Protect Yourself From Identity Theft (PDF) by jolinmilioncherie


                                     SUMMER 2005

                     Protect Yourself
                     From Identity Theft
                        The number of Americans who have experienced                 4. Closely guard your ATM Personal Identification
                     identity theft has surpassed 27 million, with the                   Number and ATM receipts.
                     incidence rate increasing every year. Substantial               5. Shred any financial solicitations and TELCOE
                     measures are in place at TELCOE to protect your                     statements before disposing of them.
                     identity and your accounts against theft and fraud. For         6. Put outgoing mail into a secure, official Postal
                     example, stringent credit union privacy policies protect            Service collection box.
                     your personal information. Password protection for              7. If regular bills fail to reach you, call the company
A newsletter for     online transactions help assure online security. When               to find out why.
our membership.      using our online services, you develop a password that          8. If your bills include questionable items, don't
                     only you know. Encryption of online transactions                    ignore them. Instead investigate immediately to
                     converts your information into secure code, protecting              head off any possible fraud.
                     your identity.                                                  9. Periodically contact the major credit reporting
INSIDE                  Maximum security is possible only with your help.                companies to review your file and make certain the
                     Here's what you can do to stop                                                               information is correct.
2                    these crimes before they                                                                        The Arkansas Attorney
TELCOE & ACEE        happen.                                                                                      General's office offers an
Team Up              1. Do not give out financial                                                                 Identity Theft Passport for
TELCOE Employees         information such as                                                                      victims of identity theft. To
Raise Funds
                         checking and credit card                                                                 download a passport request,
                         numbers or your Social                                                                   visit
3                        Security number, unless you                                                              Credit Union National
Premier Real             know the person.                                                                         Association (CUNA) also
Estate Services &    2. Report lost or stolen checks                                                              provides a website with
                         immediately.                                                                             some very useful ideas on
Mortgage Loans
Customized for You
                     3. Notify TELCOE of suspicious phone inquiries such as          protecting your identity at
Planning Your
                         those asking for account information to “verify a           010539X/id_theft/001_001_001.html
Vacation?                statement” or “award a prize.”

Locations, Hours
                      BUY A CAR, GET A CRUISE
                        TELCOE is participating in a Car Sale          (Las Vegas style shows), all onboard activities,
                     through June 20. When you buy a new or used       plus fabulous international cities to visit and
                     car through an authorized dealership you are      shop. For more details or a list of authorized
                     eligible for a 5 Day/4 Night Cruise Certificate   dealers, call TELCOE at 501-375-5321, 1-800-
                     for Two. The choice of cruises, valued up to      482-9009, visit or                                               Ra tes
                                                                                                                                                       Ra tes
                     $1798, is to Mexico, the Bahamas or the                                                              As Low As
                                                                                                                                                       As Low As
                                                                                                                                                       As Low As
                                                                                                                                                       As Low As
                     Western Caribbean. The luxury Cruise4Two
                     includes an interior 4A stateroom (based on
                                                                       * Annual Percentage Rate (APRs) above on new and used auto loans reflect a
                                                                         .25% rate reduction for payroll deducted loan payments and a .50% rate        3 .99%
                                                                                                                                                       3 .99%
                                                                         discount for 10% down on the purchase. Amount financed subject to
                     double occupancy), all gourmet meals and            application and/or credit score. Applicants are subject to credit approval.    AP R*
                                                                                                                                                        AP R*
                                                                         APR and term will be calculated based on the individual's credit score,
                     snacks, 24 hour complimentary room service,         method by which payments are made and the age of the collateral. Rates
                                                                         quoted are based on 2005, 2004 & 2003 models. Call for rates on older
                     a wide range of nightly entertainment               model vehicles. Rates subject to change at any time.
For Education and Fun
   In observance of National Credit Union
Youth Week, TELCOE Federal Credit Union
held a class on Finances for the Young
Adult. The class was taught by Donna
Wright, Associate Director of Arkansas
Council on Economic Education. The class
was attended by twenty-three young
adults and parents. Topics covered included
The Opportunity Cost and Benefit of
Spending and Saving, A Tale of Two Savers,
Why it Pays to Save Early and Often,
What is Credit, Common Forms of Credit,
How to Read a Credit Report and What is
a Credit Score. The class was such a
success, many of the parents mentioned
they learned things about finances they               Donna Wright with ACEE leads class on Finances for the Young Adult
didn’t know. More classes and activities
for young people are being planned for
the near future.                              System and JPMS Cox PLLC (the winner           Central Arkansas and across the state.
   Also, TELCOE participated in the ACEE      of the Trivia Challenge). At the Little Rock      A special thanks to Arkansas Council on
Corporate Trivia Challenge at the Arkansas    competition, ACEE raised $22,000 and in        Economic Education for helping with the
Repertory Theatre in Little Rock. The         state-wide competitions they raised over       class and sponsoring the Trivia Challenge
challenge consisted of eleven teams from      $104,000 for their programs.                   and we look forward to many more events
Central Arkansas including teams from            ACEE delivers sound economic education      with ACEE. To learn more about the
Arkansas Business, St. Vincent Health         training and resources to K-12 educators in    programs offered by ACEE, visit their
                                              public, private and independent schools in     website at

