To Kill a Mockingbird - DOC 5 by HC12061121287


									                             To Kill a Mockingbird
                             Discovering a Parent?

Directions: Fill in the missing word or phrase which completes the statement below. It
is taken from the opening pages of Chapter 10. It expresses Scout’s opinion that Atticus
is almost useless as a parent compared to other children’s fathers.

“Atticus was __________________: he was nearly fifty. When Jem and I asked him why
he was so old, he said he got started late, which felt reflected upon his ______________...
Our father didn’t __________________. He worked in __________________, not in -
__________________. Atticus did not drive a __________________, work in a
__________________, or do anything that could possibly __________________.
Besides that, he __________________. He was nearly __________________....He did
not do the things our school mates’ fathers did: he never went __________________, he
did not play __________________ or __________________ or __________________ or
__________________. He sat in the __________________ and
__________________...When he gave us our air-rifle Atticus wouldn’t

Directions: Choose five of the answers which you gave above. Explain the irony
involved in each by showing something that was said or done concerning Atticus which
was the opposite of Scout’s initial impression of him.




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