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 2.2. What is product’s application? Where is product’s application?
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 2.3. How is product powered?

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 2.4. If product is a Medical Device, what is product’s intended use?

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Please return this Company Information Form to TÜV - Rheinland Iran with a copy of your
standard company information (Brochure and catalogue),
and any other information which you think would be helpful in progressing the guidance/quotation

In order to ensure a smooth process in connection with the TÜV certification of
products , please observe the following steps :
   1. please provide specific information on the product for which you seek certification in particular
      , please provide the following documents /data :
   a) a technical drawing and / or
   b) a brochure and /or a link to a web site wich contains a detailed product description

   2. Scope of use and /or application of the product
   3. Number of different nominal sizes and /or numer of different rated power outputs of a
      product/appliance , and the number and types of assemblies .

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