                           TELCOE will waive the $5 joining fee for your child
                   if you open an account for them through the month of July 2005.

TELCOE Employees
Are Raising Funds and Having Fun
                                                                    Telcoe employees         9009. Proceeds will be donated to
                                                                 participated in The         Children’s Miracle Network. In 2003
                                                                 American Heart              Telcoe donated over $16,500 to CMN
                                                                 Association Heart Walk      and in 2004 $18,730 was donated by
                                                                 in April. Employees         Telcoe. Our goal for 2005 is $21,000+.
                                                                 manned a booth before       To help reach this goal, all branches
                                                                 the walk and provided       are selling tickets for a tackle box and
                                                                 face painting and group     a spa gift basket. The following
                                                                 photos. The 2005 Heart      businesses have provided donations:
                                                                 Walk raised $332,818        Microplane, Headlines Salon, Shear Style,
                                                                 for the American Heart      PDQ, Cateye customs, Cagels Mill, Western
                                                                 Association.                Sizzlin, Hobans Embroidery, Collectors
                                                                    A cookbook is being      Gallery, Candle Factory and Pic Wood.
                                                                 developed with recipes      Donations for the drawings will be
                                                                 from Telcoe Employees       accepted until June 30. Contact any Telcoe
Entergy walk team poses for group picture     and Members. The cookbook will be              Branch to make your donation. A special
before the “HeartWalk.”                       available for purchase in mid-July for $8      thanks to all these sponsors for their
                                              and can be purchased at any Telcoe branch      contribution. Look for future fund raising
                                              or by calling 501-375-5321 or 1-800-482-       events coming soon.

New Program Offers
Premier Real Estate
Services and a
Valuable Cash Rebate!
   Looking to save some money on your home purchase or home sale? Look no
further than your credit union.
   Through our Home Buyers Rebate Program, you can receive 25% of your real
estate agent’s commission! It’s simple, and best of all FREE. That could be
thousands of dollars back in YOUR pocket! By working with our Home Buyers
Rebate Program, not only will you receive 25% of your agent’s commission,
you’ll also be working with local experts who specialize in your community and
have a track record of providing superior service to their clients. And if it’s a
purchase you’re looking for, you’ll save even more with our great home loan
rates and programs.
   Getting started is easy. Simply visit our website at and
                         click on the Home Buyers Rebate Program link. There
                         you’ll find a one-stop shopping experience for all of
                         your home needs, including looking for a home,
obtaining an approximate value of your home, and more. Call 501-375-5321
or 1-800-482-9009, option 3 to get pre-approved for your home loan.

Mortgage Loans Customized For You.
   Whether you are buying your first house, a vacation home or
refinancing a current mortgage, TELCOE can handle your mortgage                  CONVENTIONAL RATES
and now offers more options for our members. We offer financing
options up to 100%, no PMI and rates as low as 5.00%APR. TELCOE
should be your first choice for mortgage loans. You can start your
                                                                            15 year 5.00% APR*
pre-approval process before you begin shopping for a home
by contacting the mortgage department at 501-375-5321 or
                                                                            30 year 5.25% APR*
1-800-482-9009. option 3 or visit our website at       *APR-Annual Percentage Rate. Rates are current as of 06/8/05. Rates quoted are
When your pre-approval is completed, you will be told your              based on owner occupied, first mortgages, and single family residence. Property
qualifying dollar figure and you are ready to shop for a home.          must be deeded in the borrower’s name. Credit approval required.

