9/11 Conspiracy Theory Assignment by 08c5mV


									                      9/11 Conspiracy Theory Assignment
According to some experts, the 9/11/2001 terrorist’s attacks in America were not carried out by
Islamic extremists, but by the government of the United States. The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory
Assignment is designed to acquaint the students with the facts and events which precipitated
“America’s War on Terrorism”

Students will watch the video “Loose Change” and keep an evidence log of the charges and
supporting evidence. After several days of computer research each student will write a 5 paragraph
essay analyzing the facts and giving a summative opinion of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.

Essay Topic: Is the Conspiracy theory true?
 - you may write that some parts are true, others are not, or all true, all false, etc. Write about your
    opinion of the topic or topics you were able to research.
 - you may write you essay on all the events, a few of the events, or you can focus on just one.
    For example you could write about just the towers, just the pentagon, or any combination you
Essay Format: must be 5 paragraphs
 - it can be handwritten or typed (cover art can be printed or drawn too)
 - if typed: 12pt font, double spaced
 - if you use quotes, you’ll need to add a works cited page or footnotes. Any citation format is ok
 *the citation information if you use a quote from the movie is:
        Loose Change. Dir. Dylan Avery. Louder Than Words, 2005.

5pts – Cover Page: Name, Period, Row#, Title for essay & picture
25pts – 5 Paragraph essay:
       Essay Rubric
       Format (5pts)
       Content (15pts)
       Grammar/Organization (5pts)
10pts – Evidence Log: (20 Entries minimum) ½ point per entry
       Each Entry should have      1. Evidence (description of the facts)
                                   2. A Supposition (what does the evidence indicate?)
Total: 40pts Possible

Suggested Websites For Research:
www.9-11commission.gov/report/index.htm (executive summary: don’t print, it’s 34pgs)
for additional sites, use www.google.com and search for keywords:
         i.e. 9/11 +Conspiracies or 9/11 +debunk theories

Due Date: _______________

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