Rocky Mountain Bronc Riders Association Ranch Bronc Riding Rules

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					Rocky Mountain Bronc Riders Association Ranch Bronc Riding Rules
 1) A standard working saddle must be used.
          a. No bear traps or saddles that have swells that exceed the width of the cantle.
          b. Stirrups must be hung for normal ranch use.
 2) If a catch rope is used, it must be tied on for normal use. No additional hobbling points
     are allowed.
 3) No hobbling of stirrups.
 4) A standard hack rein must be used. Length is to be between 6 feet and 7.5 feet.
 5) Only one hand may touch hack rein during the ride.
          a. After the whistle sound contestant may change hands or grab the rein with both
          b. The hack rein must be on the same side as the contestant’s hand holding the rein
             during the ride.
          c. The hack rein may be tied in ring, jay, top of halter, or around the neck. This is at
             the discretion of the stock contractor.
 6) If a saddle is in question for safety the official judge will make the final decision. If there
     are any sharp objects, or protruding objects that can come into contact with the horse,
     contestant, or pick-up men, it will be considered dangerous and may not be used. Also,
     any tack that is considered dangerous or in poor repair is subject to disqualification.
 7) Anyone found over pulling or soaking a horse in way will be immediately disqualified
     and pay minimum fine of $100.
          a. If the same contestant is found to have over cinched or soaked a second horse
             the fine is not less than $500. If that contestant does not have $500 in cash his
             saddle will be kept until the fine is paid in full. The official judge will make the
             final call.
 8) No tying or a fixing yourself to the saddle in any way is allowed.
 9) Contestants must provide their own standard bronc halter and hack rein. If a
     contestants equipment is deemed unsafe by the stock contractor, the official judge will
     determine the equipment may by used.
 10) If a contestant loses his hack rein during the ride, it will result in disqualification.
 11) Contestants must by over his horse when the horse before him leaves the arena. Three
     honest attempts must be made to leave on a horse. Any contestant taking longer than
     30 seconds to get out after the horse before him has loft the arena is subject to turn out
     and a turn out fine of no less than $100.
 12) No quirt, or carrying of any whip of any kind allowed.
 13) Any use of profanity, disrespectful behavior, or poor attitude in the arena will result in
     an immediate disqualification and fine.
14) Only proper western attire will be allowed in the arena or behind the chutes.
15) Re-ride options are to be determined by the officials. If there are more re-rides given
    than re-ride horses, contestants receiving re-ride options may given their entry fees
16) Any prolonged hat fanning after the whistle will result in disqualification. This is so the
    pick-up men are not getting fanned while trying to pick the contestant up.
17) Only standard cowboy boots are allowed. No lace up boots, or tying on of boots.
18) Should a horse fall to its belly, a re-ride option will be given.
19) Should a horse come to a complete stop a re-ride option shall be given if the contestant
    rides to the whistle.
20) Should a horse fail to break a re-ride option will be given if the contestant makes a
    qualified ride.
21) Grabbing down at any point during the ride will result in a minimum of a one point
    deduction from the score of the rider.
22) Leaving the chute grabbed down will result in a minimum of a two point deduction from
    the score of the rider.
23) Simply setting the horse not grabbed down will result in a rider score even or up to two
    points higher than the stock score.
24) Marking a horse out is not required to receive a qualified ride, however if the rider
    successfully marks the horse out he will be granted one extra point on his score.
25) A perfect ride from a contestant will result in being marked four points over the stock

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