The Credit Union Difference
   You are one of the over 86 million Americans who are credit         made up of individuals elected by the members – all of them
union members. You belong to an institution that is unique in the      unpaid. Credit union member-owners have a direct say in the
financial world. While there are some similarities between credit      workings of their cooperative because each of them has a vote.
unions and banks, certain features are unique to credit unions:
   Cooperative – No one person or organization owns a credit           Tax Exempt for Good Reason
union. It is owned and governed by its member-owners. As a                Congress has recognized the unique nature of credit unions since
cooperative, it exists solely to provide members with affordable,      1937, when it granted them tax-exempt status. They knew then, as
convenient financial services.                                         now, that credit unions exist primarily to serve members…and not
   Not-for-profit – As member-owned cooperatives, credit union         to create a profit for stockholders.
earnings, not held as reserves, are returned to members in the form       This fact was affirmed recently by a Consumer Federation of
of lower rates on loans, higher returns on savings, lower fees and     America study. Credit unions tax exemption contributes to their
better service.                                                        identity as non-profits and helps them to benefit society as a
   Volunteer Driven – the active involvement of member-owners is       whole, according to the study conducted in 2003. The CFA study
the cornerstone of the credit union philosophy. A credit union’s       shows that credit unions’ tax exemption is crucial to enabling them
policy-making Board of Directors and many of its committees are        to target low-income constituencies for financial services.

    Graduatessunny days also comes
     With the warmer climate and
    graduation. We congratulate these recent graduates and wish
    them success in the next chapter of their lives. Telcoe offers
    many services for young people and their parents to form a
    stable financial foundation.
        Credit Builder Loan – this loan gives people with little or
        no credit the opportunity to establish and build good credit.
        TELCOE Membership – family members are eligible to join
        the credit union. With a checking account and the statewide
        availability of surcharge free ATMs (through Credit Union 24
        ATMs and MoneyPass ATMs) deposits and withdrawals can be
        made at any of these ATMs or at our convenient locations.
        Members Financial Services – a benefit of membership to
        Telcoe Federal Credit Union is the financial advice of
        Members Financial Services. A FREE Seminar, Planning for
        College Funding, is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21 at 5:30
        p.m. Contact Telcoe to make reservations for this class or to
        get a list of upcoming classes.                                 ACCOUNT FEES
                                                                        CHECKING ACCOUNT FEES
                                                                        Stop Payment                                    $22.00

    TELCOE may be just                                                  Overdraft Fees from Savings
                                                                        NSF Items
                                                                        Check Printing – Varies by style
                                                                                                                         $3.50 per occur/max 3 per mth
                                                                                                                        $22 .00 per item

    around the corner!
                                                                        Temporary Checks                                 $2.00   book of 10
                                                                        Photocopy Check                                  $2.00   per copy
                                                                        Checking Account History (since last st.)        $3.00
                                                                        Statement Reconciliation                        $15.00   per   hour
                                                                        Bill Payment-Internet (15 items per mth)         $5.95   per   mth
    Locations & Hours                                                   Bill Payment Excessive Item
                                                                        Bill Payment ACH-Debit NSF
       Have you visited the Downtown Little Rock Branch of              Bill Payment Stop Payment & Reissue             $17.50   per   item
                                                                        Corporate Check Collection                      $20.00   per   item
    TELCOE Federal Credit Union? Located at 820 Louisiana, this
    branch is open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to              DEPOSIT ACCOUNT FEES
                                                                        New Member                                       $5.00 one time
    5:00 p.m. The drive-thru is also open on Saturday from              Excessive Savings Withdrawals                    $5.00/2 free per month
                                                                        Excessive Quarter Plus Withdrawals              $10.00 3 withdrawals & 3 transfers
    9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. You can also get pre-approved for           IRA Account Closing                             $25.00
                                                                        IRA Accounts <$500 12/31                        $15.00
    an auto loan 6 days a week!                                         IRA Self-Directed Brokerage Accounts            $30.00 annually
       The Midtown Branch is located at 100 S. University,              Dormant Account (bal <$200, 90 days dorm)        $3.00 per mth
                                                                        Early Membership Closure                        $10.00
    Suite 120, Little Rock. The hours for the midtown branch            Additional Checking Account                      $7.00 monthly
                                                                        Returned Statement (bad address)                 $5.00
    are 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. There is
    also a satellite office located on the first floor in the           CHECK CARD & ATM FEES
                                                                        ATM Balance Inquires                             $1.00 each
    St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center cafeteria, operating           ATM Transfers                                    $1.00 each
                                                                        Check Card                                       $1.00 per mth
    Monday and Thursday mornings. The Russelville office is             Check Card Replacement-Lost/Stolen              $15.00
                                                                        Replace/Extra ATM Card                           $5.00
    located at 2504 West Main Street. The hours are Monday              ATM card (savings only members)                 $10.00
    through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.                          ATM Excessive Savings Withdrawals (after 2)      $5.00
                                                                        ATM Excessive Checking Withdrawals (after 5)     $1.50

