre approval.
       C. Help choose BEST mortgage financing plan.
   3. Neighborhood Information
       A. Create broad neighborhood search profile.
       B. Provide list of target neighborhoods and related information for each.
   4. Home Search
       A. Organize and schedule a home search process.
       B. Ongoing updates, drive-bys, and showings of available homes.
   5. Make an Offer
       A. Compare homes and make decision.
       B. Advise on terms and issues of offer.
       C. Fill out purchase offer contract
   6. Negotiating to Buy
       A. Present the offer.
       B. Negotiate on buyer's behalf.
   7. Vendor coordination
       A. Advise and supervise vendor selections.
       B. Coordinate vendor services.
   8. Preclose Preparation
       A. Coordinate and supervise document preparation.
       B. Provide preclosing consulting.
   9. Closing
       A. Preview closing documents.
       B. Resolve last- minute issues.
       C. Complete transaction.
   10. Post Closing
       A. Coordinate move-in.
       B. Assist with post closing issues.
                 Listing & Marketing Plan of Action

                     The Sellers Unfair Advantage

The Following Are the Steps We Take to Get a Home Sold … the “Pro-Active

  1. Single property website; advertise listing in all major search engines.

  2. Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service.

  3. Promote your home at the company sales meeting.

  4. Email a features sheet to all of our __250__ agents with DFW Associates for their
     potential buyers.

  5. Suggest & advise as to any changes you may want to make in your property to
     make it more saleable.

  6. Constantly update you as to any changes in the marketplace.

  7. Prospect __4__ hours per day and talk to __50__ people per day looking for
     potential buyers.

  8. Contact over the next seven days … my buyer leads, sphere of influence and past
     clients or their referrals and prospective buyers.

  9. Add additional exposure through a professional sign and lock-box. Whenever
     possible pre-qualify the prospective buyers.

  10.Follow-up on the salespeople who have shown your home … for their feedback
     and response.

  11.Represent you on all offer presentations … to assure you in negotiating the best
     possible price and terms.

  12. Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted … all mortgage, title
     and other closing procedures.