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                                        Site Relocation Task List

In an ongoing effort to better ensure reliable and continued functionality/access of the ContactUs and websites currently being used by the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, the web servers
hosting these applications are being moved to new hosting facility on April 22 between 21:00 and 22:00 hours
EST. The tasks described below will be performed to ensure an efficient and stable relocation.

Move ContactUs and sites to new servers in Shrewsbury MA Data Center (UMASS Med
School/Commonwealth Medicine).

New web servers in Shrewsbury Data Center have been staged and tested prior to cut over and set DNS A record
TTL (Time to Live) to 30 minutes. As of April 19th these tasks have been accomplished and a version of both
contactus and noi sites are currently running on the new servers.

Migration Process:
1) Put up “Down for Maintenance” page on current web server(s) hosting current production site.
2) Backup SQL database on current site servers and copy to new SQL server in Shrewsbury MA
3) Restore SQL database on new SQL server which will service new web servers (sites)
4) Restart IIS on new web servers to ensure sites come up with latest/current data.
    *If IIS and sites are working as expected on new web servers then continue with DNS changes.
5) Change DNS A records for contactus and to point to new servers in Shrewsbury
    *Most internet users should see sites being hosted from new servers within 30 minutes, this will be validated
    when they no longer see the “down for maintenance” site on the old servers.

Back-out Process:
In the event the Migration Process described above fails, the previously configured DNS records will be returned to
the original configuration and the “down for maintenance” page will be removed..

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