    ATMs                                                                MISCELLANEOUS FEES
                                                                        Deposited Item Return                            $5.00 per item
    TELCOE ATMs are located at:                                         Deposited Item Return (Your Bank)
                                                                         (these checks drawn on members

    • Downtown Little Rock branch, 820 Louisiana                         2nd checking account elsewhere)
                                                                        Collection Items-Incoming                       $10.00 per item
    • Inside SBC, 1111 W. Capitol                                       Check Cashing (sav. only members & dep <$10k)     $3.00
                                                                        Cashiers Checks                                   $2.50
    • Inside Blue Cross and Blue Shield, 601 Gaines Street              Money Orders                                      $2.50
    • Inside Cingular, 17000 Cantrell, Little Rock.                     Travelers Checks                                   1% of value
                                                                        Wire-Western Union                              Call.for Rates
    Members can also use their ATM cards, surcharge free, at:           Wire-Outgoing                                   $15.00
                                                                        Wire-Incoming                                   $10.00
    • All Metropolitan National Bank ATMs                               CUMO-Stateside                                    $6.00
    • First National Bank ATMs                                          CUMO-Overseas                                     $8.40
                                                                        Bill Payment-Nonelectric                          $2.75 each item
    • One Bank & Trust ATMs                                             ITCUA Remote Funds                                $5.00
                                                                        Mastercard Replacement                          $15.00
    • Simmons First National ATMs                                       Credit Research (cost per creditor)             $10.00
    • Any ATM with the CREDIT UNION 24 logo                             Account Research ($15.00 min)
                                                                                                                        $10.00 per hr
    • Union Bank of Benton                                              Stock Transfer                                  $25.00 per co.
                                                                        Loan Late Payment ($35max/$8min)                   5% of pmt
    • In Newport at Union Planters on Hwy 367                           Loan Payoffs-Written                            $10.00
    • Inside McDonalds in Lonoke on Hwy 31                              Loan Extension(Skip-Payment)($5min/$30max)
                                                                        Medallion Stamp
                                                                                                                          10% of pmt
                                                                                                                        Free.for Members
    For a full list of surcharge ATMs, visit             Notary Service                                  Free.for Members

3                                                                                                                                                            4
  Telcoe FCU Information                                                                             Telcoe Stats
  Telcoe Federal Credit Union                               BRANCH LOCATIONS                         as of April 30, 2005
  P.O. Box 34200                                            TFCU Little Rock Main Branch
  Little Rock, AR 72203                                     820 Louisiana St.                        Assets: $ 159,204,383.95
                                                            Little Rock, AR 72201
  Local: 501-375-5321                                       M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  Toll Free: 1-800-482-9009                                 Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
                                                                                                     Loans: $ 59,796,995.47
  Fax: 501-375-6233 or 376-1709
                                                            TFCU St. Vincent Branch                  Savings: $ 123,677,283.94
  Report Check Card Lost/Stolen:                            100 S. University, Suite 120
  1-800-325-3678                                            Little Rock, AR 72205                    Members: 21,501
                                                            M-F 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
                                                            TFCU St. Vincent Satellite Office
  Web Site:                                  St. Vincent Health System
                                                            1st Floor Cafeteria
  24-Hour Telephone Teller                                  Monday and Thursday mornings
  Automated Balance & Account
  Transactions:                                             TFCU Russellville Branch
  Little Rock: 501-375-2648                                 2504 West Main Street, Suite L
  Toll Free: 1-800-368-2648                                 Russellville, AR 72801
                                                            M-F 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

                                                            Local: 479-967-8018
                           Members funds insured up to
                          $100,000 by the National Credit
                          Union Administration, an agency
                             of the federal government.

                                                                                                    FIRST QUARTER
July 2nd                                                                                        As of March 31, 2005
July 4th – Independence Day                                                                                                                     APY*
September 3rd                                                                                   REGULAR SHARES
September 5th – Labor Day                                                                       (5.00 TO 200)                                  .50%
                                                                                                (201 TO 14,999)                               1.00%
                                                                                                (15,000 & UP )                                1.15%
                                                                                                CLUB ACCOUNTS                                    .75%
REPOS                                                                                           IRA VARIABLE
1998 CHEVROLET ASTRO VAN for $5000.00 OBO                                                       (.00 TO 2499)                                  .75%
1/2 Ton-V6, 162211 miles, 3rd Row Seat
                                                                                                (2,500 TO 14,999)                             1.00%
                                                               2002 CHEVROLET                   (15,000 TO 100,000)                           2.50%
                                                               SILVERADO 1500                   (100,001 & UP)                                2.70%
                                                               for $19,500 OBO
                                                               V8, 48,838 miles,                QUARTER PLUS As Of May 31, 2005
                                                               Extended Cab 4 Door              (.00 TO 2499)                                 0.25%
                                                               CD Player Z71 Off Road           (2,500 TO 19,999)                             2.76%
                                                               Package, Power Seats,            (20,000 TO 74,999)                            2.97%
                                                               Windows, Air                     (75,000 & UP)                                 3.40%
                                                                                                *All rates quoted Annual Percentage Yield. Dividend
                                                                                                rates are declared for the previous quarter. Earnings are
                                                                                                paid on the first day of the month and are compounded
                                                                                                quarterly. Rates and terms for savings and loans are
                                                                                                subject to change without notice.
Planning Your Family Vacation?
                    Visit TELCOE First!
                      E-tickets for Wild River Country can be purchased
   Telcoe can help make your dream vacation come true with                                                           Discount $   Regular $ Savings
 $19.79 Over $2          $17.00                  Junior ticket (under 48”)
a vacation loan and discount tickets to the area’s most popular              Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri
theme parks. Vacation loans are easily paid back using
 $27.49 Over $10         $17.00                               Adult ticket
                                                                             2-Day Adult (ages 12+)                   $42.00      $88.00 $46.00
effortless payroll deduction. Loan interest rates and terms are
                  Wild River Country, North Little Rock, Arkansas
based on individual requirements including credit application                2-Day Child                              $31.50      $66.00 $34.50
and approval. Call today for a vacation loan to fund your                    Season Pass Adult                        $59.00      $79.00 $20.00
                           For park information visit
summer fun.                                                                  Season Pass Child                        $48.50      $63.50 $15.00
   Telcoe offers the following savings on local theme park   Under 3 Free
admission tickets, and a portion of your ticket price is donated             For park information visit
 $29.01 Over $3          $25.50                   Child ticket (under 48”)
to Arkansas Children’s Hospital:
 $45.14 Over $19         $25.50                               Adult ticket
                                                                             Six Flags over Texas, Arlington, Texas
                                  Six Flags over Texas, Arlington, Texas
                                                                             Adult ticket                             $25.50      $45.14 Over $19
                                                                                 to Arkansas Children’s Hospital:
                                                                             Child ticket (under 48”)                 $25.50      $29.01 Over $3
                                                                                 admission tickets, and a portion of your ticket price is donated
                  For park information visit
                                                                             Under 3 Free
                                                                                    Telcoe offers the following savings on local theme park
  $63.50 $15.00          $48.50                         Season Pass Child        summer fun.
                                                                             For park information visit
  $79.00 $20.00          $59.00                         Season Pass Adult        and approval. Call today for a vacation loan to fund your
  $66.00 $34.50          $31.50                               2-Day Child        based on individual requirements including credit application
                                                                             Wild River Country, North Little Rock, Arkansas
                                                                                 effortless payroll deduction. Loan interest rates and terms are
  $88.00 $46.00          $42.00                    2-Day Adult (ages 12+)
                                                                             Adult ticket                             $17.00      $27.49 Over $10
                                                                                 theme parks. Vacation loans are easily paid back using
                                     Silver Dollar City, Branson, Missouri       a vacation loan and discount tickets to the area’s most popular
                                                                             Junior ticket (under 48”)                $17.00      $19.79 Over $2
                                                                                    Telcoe can help make your dream vacation come true with
  Regular $ Savings     Discount $
                                                                             E-tickets for Wild River Country can be purchased
                    Visit TELCOE First!                                      at

Planning Your Family Vacation?

                                                                                                                                   Presorted Standard
                                                                                                                                    U.S. Postage Paid
                                                                                                                                     Little Rock, AR
                                                                                                                                    Permit No. 2437

                                                               The B hip.
 P.O. Box 34200

                                                         Share mbers
 Little Rock, AR 72203-4200

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             T he Be hip.
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